1. EAZ1964

    Backblaze blog: 2013 vs 2021 the bathtub curve is leaking

    For me again an interesting read on the failure rates of HD in a datacenter. It appears that drive manufacturers have succeeded in lowering the initial failure rate a lot. At the same time delayed the time where failure rate goes up...
  2. EAZ1964

    Backblaze SSD boot drive preliminary findings

    For what it is worth, with even more than the usual precautions, the SSD vs HDD boot disk comparison: Interesting to see these statistics develop. My average SSD age is with 4 years higher than Backblaze :-) no...
  3. Telos

    Backblaze Drive Stats for Q2 2021

    Latest update here TLDR:
  4. EAZ1964

    Info Backblaze drive statistics 2021Q1 are in, now with SSD statistics included

    The Q1 statistics are in. For the first time, SSD are included, In the first looks, SSD appear to be 10-20 times more reliable than HDD (with a clear note on lifetime of the drives). interesting read, but take the usual...
  5. atrisk

    New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

    Question: got the new alert that the admin account is unsafe, okay no worries, created a new admin account and then disabled the old admin account. Easy! but then when logging in to the new admin account, cloud sync (to Backblaze B2) the app said that since the old admin account was disabled it...
  6. melvyn

    First NAS - newbie - specific requirements - long post!

    This will be my first step into NAS land! TLDR: replace 3 purpose-use external hard drives, dropbox, adobe access, and daily backups. I have a few MUSTS and a few WANTS, cost conscious (but also saving by removing some existing services) MUSTS - must replace dropbox - I pay for it, want to...