1. C

    Please recommend a disk format strategy

    I have a DS-718+ with one 4 TB hard drive. I've purchased a second 4 TB hard drive to add to it. I also have my ancient Zyxel NSA-320 with a 2 TB drive in that I plan to eventually use to backup key documents off the DS-718+. (I recognize that its not ideal for a full backup for a variety of...
  2. M

    Barnyard2 process and disk activity

    I am experiencing constant disk access and am not sure how to figure out what process is causing this. The process that seems to be taking the most CPU is called Barnyard2. I can't seem to find out what this does. Any insights would be much appreciated.
  3. phskwok

    NAS 920+ : Set up 4 disks in SHR vs 3 disk in SHR + 1 single disk

    I’ve set up my 920+ as follows: 3 no. 4T disks in SHR (vol 1) for important data + 1 no. single disk (vol 2) for downloaded movies. My logic is that I’m not too bother about losing the downloaded movies in the event this single harddisk fails. I will not need to restore the movie files in vol 2...
  4. Telos

    Question Synology RAID Calculator | RAID0 mixed disk capacity

    Looking to redo my backup NAS as I'm running out of capacity. I have 10TB and 6TB disks which I was going to join in a simple JBOD. Using the Synology RAID Calculator I noticed that in a RAID0 configuration, Capacity = 10TB + 6TB = 16TB I always understood that RAID0 mixed disks yielded ...
  5. H

    Package Center : The available disk space of this system is insufficient

    Hi, I'm currently running DSM 6.2-23739 (Xpenology on Gen8 Microserver) and when I try and install a package via Packer Center I get the following error "The available disk space of this system is insufficient". As you can see from my screen shot their is 2.71TB of disc space remaining...
  6. B

    Question How to mount and read Synology RAID hard disk?

    Since one of NAS hard disk defected, I removed the hard disk in DSM and can't read the file again. How can i read and backup my data to my PC? I used VMware and installed Ubuntus already but still can't work, does anyone can provide tutorial how to solve my problem? Many thanks,
  7. A

    Disk Not Initalized

    Setting up my DS720+ for the first time and noticed that one of my hard drives is not Initialized and I can't create Storage Pools or Volumes. the action keeps failing. Drive shows thats its healthy but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the drive to initialize? AG Edit: think I...
  8. jeyare

    Info Discovering Hard Disk Physical Geometry through Microbenchmarking

    this scientific source by Henry Wong will help you better understand why HDD geometry is important to your operation model
  9. SynoMan

    Seagate NAS drive vendor: Seagate

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD) Read more... on official site Read more... on official site Please open a new thread for comments or discussions and select the thread prefix Seagate.
  10. tekguru

    Disk Space........

    Okay I think everyone knows I'm a newbie to the world of NAS....... and I've a horrible feeling I'm either missing something or have been doing something wrong..... I've been creating shared drives (as and when needed) and deleting them as I've been going along my learning curve. The error I...
  11. T

    How much disk space do I require

    I want to add an external hard drive to my NAS for use for Hyper Backup. I have a total of 12Tb of data on my disks. If I wish to hyper backup all the data do I need at least a 12tb hard drive?
  12. oRBIT

    Disk IO that drives me mad

    My DS918+ has started to do some disk access that drives me crazy.. It's silent for a few seconds, then starts to read/write/whatever alot for a second or two and the goes back to silence again. It's a pattern here.. <silence> <silence> <silence> <NOISE> <NOISE> <repeat> .. Perhaps 5 seconds of...
  13. jeyare

    Solved Active Backup and NTFS disk with Bad block(s)

    As some of you know I like it Synology Active Backup for Business package (ABB). I have 3 sites, with 20+ WIN10 based computers in total (also Linux, but this not the case). ABB is in everyday operation, tested Restore scenarios. Great tool. What I found yesterday: In my 3rd (remote) site, what...
  14. jeyare

    Tutorial when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

    One of my concern was about - What would happen when my RAID contains BTRFS will degrade? Analyze I found in official BTRFS Wiki these recommendations: RAID1 volumes - if they become degraded may only be mounted read-write once with the options -o degraded,rw. Notes: This does not happen...