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  1. T

    Apache 2.4 "mod security"

    Hi Guys, I am hosting a webpage from my Synology using Apache 2.4. It is a genealogy website with a Maria database backend. I had been using it for years without an issue on apache 2.3 but after migration to 2.4 I can no longer get to the 'admin' page when I log into my website. I detailed...
  2. S

    This site can't be reached issue

    Happy New Year to everyone (Posting this on 1st Jan 2021) Steps Implemented 1. Took a static IP from Internet Provider 2. Registered a domain from ionos.com (let us consider example.com) 3. Created the below DNS records @ ionos (Masking the ip address and domain name) 4. Installed DNS Server...
  3. T

    Password protect directory with MySQL in Apache

    I am my migrating an Apache website to my Synology NAS. A portion of the website needs to be password protected and each user needs to have a unique username and password. On my old server, I used mod_authn_dbd And MySQL. I can’t seem to get it to work on the Synology NAS. It seems as though...
  4. iStone

    Solved How to access docker from external site

    Dears, I am building a Django Website from Docker, which is in bridge mode and running. But it can only ping-ed within SSH in SynoNAS. I read port mapping would be a nice solution, but how? e.g. within my home network it would look like: http(s)://DSM:12345 => my Django website in Docker...
  5. EVOTk

    Solved Access to DSM - Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found.

    Hello, I join you because I can't find a solution to my problem! Sorry for my English, I am French. After trying to stop Apache 2.4 from the package center, access to DSM via the Web no longer works! Shortly before, I had followed this to customize 404 errors: Personnaliser la page d’erreur...
  6. oRBIT

    Reinstalled NAS, can't get Webstation to work properly

    My virtual hosts gives me 403 errors all the time, it worked fine on my previous installation so perhaps I've forgotten something but what? :) I've tried lots of stuff now for hours but I'm not sure what to do now. :/
  7. R

    web station Guide??

    hi guys does anyone have a good video guide / guide to web station can't make it work at all remi off
  8. E

    VPN Connection Preventing Web Station from Working

    Hello, I have Web Station setup on my Diskstation to act as an API for my IOT devices. That I have working from the public internet as required by IFTTT (port forwarded in my router). The only problem is, I would also like my Diskstation to connect to a VPN, so that other services like...
  9. R

    Apache 2.4 on DS218+

    I'd like to run Apache server on my DS218+. I need it only inside the home network. I don't need Wordpress/Joomla etc. I only need Apache for presentation a simple static content. I have experience with AIX and running Apache. I installed package Apache 2.4, Web station say Apache is running...
  10. S

    Question Installing a forum on a NAS

    Hello. Enough power DS218 + install and promote the forum on the CMS Xenforo 2?
  11. Imcon

    Question How to host multiple wordpress pages on Synology

    I'd like to to ask how to setup Synology and Wordpress that I can: - host multiple domains/webpages with wordpress - each page maintained by different users - webpage admins (kind of webhosting) - I want that each webpage admin can have his own Cloud Sync access to his folders with the web...
  12. M

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function posix_getpid()

    How can I solve this error ? p.s posix were already on in php setting