1. Rusty

    Docker Portainer - using stacks (docker-compose)

    Back in September 2020, I wrote a short article on how to get Portainer up and running as well as connecting it with multiple Docker hosts using the Portainer agent. With that article, you have all you need to get up and running. In this article, I would like to talk about docker-compose and...
  2. Coop777

    Portainer - pi hole container upgrade

    Afternoon all - posted this in the community, thought I'd try here for additional input/response: I followed a tutorial last fall that creates a pi hole server (container) within Portainer. At the end of the tutorial, it indicates that the pihole server is upgradable by shutting in the...
  3. S

    Portainer failed loading endpoint

    Hi Just before Christmas I managed my first docker container, Qbittorrent (thanks again Rusty) and now I have (well, had) Portainer, PiHole and Bitwarden_RS running sweet and true. Oh yes, what an expert I am!!! Until about thirty minutes ago when I tried to update my first container, the...
  4. Shoop

    Portainer and stacks

    Hello, I wanted to know if there was an issue with stacks on portainer when running portainer as aontainer in docker on a DS918+. I currently run Telegraf, InlfuxDB and Grafana as standalone containers and I was thinking that it might be somewhat a good idea to rebuild them as a stack using...
  5. Micky

    Portainer created container not visible in docker

    Hi, I've just created a new container from an image with Portainer (from my self-hosted, private registry on the same NAS) which is running fine. It can be reached using the appropriate IP-address and port. Portainer is also running containerized on the same machine. Unfortunately this new...
  6. I

    Question Stumped!!! - Docker Down in Portainer

    My Docker is NOT really down as it says in Portainer and the endpoint is configured. I have removed Portainer and all containers/images and uninstalled/reinstalled Docker and Portainer. Played with a bunch of stuff and can't seem to get this resolved. Any help is appreciated.
  7. N

    Portainer UI doesn't display IP's

    Having just successfully installed Portainer thanks to @Geeked 's thread. But I can't get it to show the container IP's. Is there a trick to it? Running Portainer v1.24.1
  8. Telos

    Question Portainer on Docker... stopping container error.

    I wanted to stop qbittorrent and sonarr dockers and lazily chose to do that via the Prtainer docker. But Synology didn't like that... I got this notification. Docker container qbittorrentvpn stopped unexpectedly. I will note that these containers are linked. In Portainer, I first shutdown the...
  9. Mnl-

    Question Running Portainer on Docker - Can't deploy a stack

    Hi everyone, I have installed portainer on my Synology NAS by running this command. sudo docker run -d \ --name=portainer \ --restart=always \ -p 8000:8000 \ -p 9000:9000 \ -e PUID=1026 \ -e PGID=100 \ -e TZ=Europe/Paris \ -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ -v...
  10. Shoop

    Solved Portainer : connection to endpoint down when restarting the container

    Hello, Yesterday, I decided to try portainer to see what it can do and if I can use it to manager my containers instead of DSM UI and I have successfully installed Portainer on my DS918+. It seems to work properly until I restart the container. Whenever I stop/start the container, it is not...
  11. Rusty

    What are you running in Docker?

    Show us your docker configurations, setups, images and containers that make you happy. This is my current setup on 918+