1. BijanK

    Cannot view videos using a shared public folder

    I have noticed that when I share a folder via a public link in Synology Drive 2.0, videos placed in this folder cannot be viewed by users when double-clicking them. A double-click on the video by a user (without a Drive user account) (in any browser on macOS at least) triggers a dialogue to...
  2. fredbert

    Beta Synology Drive Server 3.0 beta Also includes Drive Client 3.0. Drive 3.0 now breaks all previous interoperability between Drive and Cloud Station: servers, syncs, clients, and apps. Can't seem to find where it has Mac client support for...
  3. bobkoure

    Synology Drive Client (Win) one-way sync syncs once and that's it.

    I have Synology Drive Client installed on a Win10Pro box. I've set up my Calibre library as a one-way sync (PC to NAS). It synced when I first set it up, and has not been keeping the folder on my NAS synced with the folder on my PC since then. I have since rebooted the PC and restarted Drive...
  4. S

    Cloud Sync - modify task owner

    Hello, I have just deactivate admin count of my NAS to improve the security, and created a new admin account (let's name it "admin2 ;-) ) Problem : Cloud Sync tasks of user "admin"can no longer be lauched => Is it possible to to assign the synchro tasks created by admin to the admin2 account...
  5. N

    Synology Drive Admin Console Error

    I've just migrated from a DS220j to a DS220+ and now I get the following error when running Synology Drive Admin Console. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package, but the error still persists. In desperation I clicked on Delete Database, but still no luck. Can anyone please give me...
  6. S

    Synology Drive Client and multiple Backup Tasks

    Good Morning, I have a question regarding the use of multiple (different) backup tasks when using Synology Drive Client (SDC) on my PC and Synology Drive Server on my DS218+. I currently have SDC configured to backup a number of different folders on my PC to my DS220+. I have the backup mode set...
  7. D

    Questions about replacing failing drive on DS212

    I have an old DS 212 (yes, still kicking!) that has two 2TB drives in one pool using SHR. One of the drives is failing. I'm going to replace both of the current 2TB drives w/new 4TB drives so this unit (which is my backup unit) has the same capacity as my main NAS (DS218+/4TBx2). Just...
  8. whiwhi

    I can not see the files in Synology Drive

    I want to mirror two folders. I have done this using the command And it works so that I can see the files and everything works as it should in file station and in samba share. But not in Synology Drive. There, the folder folder_two is empty. Does anyone know how to solve this ??
  9. C

    NAS and hard drive recommendations

    Hello, I was about to purchase a NAS and hard drives but figured I should get the opinion of others with more experience before pulling the trigger. I currently have about 4 TB worth of pictures and videos I would like to have backed up. I am also planning on adding a media and videos of kids...
  10. D

    Cloning drive 2TB drive to 4TB drive (upgrade)

    I have a a Synology DS213J. It contains 1 x 2TB & 1 x 3TB drive. I cloned the 2TB drive to a new 4TB disk. However when I replace the 2TB disk with cloned 4TB disk, Synology still only recognizes 2TB of available data. Is there any free Windows software that will allow me to expand the EXT4...
  11. R

    Unlocking the new drive compatibility restrictions

    Hi everyone, We have been caught out with purchasing a RS4021xs+ populated with Seagate 16TB ST16000NE000 drives. The disks do detect and show as Allocation Status : Initialized / Health Status : Healthy. But the drives are showing as Incompatible and storage manager will not allow for an...
  12. L

    Managing folder structure with synology drive

    Hi all, New DS user here (DS1819+). I have a few terabytes of data in a shared drive that i connect to via Synology Drive on my windows machine. When I reorganize the folders via Synology Drive - some of which have lots of data in them (many files, large files, etc) - the process seems to go...
  13. jono

    Shared Folders 'Not Available' in Drive Admin Console

    Some of my shared folders that were previously shared in Synology Drive Admin Console are no longer shared and show as 'Not Available'. As far as I'm aware I haven't changed anything, and everything seems to be working fine. Does anyone know what I could try to make them...
  14. S

    Local changes (deletions) to OneDrive

    Ahoy hoy. New DS220j user here. I have just uploaded a good 85000 pics to my new NAS and started syncing it with OneDrive. What I discovered after seeing some weird files in the OneDrive mobile app is that Synology made thumbnails for several thousand of those photos (the ol' "generating...
  15. S

    Is it possible to move my backup location?

    Hi all, I am wondering if it's possible to move my backup location created by Drive Client. Currently it is stored in the "homes" folder, and has taken days to complete. (3TB of data). I ideally want this accessible in my "Teams" folder, so I can access my data from anywhere. If I move the...
  16. S

    Synology Drive Client keeps shutting down computer?

    Hi all, I recently setup Synology Drive Client to be backing up my data daily onto my NAS. All seems to be working well except for one annoyance. Everytime the backup is complete, Synology Drive Client automatically shuts down my computer. If I miss the nofification (working, playing games...
  17. F

    Backing up between Synology NAS

    Since last year I've been happily using 2 x DS1819+ devices at two locations to back up many terabytes of data. Normally I use a file sync app (SyncBackPro) when I'm at either location to push new data to either NAS. What I need to do next is ensure that the same data exists on both NAS...
  18. L

    Any way to make a share act like google drive on windows?

    Hi folks, New synology user here. As a long-time google drive user, I've become accustomed to having "mapped" drives being constantly available across all networks, and having the ability to choose which folders/files to make available locally offline. Another convenience is that one can add...
  19. C

    Synology Drive client "SSL certificate has changed"? What now?

    Not sure what happened im using Lets Encrypt. What do I do now? Thanks
  20. K

    How to get "Photos" floder to show in drive?

    Hi, I have set up two users, both with drive. We both have user and group permissions to access the root folder called "Photos". When logged into drive it does not appear. All the folders and files inside the drive folder do appear. Is this because it is outside of the drive folder? And because...