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  1. J

    Labels and sorting?

    Any update on searching by tags/labels? There doesn't seem to be much functionality since no way to build labels searches with AND or OR. Most programs with labels (traditional tags) at least allow Boolean searches to help filter data.
  2. Cyberwasp

    hard drive replace or let fail

    I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a hard drive that at random times makes a grinding noise. am not sure which drive it is at it doesn't last long enough to pull the drive to see if the noise stops, "maybe 6 seconds," tops. It may even be the usb attached drive I use for hyper backup. Since...
  3. Cyberwasp

    hard drive noise question

    Just migrated a while ago, "not smoothly," and one drive is making a grinding noise about every 5 to fifteen minutes. Not sure which on.e I ran smart/ironwolf test and drive 3 showed a smart test Ultra_DMA_CRC_error_count of 1, but it's saying normal on the menu. I saw a deal on Amazon for...
  4. N

    Windows 10 drive mapping does not stick

    I'm now to NAS. Just got a DS213J to try out and learn before committing to a more expensive newer unit. I have mapped drives on two Windows 10 Pcs on my lan and it works fine, for a day. Then the next day the mapping breaks. I'm using this convention \\\video for example. Have...
  5. Cyberwasp

    video station and synology drive question

    I have a friend that does drum covers on youtube that I've been downloading to my pc hard drive for about 8 years. I just installed/setup Video station on my synology and am wondering if the following can be done. When she releases a new video I dl it to the music directory on my pc's D drive...
  6. D

    Drive Client Logs - How to empty/delete?

    I am using Drive Client to back up a couple of windows systems to my DS218+. I notice that after a few days, there are a lot of log entries (at least one for each folder and file). I can't locate where these logs are being stored, or how to clear or delete them. I did find a way to export...
  7. R

    Re-Initializing Drive in DS218+

    I know this is a very basic question but my Synology skill set is small. I would appreciate some help. I have a DS218+ that has been running for more than a year with no issues. RAID 1 with Drive 2 mirroring Drive 1 (WD 4TB). Seems recently that Drive 1 became dislodged/disconnected when the...
  8. B

    The capacity of the drive decreased a lot after instaling Synogoly Drive

    Hello I instal on Synology DS713+ Synology Drive Server. Before I do this there was 400Gb free space on Disk's. After one day disk space decrease to less then 1%. I delete today about 200GB old files and empty the bin. Disk Capacity for few times decrease but now increase about 1gb every 5-7...
  9. J

    Tags search?

    With the update of Drive and the associated mobile apps, the improvements seem enough to get read of cloud storage for daily use for less tech savvy family members. I know the tags from drive don’t sync to iOS or mac, but the biggest issue I’ve seen is I’m not sure how to search for multiple...
  10. A

    Unreliable Two-way-Sync using Synology Drive Client. Deleted files reappear

    Hi there, I have noticed various syncing issues with Synology Drive Client on 3 macOS workstations using macOS Mojave, Big Sur and Monterey. Deleted files and folder could reappear. Deleted files can only be deleted on the original computer who has added those files. Sometimes files/folder...
  11. C

    Synology Drive Compatibility List Vendor Lock hack

    I just thought I would include this from the linustechtips forums. User: Neonkoala posted on August 2nd,2022 Edit the file: /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf Then find the option support_disk_compatibility and change it from yes to no support_disk_compatibility="no" Then reboot. Synology DSM 7...
  12. R

    USB drive not (fully) recognized

    Hello, i have a DS1019+ and did my backups in the past with hyperbackup on two Seagate Backup Plus Hub (in the compatibility list of the Disk station listed). I got some IO Errors from hyperbackup (there is another thread on these), but after deleting the backups and formating the Disk the...
  13. C

    Adding USB drive to 920+

    Hi everyone. I'm enjoying my new 920+ and other than a few bumps, all has gone pretty well. One of the "tasks" I've wanted to do is move my Plex content from an old Windows box to the 920+. On the existing Windows box, it's all on a WD Easystore 10 TB external disk. In Windows, it shows...
  14. D

    Swap single drive from 212j to 118 - disk space issue

    Hi, I swapped the single 2TB drive in my ds212j into a new ds118 - I had already backed up the 840GB data first from it on to my PC. So I turn it on, the app asks me to format the 2TB drive which I do. Then I copy the 840GB of data back onto the 2TB drive. Now I get a notification that the...
  15. Phone Guy

    Drive order. What happens if they get mixed up?

    So, what if someone took drives out of an 8 bay setup, and reinstalled them in the wrong order. Is that something that DSM can repair or is the data lost?
  16. L

    Play Video files stored on google drive

    How can i play video files stored in google drive via upnp/dlna devices on my network?
  17. K

    Is it possible to use a Synology NAS as a "slave" for drive bay expansion of another Synology NAS?

    Hello admin / all: I'm new to the forum, but have a relatively specific question I'm hoping someone might have some insight for. I could not find a similar post or question here and wasn't sure where to post this. Maybe HW & SW Compatibility? I'm not a power NAS/Networking user, but know just...
  18. N

    17 days to add a new drive?

    Hi! I'm still new to synology, but I just recently added a second drive (Where first I had only 1), and added it to increase my storage pool. Now it's telling me it's "adding drives" and it will take 22 days to do so. Did I do something wrong? Or is it dividing all the files across both drives...
  19. D

    DSM 6.2 Add/Expand SHR-1 with 20 TB drive

    Good Morning/Evening I wanted to upgrade my storage pool space (SHR-1 based) as it was screaming of low-space warning so I purchased (2x WD UltraStar DC HC 560 #WUH722020ALE6L 20TB) & like I always do, enjoy having (dive headfirst approach) & how much fun, knowledge, experience gain that comes...
  20. T

    Maximum drive size in a DS215J

    Afternoon, First time posting but have a question that I'm hoping a member can answer? I have 2 DS215J's. 1 has a 12tb in and the other has 2x 3tb but what I am enquiring about as the post header states what is the maximum drive size anyone has put in theirs? The compatibility list shows 14tb...