reverse proxy

  1. NAS Newbie

    DSM 7.0 How to make autogenerated external share links reflect a reverse proxy?

    I'm using the external share link to share a presentation I'm working on. I just want to use the public share option. My drive access is set up via reverse proxy at When drive generates its share link, it generates it as, which does not...
  2. BobW

    Reverse Proxy subdomain are first redirected to the DSM Login page, how to solve this?

    Question, hopefully someone knows how to solve this! I have set up Reverse Proxy for several docker containers which point to the respective containers. This is running on a new DS920+ (DSM 7.0.1) which has just been set up. The problem is that when I enter the subdomain in any browser e.g...
  3. Telos

    Befuddled port forwarding... Off-NAS reverse proxy confusion

    I've been toying with nginx (docker) on a Raspberry Pi, but when I forward 443 to the RPi on the same network, things don't go as I hoped. Some background... Typically, 443 is forwarded to the NAS (443>443) and the NAS internal reverse proxy works as expected. But when I edited the router 443...
  4. S

    Hosted Site unreachable outside Network (only HTTPS)

    EDIT: I've managed to track it down to my router that seems unwilling to forward port 443 at all. Since I can't delete the thread, I'll leave it for anyone that is interested in a port-forwarding issue or debugging of similarissues. --- I managed to set up Reverse Proxy to one of my Docker...
  5. Sly870

    Reverse proxy and security..

    Hello all, Something been on my mind for quite a while is security, security and security! I currently have my RaPi 4 with my home assistant exposed a on a single port, currently the only thing exposed but I would like to expose my OpenVPN as well. Just a few questions: 1) Would it be wise to...
  6. G

    Reverse proxy from Synology to opnsense

    Hello all, I currently have reverse proxy setup through synology nas. I’m looking to offload this from the nas to a new protectli that is running opnsense firewall. Has anyone else setup an opnsense or even pfsense firewall with reverse proxy?
  7. philingle

    App launcher and sharing links with reverse proxy

    Hi I have been running along fine with my reverse proxy setup for a while now so I have and sticking that in the URL takes me directly to the app. However if I then try to use the app launcher (little icon with four squares top right...
  8. Z

    Access via reverse proxy (apache)

    Bit of a newbie, but I can usually figure things out with a little push in the right direction. This one, however, is giving me a bit of a pain so I could use some help. I'm trying to access my NAS using a reverse proxy, but have not set up a reverse proxy before and have very little coding/IT...
  9. P

    Access services (like Photos, Drive, etc.) directly behind Reverse Proxy

    Hi all, I've set up my NAS behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy. Everything's running nicely accessing I would, however, like to directly access certain services using I tried the following in Nginx: location / { proxy_pass...
  10. O

    Issues using Dozzle behind the built in reverse proxy

    This is a long shot but wondered whether anyone had the same issue. I have no issues when using the internal IP but get duplicate log entries when using the built in nginx reverse proxy. Duplicate log entries · Issue #1404 · amir20/dozzle I've used the following header entries but it hasn't helped
  11. W

    Connect to VMs and NAS externally with reverse proxy

    I've decided to open my DiskStation so I can access it externally and think I finally have grasped the fundamentals needed to accomplish this yet can't seem to get this working right despite reviewing countless forums, tutorials, and of course syno docs. Prior to now, I have simply been able to...
  12. A

    Reverse proxy issues for docker containers in DSM7

    I have for the past couple of days trying to get the reverse proxy to work in DSM7. I have used the tool within DSM7 itself to try and achieve this but with mixed results. Full disclosure that I'm learning as I go and have had several tutorials as a starter (). So I'm thankful for any help that...
  13. D

    DSM 7.0 Docker with Traefik reverse proxy under Synology DSM 7 // free port 80 and 443

    Hi everyone, to run docker with the reverse proxy Traefik v2 on a Synology NAS, I need to be able to use port 80 and 443 on the host system. DSM 7 uses its own reverse proxy, nginx, which tries to occupy the ports on its own. Under DSM 6.2 I could change the port 80 and 443 by using a boot...
  14. lukasberan

    Firewall rules per package

    Hi. On my DS218 with DSM 7, I have multiple packages and want to have different firewall rules for each of them, because some services will be available world-wide, some of them just from my country and some of them will be just internal. Synology Drive should be available publicly with no...
  15. DaVoodoo

    Blank DSM Login Screen when using DSM Reverse Proxy

    Greetings. As a new user, I have set up everything I wanted to with some excellent tutorials from mostly members here and I am 99% done. I am just being haunted by one thing: I used @Rusty tutorials for Let's Encrypt + Docker = wildcard certs & Synology Reverse Proxy. Sonarr, Radarr etc...
  16. T

    Failing in my attempts at reverse proxy

    Morning people, spent a good few hours yesterday trying to get reverse proxy working but failed miserable, don't know how or why... So gonna start a thread and see if you guys can help me fault find. So currently, I believe I've forwarded ports 80/443 on Openwrt to the Nas ip. I've got the Nas...
  17. H

    DSM 7.0 Problem sharing album from Synology Photos using reverse proxy

    Hi! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I have a Synology DS916+ running DSM 7.0 Beta. (I know, it was a mistake to make the upgrade instead of running it as a virtual machine first to try it out). The most important application for me is Synology Photos. I am...
  18. S

    Reverse Proxy for Synology Drive Client

    DS1621xs+ DSM 6.2.3-25426U3 I'm new to reverse proxies. I've set up external access to DSM using reverse proxy from external port 443 to my internal port for DSM access, e.g. > The only port I have open externally is 443. I'm now trying to do the...
  19. R

    Reverse Proxy

    DS420+ DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I am running two different websites in docker containers and using Control Panel > Application Portal > Reverse Proxy to redirect http to https for both of them. It works fine for one but the second one doesn't redirect. This is the config. There are no custom...
  20. NAS Newbie

    Why doesn't my video stream work when running Surveillance Station through a reverse proxy?

    I have a reverse proxy set up so I can access my surveillance cameras via surveillance station. If I access SS through direct, local IP address, everything work and the video streams without issue. However, if I try accessing via my RP with a browser outside of my network, I can successfully...