1. EAZ1964

    The Backblaze 2021 disk stats are available

    With the usual warning: Be careful while interpreting the data, understand that underlying, continuously changing dataset makes statistics harder to understand and conclusions more difficult. So please use your knowledge of confidence limits and basic statistics...
  2. EAZ1964

    22TB Seagate disk presented, but it is SMR

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/seagate-is-shipping-22tb-hdds As it is SMR it will surely be on the incompatibility list, so beware.
  3. WoeperBE


    I would like to exclude the data disk in a virtual machine that have a system and a data disk. Is there any way to do this ? In the create job i can only select the complete virtual machine. Thanks
  4. BobW

    Which type External USB Disk do you prefer 2,5 inch or 3,5 inch?

    Hi all, Which type for an external USB DISK do you prefer a 2,5 inch or 3,5 inch for Backup purposes. What are the pro and cons of when it comes to use one of these types for backup of the NAS?
  5. BobW

    Can you combine SSD and HDD disk into one SHR storage pool

    Hi, Question is it possible to combine 1 SSD disk and 2 HDD disk into one SHR storage pool with one volume? At the moment I have 1x 2TB SSD into storage pool 1 (volume 1) And 2x 8TB HDD into storage pool 2 (volume 2) On the SSD I have all the applications / Docker/ MailPlus-server and also the...
  6. Shadow

    Docker daemon eating up disk I/O

    I'm asking this question on behalf of someone from another (Dutch) forum. Anyone seen this before and have any idea what is causing this? User is only running this container, and this disk activity only seems to hapen when this container is started: GitHub - qdm12/gluetun: VPN client in a...
  7. RoCaRay

    Ten Synology D6 Disk Trays - Almost Free - U.S.

    Ten trays are available for just $20 to cover postage. This offer is for forum members with a U.S. shipping address. Please contact the seller via private message. Ten D6 trays - most are unused, a few were lightly used. Originally purchased for convenience with offsite backups and other...
  8. B

    How to get access to encrypted disk after server broken

    Hello I have Synology 713+ with Raid 1 and encrytion. Whot happen when my server will broken ? Of course I know that Raid 1 will be broken too but how to access to data on disk's ? I can buy next Synology and using it I will have access to data ? Have to be tha same model of Synology ? Or maybe...
  9. BobW

    Tandoor Recipes Organizer Interface (TROI) on a Synology Disk Station

    Hi, Came across this great docker container and would like to share it with you guys (if anyone is interested). It is well documented in a pdf. More info can be found here: tandoor.
  10. A

    DSM 7.0 Adding 2nd disk for redundancy to an SHR-volume

    Hi everyone! Fist post here, pretty sure this gets asked a lot, but go easy on this old f€ck, please... ;-) Have a Synology DJ220s server, with a 4TB disk. It's formatted as SHR. Now I added an identical 4TB disk. Don't want more capacity, just want redundancy so that if one disk fails I can...
  11. Y

    Single Disk 4TB Volume Migration to 8TB

    Hi Forum, Apologies if this has been covered before and my searching abilities suck. I have a single Disk containing "Volume 2" as a destination for Shared Folder SnapShot Replication from (RAIDed) "Volume 1" with a bunch of history on it which I now want to migrate to a new and larger...
  12. M

    Migrating From Disk Station To Rack Station With “Unverified Drives”

    Hi There! My DS2413+ has bit the dust. I had it sitting on a rack shelf in my rack and have decided that I'd rather install a Rackmount Unit as opposed to a Disk Station on a shelf to save a bunch of space in my Rack. Right now the DS2413+ takes up like 7 or 8 "U" Spaces. I thought I was...
  13. A

    USB disk rotation ?

    Is there a "best practice" regarding rotating external USB disk when backing up there ? I'd like to manually rotate disks if possible without needing to get into the UI - is it possible / feasible ?
  14. C

    DSM 6 + RAID5 + SHA : Disk expansion strategy

    Hi, I'm looking forward for some advices on how to safely proceed to a disk upgrade of a cluster (SHA) of 2x 1513+ (5 bays) needed with 4 x 3Tb drives + 1 x 3tb Hotspare drive. The idea is to replace all 3Tb drives by 6Tb drives. Current setup: In resume : Storage Pool 1 (Main) is using 4...
  15. R

    var\messages full of sfdisk warnings about 4TB disk

    Using SSH, went to look at var\messages - and found it packed full of messages: Warning: dev/sdq contains GPT signatures sdq is a 4TB external disk, partitioned with MBR and formated as 2TB NTFS. This because DSM5.2 insisted the the GPT partition was usbshare1, and the simple solution of...
  16. K

    DS214+ and disk compatibility

    I recently bought a new 4TB disk to replace a failing one in my NAS. Until I did this I had not realised that Synology had a compatibility list. My previous drive (and the one good one remaining) was a Wd Red Plus WD40EFRX. Even on the WD site only a 1TB version of this is available, the 4TB...
  17. R

    Move disk and keep data?

    My good old DS214 was killed by lightning a few days ago. The powersurge travelled trough the ethernetcable, and killed most other wired equipment. The DS214 powers on, but the network interface is fried. Time to buy a new, similar model. So my question is: If I use the same disks from the 214...
  18. Telos

    Help! Disk Full. Login Not Possible

    A fine fix I've gotten myself into. I believe I have messed up the OS partition with excess files. I cannot login via DSM or SSH. Any way out apart from Reset Mode 2?
  19. M

    Upgrade Hard disk

    Hello, I have a DS415, DSM 6.2, 4HD 3TB WD RED and now it is running out of space. I am using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)(with data protection for 2-drive fault tolerance. 1- There are available WD RED, WD RED PLUS, WD RED PRO, I am thinking of getting one drive and exchange by 10TB. Which one...
  20. I

    HDD strategy for new 1621+

    New 1621+ coming in a couple days and I’m trying to figure out which HDD’s to use and which RAID configuration. It’s replacing an old DS412+ with 4x4TB HGST 7200RPM drives. I was initially planning for 8TB drives but the the cost of anything above 6TB has skyrocketed in the last couple weeks...