1. J

    Solved SSL Certificate for LAN

    For several reasons I do not expose my Synology NAS DiskStation to the Internet and only run Photo Station for LAN users: URL: https://nas.lan/photo local IP segment: When they connect, they all get a warning, that the connection is suspicious and the certificate is not valid...
  2. G

    Solved SSL Certificate Error

    I am currently using LE certificate on a DS718+, currently tied to a Synology quickconnect address. There are no issues when accessing the DS from the quickconnect address, however when at the office locallY using the local IP or local host name we get the certificate error. Usually no big deal...
  3. jeyare

    LE SSL certificate

    I found this post for someone of you who uses LE certificates. See there: Why Let’s Encrypt is a really, really, really bad idea… Did I mention it is a really bad idea??? Link
  4. G

    VPN SSL Certificate error

    Currently using Synology’s quickconnect method to remotely connect to my nas. We’ll use DS File for this example. I am able to connect with no issues using quickconnect. However, when I turn on OpenVPN to vpn into the nas and then try to log into ds file I receive a message stating “the ssl...
  5. Rusty

    Tutorial Synology Reverse Proxy

    This tutorial will cover a few short steps that you need to know and setup in order to make your apps and services accessible via the internet (or LAN) using a specific domain name and custom (or default) port. It will also help you to avoid exposing your real IP address, custom port or simply...
  6. jono

    Connect to DSM via port 443?

    I can connect to a DiskStation through one of my domains with an SSL certificate ( I have to have port 443 open in order to get/renew the certificate from Let's Encrypt and wondered if there's any reason why I shouldn't also use that port to connect to DSM on that...