1. O

    Question Exporting Lightroom (iOS) photos to Drive (using "Files") problem

    When I try to export several photos on the same time from Lightroom on my iPhone to Synology Drive I only get a handful of photos, not all that I've picked. When exporting to iCloud Drive all photos are exported but not with Drive. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. S

    Missing Hard drive space

    Ok I have the Synology 916+ and I have deleted a large amount of data but it's not showing up as coming back. I have the recycle bin emptied but I am only showing 500gb left out of 16ish TB, it should be more like 4 or 5TB free from what I can work out. Am I missing something obvious?
  3. Imcon

    How to change Drive Backup destination folder

    I want to backup a folder from a PC to my NAS. I can not used Active Backup for this (actually I use it but it create a huge files not possible to do additional backup to a Cloud service) and therefore I wonder how to backup the folder. The solution is to sync the folder with a folder in my NAS...
  4. S

    Question Where do I point the client for the Drive sync reassociation: My Drive or Team Folder?

    Where do I point the client for the sync reassociation: my drive or team folder? I'm trying to reassociate a client computer to the Synology Drive Server sync. The client was syncing to Synology without issues, but was reinstalled after the drive had to be replaced. I opened the Synology Drive...
  5. Telos

    Launching Drive from tray app... Wrong URL?

    What have I done now? When I click (Synology Drive) from the Windows Drive tray app. it tries to launch... But this goes nowhere without the forwarded https port number. In Application Portal I have only alias "drive"...
  6. J

    USB DRIVE Name Change

    Has anyone ever plugged in a USB portable drive into the Synology unit and named that drive and then the name changed next time they plugged it it in? I use a western digital passport to perform Veeam backups of some systems and when I plug it in it usually pops up as what I named it such as...
  7. W

    Restoring not so easy

    Hey All! I recently purchased my first NAS, a DS918+, and am learning a lot. I’ve been using Synology’s Drive software on all of my client computers to back up their data (some have just one storage drive while others have multiple drives.) Everything works great until I need to restore or...
  8. jeyare

    Cloud Sync between NAS and MS One Drive

    I tried establish new Cloud Sync tasks with new customer, as usual. They use MS One Drive for share with us. Our operation point is Syno Drive 2.0. My experiences: - sync from local Syno Drive to Syno Drive server site (NAS) is fast (150Mbps upload) - sync from Syno Drive (NAS) to MS One Drive...
  9. selsrog

    Drive ShareSync and home folders

    Hi, Synology Drive ShareSync is working like clockwork for Team Folders among different Synology NAS boxes (let's assume I have a Master (DS918+) and Slave (DS718+). As does Snapshot replication by the way, as a newbie to Synology I'm impressed. I was expecting Drive ShareSync would also sync...
  10. D

    Solved lost data

    I installed Drive Server but when I uninstalled it I also deleted all my data (I ticked the option to delete the system database not realising it also meant delete the user database!). How to rebuild it please? I have 3 x 10tb in raid 5 in a single data folder with 4.5Tb of data.
  11. paradeiser

    Question "Shared with others" doesn't show 'Advanced Protection Links'

    I'm missing a management page to see all shared files when using Drive: The category "Shared with others" only shows 'Internal Share', 'Public Share' or files shared with specific user/groups. Files shared using the 'Advanced Protection Link' are not listed. Where would I find those files...
  12. S

    Solved how to swap smaller drive for a larger drive in a JBOD setup

    Hi all, if this is posted already I wasn't able to find it (lack of knowledge on how to search the threads properly) still reading the hints. I was wondering if it possible to swap out smaller drives, a 2tb and 3tb for a larger one 10tb, they are not nas rated drives and I want to change it out...
  13. Telos

    Drive 2.0 release

    With little fanfare, it seems Drive 2.0 was released into the wild nearly two weeks ago... ... or maybe I slept through the party 😴 and along with it Synology Office v3.2...
  14. pamindic

    Solved File structure

    Hi all. I've been using a NAS now for about a decade. This is the first I have joined a forum. I run Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop, and bumble along with my NAS storage and networking. Mostly thinkgs work, but occasionally problems defeat me, and I'm hoping I can find some assistance here for...
  15. D

    Drive Reconnection Count - reset?

    I have a FS1018 that experienced a drive reconnection issue months ago. I reseated the drives and the count has remained static since then. However every month I now get a warning in the Monthly Disk Health Report about the Drive Reconnection Count. Is there a way to reset this number?
  16. Telos

    Info Amazon Cloud Drive API access to terminate

    I received this notification from a non-Synology source, however, it would seem to apply to Cloud Sync/Hyper Backup/etc as well. From Amazon...
  17. Telos

    Compare/Contrast... Synology Drive vs. Nextcloud

    Before I embark down the Nextcloud path, I'm curious as to the differences between it and Drive. I haven't found much comparison on the web, so I thought I'd ask here. Apart from something novel to do with my spare time, is there an advantage to using Nextcloud over Drive. I'm also interested...
  18. K

    Syncing question

    Hi I'm very new to synology and wondered if this set up is possible? We are a team of three people all working from home, we each have a Synology, 1 is running Drive Admin as the host, the other 2 are syncing to that. This is working well. If we also wanted to sync to a USB drive, but to our...
  19. wwwampy

    Question Adding last 2 discs to 4-bay NAS

    I ordered the last 2 WD red discs (finally) for my DS418play to fill up my NAS. So, I just add them one-by-one and that's it? What about RAID? It's ok to leave SHR? Thank you for your help.
  20. atrisk

    Drive vs. FileStation

    I have a client that needs people to upload/download files to their synology NAS. We would like like use "Drive" for this and the download part is easy. Share the file or folder and send the link via email great. Uploading seems to be more of an issue. File Station seems to the ability to do...