1. jeyare

    Oldest drive operated in your NAS based on the number of days, hours operated

    better than value of how long without a restart your NAS has been in operation is a proof of what is the oldest disk in your NAS based on Power On Hours SMART info? you will get value in hours then you can replace: by /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, ... or simple with HDSentinel: the just copy and...
  2. D

    Change username, keep settings

    Well, this is annoying. In an effort to clean things up, I decided to change my username amongst others. Synology Drive Client doesn't allow me to change the username for the current connection (field is grayed out). So I have to disconnect. Disconnection gives me a warning that all my settings...
  3. NSquirrel

    USB Copy and new USB drive

    I use an external 2TB external USB drive to provide monthly backups of various folders on my NAS (DS218+; DSM6.2). In USB Copy I have 8 tasks set up to do these backups. My 2TB is now too small and full, so I bought a 5TB drive; plugged it in only to find that the existing tasks do not see the...
  4. E

    Synology Drive Client stopped working

    I recently installed Synology Drive Client on my Mac in order to sync files. When I first installed it, it worked as expected, but since then it has stopped working - if I open it on my Mac, nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but it still doesn't work. Has...
  5. K

    Advice about Synology Drive wanted

    I am still running Cloud Station and associated apps on MacOS and IOS. I have been hesitating about moving to Synology Drive as it is unclear how well it works with either of these. Specifically we have 3 macs which have different sets of user folders synced to the NAS. None of them are...
  6. M

    Replace other drive when checking parity consistency is running

    I am upgrading both the drives in my NAS. I swapped out the first one and its in the "Repairing, checking parity consistency is running" state. Systems shows Healthy other than that. Is it safe to shut it down and replace the other drive now or do I have to wait for this check to complete?
  7. Dexxer

    Synology Drive extremely slow!! omg, help needed.

    Hey all, This problem drives me crazy! Just bought a DS1621+ on Raid 5. Installed it at home on my router. I have a 1Gbps internet fiber connection at home. I installed Synology Drive client on my home computer and my coworker's computer at his place also. He also has a 1Gbps fiber...
  8. P

    Synology drive iOS client can't connect

    Hi all, First post on the forum, so hi all! Hope you can help me with this problem. I just bought a DS920+ and finding my way a bit. I succeeded in setting up docker and running AdGuard Home and Bitwarden. I also successfully installed Wireguard vpn on a raspberry pi and I am able to login to...
  9. NAS Newbie

    NAS drive vs Surveillance drives?

    As stated in other posts, looking into getting some new hardware. Is there any real noticeable difference between NAS-labelled drives and surveillance-labeled drives? I'm going to have a couple extra bays, I'm considering getting some extra drives to dedicate to surveillance station, but was...
  10. M

    Bi-directional synchronization and folder permissions

    Hi everyone, Until now, we have been using Synology Cloud Station in our small company for two-way synchronization. Very efficient for having files offline and working from home on files that are on the server. It worked well on both our PCs and MAC. Our team is growing and not everyone has...
  11. J

    Try to use Hyper Backup to back up to a USB drive and it has been running for days

    I used to have tasks set up to back up data to usb drives. Then the tasks failed. I deleted the old tasks and started a new task two weeks ago. First it took almost a week then failed with no detailed message. Last weekend I restarted it and it took three days already with only 40% of file...
  12. BoosterT

    How many times does DSM do "Repair (Checking Drive Consistency)"

    Ok I decided to expand my DS1618+ and have been adding the 10TB drives one at a time. But yesterday I noticed something puzzling. I was monitoring Storage Manager as the system did its "Repair (Checking Drive Consistency" exercise. I watched the counter reach 99.99% and then when it flipped past...
  13. Jheroen

    Scheduling backups second nas - google drive

    Ha people, I want to present you the following. I still use the unlimited storage at google for data storage. I fear that will change in the future. I have a 415+ on which I have business files, also backups of customers and my own gear (nas) are on it, these now go extra towards google drive...
  14. dog_fun

    Solved direct access to Drive

    Hi :) I want to create a user with access to the Drive without being able to go "somewhere else" or to see the diskstation home page; only specific folders in the Drive. Most people would say to share a link to the folders, but it would be better to have the login page (username/password) for...
  15. chenks

    Question mount google drive as file location?

    is it possible to mount Google Drive so that it can be used as a location for plex (for example)? i'm guessing so that it shows up as a location in file station
  16. W

    Keeping Mapped Drive Assignments + Credentials after Router Replacement

    In Windows 10 (Home) I have a DS215J that has several Mapped Drives via my Network. Awaiting arrival of the my first RT2600ac (MR2200ac backordered till Sunday) and would like to make this a smooth transition. I've attempted to implement MESH in the past, and it was a nightmare with defective...
  17. H

    sync content of a directory which is shared by ubuntu and W10 (dual boot)

    Hello, I am used to use Synology Drive from windows, ubuntu and macOS. But I enter a special case today for which I did not really find any helpful hints on the web. I installed a double boot ubuntu/W10 on a computer. I want my remote data to be synced on that computer in a single directory (do...
  18. T

    Cloud Sync Has Started Deleting Local Files

    Helllo, I use the Cloud Sync package on my 218J to back up one of the NAS folders to Google Drive and have been doing so without problems for quite some time. The folder is call "cloud." Recently, Cloud Sync has started deleting all the files in the cloud folder after they have been stored on...
  19. B

    Question Deleted files keep reappearing

    Hi all, I'm using Cloud Station Drive to sync files from my laptop to my DS216play. I've come across an issue where if I delete files from my laptop they reappear some time later. My sync mode setting is set for "Two-way sync" (but the only other choice is "Download sync data from the Drive...
  20. Rusty

    Info Amazon killing Amazon Drive support for Hyper Backup and CloudSync

    Amazon just informed its users that they will be killing the Amazon Drive support via Hyper Backup and CloudSync tool.