1. J

    Hosting a WordPress website

    Hi, I am trying to host a WordPress website on my Synology NAS. I found many sources on the web and tried to follow step-by-step some tutorials: I tried with Wordpress package, I tried with Docker, I even tried to directly install WordPress in the Shared Folder. None of these attempts was...
  2. C

    Installing manually WordPress on Synology NAS DS1621+

    Hello, I hope that someone can help me out. I spent the last 10 hours of my day trying to figure way changing the name of "web/wordpress" but it stops working. I want to run three different sites on my NAS. I've follow all the instructions on the official site to install it manually, learn...
  3. DarwinPH

    Wordpress in Docker

    Greetings! Does anybody have a guide on how to set up Wordpress on Docker within Syno? This will be my first attempt on docker as well so it's going to be a learning experience. Thank you!
  4. Imcon

    Question How to host multiple wordpress pages on Synology

    I'd like to to ask how to setup Synology and Wordpress that I can: - host multiple domains/webpages with wordpress - each page maintained by different users - webpage admins (kind of webhosting) - I want that each webpage admin can have his own Cloud Sync access to his folders with the web...