hard drive

  1. Cyberwasp

    hard drive replace or let fail

    I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a hard drive that at random times makes a grinding noise. am not sure which drive it is at it doesn't last long enough to pull the drive to see if the noise stops, "maybe 6 seconds," tops. It may even be the usb attached drive I use for hyper backup. Since...
  2. Cyberwasp

    hard drive noise question

    Just migrated a while ago, "not smoothly," and one drive is making a grinding noise about every 5 to fifteen minutes. Not sure which on.e I ran smart/ironwolf test and drive 3 showed a smart test Ultra_DMA_CRC_error_count of 1, but it's saying normal on the menu. I saw a deal on Amazon for...
  3. I

    DS218+ Convert From Mirrored Disks to Merged Hard Drive

    Hi, I have a DS218+ with two 12GB hard drives installed, the drives are currently configured to mirror each other. I'd like to stop mirroring the drives and change the RAID configuration so I have around 24GB of space available, the extra space is more important to me than having the files on...
  4. E

    Storage Manager rejects new healthy disks as "Critical" because of "reset commands"?

    I am trying to install a new HDD in my DS1515+. The hard drives are brand new Seagate Exos X. I have bought 3 of these drives, and 1 of them works fine and is now part of my storage pool, but the other 2 gives me an error when I install them in the DS. The error is "Multiple reset command...