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  1. A

    USB disk rotation ?

    Is there a "best practice" regarding rotating external USB disk when backing up there ? I'd like to manually rotate disks if possible without needing to get into the UI - is it possible / feasible ?
  2. C

    DSM 6 + RAID5 + SHA : Disk expansion strategy

    Hi, I'm looking forward for some advices on how to safely proceed to a disk upgrade of a cluster (SHA) of 2x 1513+ (5 bays) needed with 4 x 3Tb drives + 1 x 3tb Hotspare drive. The idea is to replace all 3Tb drives by 6Tb drives. Current setup: In resume : Storage Pool 1 (Main) is using 4...
  3. R

    var\messages full of sfdisk warnings about 4TB disk

    Using SSH, went to look at var\messages - and found it packed full of messages: Warning: dev/sdq contains GPT signatures sdq is a 4TB external disk, partitioned with MBR and formated as 2TB NTFS. This because DSM5.2 insisted the the GPT partition was usbshare1, and the simple solution of...
  4. K

    DS214+ and disk compatibility

    I recently bought a new 4TB disk to replace a failing one in my NAS. Until I did this I had not realised that Synology had a compatibility list. My previous drive (and the one good one remaining) was a Wd Red Plus WD40EFRX. Even on the WD site only a 1TB version of this is available, the 4TB...
  5. R

    Move disk and keep data?

    My good old DS214 was killed by lightning a few days ago. The powersurge travelled trough the ethernetcable, and killed most other wired equipment. The DS214 powers on, but the network interface is fried. Time to buy a new, similar model. So my question is: If I use the same disks from the 214...
  6. Telos

    Help! Disk Full. Login Not Possible

    A fine fix I've gotten myself into. I believe I have messed up the OS partition with excess files. I cannot login via DSM or SSH. Any way out apart from Reset Mode 2?
  7. M

    Upgrade Hard disk

    Hello, I have a DS415, DSM 6.2, 4HD 3TB WD RED and now it is running out of space. I am using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)(with data protection for 2-drive fault tolerance. 1- There are available WD RED, WD RED PLUS, WD RED PRO, I am thinking of getting one drive and exchange by 10TB. Which one...
  8. I

    HDD strategy for new 1621+

    New 1621+ coming in a couple days and I’m trying to figure out which HDD’s to use and which RAID configuration. It’s replacing an old DS412+ with 4x4TB HGST 7200RPM drives. I was initially planning for 8TB drives but the the cost of anything above 6TB has skyrocketed in the last couple weeks...
  9. M

    DS1821+: Problem with formatting hard disk

    Hello, I need some help. I bought my first NAS and decided to buy the DS1821+. I bought two hard disks from Seagate. One seems to be defect, I just hear some noise which does not sound very good and the other one can't be formatted. The model of the hard disks is ST12000VNZ008. When I try to...
  10. T

    DS220j / DS218j Disk Compatability

    Hello. My DS218j just hardware failed (all green case and power brick LEDs flash with the drives out). It's a little over three years old. Since I have no way to pull the data off of the disks, I thought that purchasing a DS220j and using the 218j's drives as is in the 220j would be a quick and...
  11. E

    after import .ova files in VMM back: Booting from Hard Disk...

    Hello dear forum members, after a long search in the net, I have unfortunately not found a solution to my problem. I very much hope that someone can give me a helping hand or suggest a solution. I am using a DS920 + with version DSM 6.2_below I bought new 4x 4 TB disks. First, I backed up...
  12. T

    Migration from DS214 to DS920+ with disk upgrade scenario - is this the right way?

    I've read multiple threads and guides on the topic - still creating a post to make sure I got the procedure right, especially as there are multiple steps on volume setup and adjustment! :) Scenario: - upgrading from a super-old DS214Play to a new DS920+. The old NAS will be shut down at the end...
  13. T

    RS2414 + Disk compatibility

    Hello I am using Synology RS2414 +. WD Red WD60EFRX-68MYMN1 6TB 5400 RPM 12 disks mounted on it and I am using raid 10 build. I want to buy disk as a backup for failure. My question: If I install a disk with features such as 8TB 7200 RPM or 6TB 7200 RPM or 8TB 5400 RPM in the disk structure...
  14. W

    Missing installation disk

    Hi everyone. Newbie here and I have a question just not sure where to post this. I just bought DS412+ second hand and it is missing the installation disk. Is there anywhere I can find this information online so I can DL onto a thumb drive. Or do I have to have the original disk. Thanks for...
  15. C

    Please recommend a disk format strategy

    I have a DS-718+ with one 4 TB hard drive. I've purchased a second 4 TB hard drive to add to it. I also have my ancient Zyxel NSA-320 with a 2 TB drive in that I plan to eventually use to backup key documents off the DS-718+. (I recognize that its not ideal for a full backup for a variety of...
  16. M

    Barnyard2 process and disk activity

    I am experiencing constant disk access and am not sure how to figure out what process is causing this. The process that seems to be taking the most CPU is called Barnyard2. I can't seem to find out what this does. Any insights would be much appreciated.
  17. phskwok

    NAS 920+ : Set up 4 disks in SHR vs 3 disk in SHR + 1 single disk

    I’ve set up my 920+ as follows: 3 no. 4T disks in SHR (vol 1) for important data + 1 no. single disk (vol 2) for downloaded movies. My logic is that I’m not too bother about losing the downloaded movies in the event this single harddisk fails. I will not need to restore the movie files in vol 2...
  18. Telos

    Question Synology RAID Calculator | RAID0 mixed disk capacity

    Looking to redo my backup NAS as I'm running out of capacity. I have 10TB and 6TB disks which I was going to join in a simple JBOD. Using the Synology RAID Calculator I noticed that in a RAID0 configuration, Capacity = 10TB + 6TB = 16TB I always understood that RAID0 mixed disks yielded ...
  19. H

    Package Center : The available disk space of this system is insufficient

    Hi, I'm currently running DSM 6.2-23739 (Xpenology on Gen8 Microserver) and when I try and install a package via Packer Center I get the following error "The available disk space of this system is insufficient". As you can see from my screen shot their is 2.71TB of disc space remaining...
  20. B

    Question How to mount and read Synology RAID hard disk?

    Since one of NAS hard disk defected, I removed the hard disk in DSM and can't read the file again. How can i read and backup my data to my PC? I used VMware and installed Ubuntus already but still can't work, does anyone can provide tutorial how to solve my problem? Many thanks,