1. akahan

    Restoring from CloudStation Sharesync

    I feel like I must be missing something very obvious here. My scenario: Involves two Synology Diskstations. One NAS uses Cloudstation Sharesync to sync (one-way) a shared folder with the other NAS. In other words, every time something changes on this particular shared folder on NAS #1, the...
  2. D

    Cloud Sync vs. Drive for Google Drive Sync

    I'm currently using Cloud Sync to backup some photo directories on my DS218+ to my Google Drive. Been using Cloud Sync for this purpose for a while and it is working as expected. I don't need access to the backed up files other than what I have now, from my Google Drive, from my NAS. Is...
  3. atrisk

    Question Issue with Drive Web page uploads.

    I have started using Drive for remote access via the drive webpage and have one issue. When I upload a folder I would like it to overwrite the original folder with the one that I am uploading. It seems that drive may not do this, it seems to add a (2) number to the folder name and won't...
  4. B

    Question Sharing files with Drive and not getting in trouble

    Hi everybody! I've got a Synology Drive question. Synology Drive doesn't appear to completely obfuscate filenames ... so if you share an MP3 file or something like that, the filename might be visible in the link. So when you first make the share link directly to a file it looks like this...
  5. 2

    Solved Drive destkop client problem

    Hey there I used nextcloud for quite a while. But i keep having some issues with external storage. Also I do not like the fact with the docker container not supporting th PUID feature... Anyway i want to give synology drive a chance to prove itself. I configured it with following parameters...
  6. T

    excel temporary files stays on Drive when user as no delete permission

    Im looking for someone smart that can help create a script to delete 0kb files , files created by excel when opening any excel file let me explain. every time you open a excel file it creates a temporary ghost file called Auto recovery , the problem on drive is that people that don't have...
  7. S

    Where did the "Clear version database" option go?

    From time to time I like to save up some HDD space, so I remove the Synology Drive version database. However, the option to "Clear version database" has dissappeared. I can't find it anywhere anymore? When I look up instructions on the internet they tell me this: Open Drive Admin Console Go...
  8. Micky

    Drive - Team Folder with source from second NAS

    Hi, anyone knows if DS drive is capable of using a team folder which share is located on a different Synology DS in my NAS? So far it seems this is not possbile since the Driver admin only shows local share, so do you know of a workaround? Michael
  9. WST16

    Question Drive share links?

    Hi All, I’ve been using Drive for my iPadOS and iOS applications and so far I like it. Now I’m trying Drive’s sharing feature. I think it’s better than sharing using DSM as it won’t expose the DSM assigned port, provided that you’ve added a port for Drive in the DSM’s Application Portal...
  10. M

    Solved Hyper Backup - one external USB drive is very slow

    I just started using a DS218+. I have three WD EasyStore 4gb drives. Two of them work fine on the NAS; a full backup takes about 45 hours. With the third drive, I cancelled a similar backup after it only reached 70% after about 30 hours. All three drives seem to work fine when connected...
  11. V

    Solved Why Linux Mint 19 sync status overlay icons not visible, but are in Ubuntu 18.04

    The check mark, spinning arrows etc. that the Synology Drive sync client applies to files and folders don't appear in LM Cinnamon 19.3, but do for the same files when I boot instead to Ubuntu 18.04 on the same machine. I see this behavior on two completely different machines that both have both...
  12. V

    Solved Syno Drive 2 reports "missing local folder or insufficient privileges" for mounted NTFS Win 10 share

    Suspect installing Drive in Win 10 has corrupted NTFS shared partiion to Ubuntu access. Read on. I've two OS's running alternately on same machine. I boot one or the other at a time. They only share data on an NTFS partition of SSD drive. There's only that one drive in the machine. I'll name...
  13. B

    use drive to replace timemachine

    I started to experiment to replace time machine by Drive but I wonder how to handle deleted files in a folder is there a way to get from the history like timemachine? or better to use in // timemachine?
  14. B

    google drive synchronization

    I noticed that Cloud Sync doesn't convert the google files (docs, spreadsheets..) created using the google web UI. Is there a way to do it? Should I use another tool to sync them?
  15. B

    Replace 4TB drive with 8TB in DS918+

    Hi everyone, I have a Client's DS918+ with 4 hdds, 1 x 8TB and 1 x 4TB for storing backups. 2 x 4TB drives in Raid 1 for other stuff. The 1 x 4TB is getting full so I'm replacing it with an 8TB drive. How can I replace it with the 8TB drive without losing any data? Also, can I format the 8TB...
  16. O

    Question Exporting Lightroom (iOS) photos to Drive (using "Files") problem

    When I try to export several photos on the same time from Lightroom on my iPhone to Synology Drive I only get a handful of photos, not all that I've picked. When exporting to iCloud Drive all photos are exported but not with Drive. Anyone else noticed this?
  17. S

    Missing Hard drive space

    Ok I have the Synology 916+ and I have deleted a large amount of data but it's not showing up as coming back. I have the recycle bin emptied but I am only showing 500gb left out of 16ish TB, it should be more like 4 or 5TB free from what I can work out. Am I missing something obvious?
  18. Imcon

    How to change Drive Backup destination folder

    I want to backup a folder from a PC to my NAS. I can not used Active Backup for this (actually I use it but it create a huge files not possible to do additional backup to a Cloud service) and therefore I wonder how to backup the folder. The solution is to sync the folder with a folder in my NAS...
  19. S

    Question Where do I point the client for the Drive sync reassociation: My Drive or Team Folder?

    Where do I point the client for the sync reassociation: my drive or team folder? I'm trying to reassociate a client computer to the Synology Drive Server sync. The client was syncing to Synology without issues, but was reinstalled after the drive had to be replaced. I opened the Synology Drive...
  20. Telos

    Launching Drive from tray app... Wrong URL?

    What have I done now? When I click (Synology Drive) from the Windows Drive tray app. it tries to launch... But this goes nowhere without the forwarded https port number. In Application Portal I have only alias "drive"...