reverse proxy

  1. T

    Failing in my attempts at reverse proxy

    Morning people, spent a good few hours yesterday trying to get reverse proxy working but failed miserable, don't know how or why... So gonna start a thread and see if you guys can help me fault find. So currently, I believe I've forwarded ports 80/443 on Openwrt to the Nas ip. I've got the Nas...
  2. H

    Problem sharing album from Synology Photos using reverse proxy

    Hi! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I have a Synology DS916+ running DSM 7.0 Beta. (I know, it was a mistake to make the upgrade instead of running it as a virtual machine first to try it out). The most important application for me is Synology Photos. I am...
  3. S

    Reverse Proxy for Synology Drive Client

    DS1621xs+ DSM 6.2.3-25426U3 I'm new to reverse proxies. I've set up external access to DSM using reverse proxy from external port 443 to my internal port for DSM access, e.g. > The only port I have open externally is 443. I'm now trying to do the...
  4. R

    Reverse Proxy

    DS420+ DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I am running two different websites in docker containers and using Control Panel > Application Portal > Reverse Proxy to redirect http to https for both of them. It works fine for one but the second one doesn't redirect. This is the config. There are no custom...
  5. NAS Newbie

    Why doesn't my video stream work when running Surveillance Station through a reverse proxy?

    I have a reverse proxy set up so I can access my surveillance cameras via surveillance station. If I access SS through direct, local IP address, everything work and the video streams without issue. However, if I try accessing via my RP with a browser outside of my network, I can successfully...
  6. O

    Possible still route 5000 to 5001 when using reverse proxy?

    Looking for some help solving certificate problems with my 918+ NAS before I start putting this thing to some serious use. I'm trying to get my DSM traffic to route from 5000 to 5001 Goal: 1. Accessing the NAS for local shared storage and backup, Webdav, Moments, Drive desktop sync and I want...
  7. G

    Photo station with reverse proxy in use

    Is anyone using photo station, and reverse proxy?
  8. S

    Reverse Proxy weirdness - Different destination depending on browser?

    TL,DR; - Reverse proxies in DSM work on Safari. Firefox routes to main DSM interface. Chrome routes to router interface. DS1513+ running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I have several Reverse proxies setup in DSM, 1 to a docker container, 3 to apps on the DS, and one to an Apache instance on an RPi...
  9. NAS Newbie

    PhotoPrism reverse Proxy from Docker

    I'm slowly working through getting PhotoPrism set up with the help of my brother in law. Has anyone successfully set up a reverse proxy for this app, and if so, how did you do it? I see that there is some info here about setting up via NGINX, but didn't know if that was the only way...
  10. NAS Newbie

    How can I share a Moments Album via Reverse Proxy?

    I want to set up an album of photos for my grandma to view. I know that it is frowned upon, but I want to use just the public link option instead of creating a password/username for her so she doesn't have to remember login info. I'd kill the link after a couple of days once she's...
  11. fredbert

    Info DSM 7: where art thou Reverse Proxy?

    It took me a bit of time to find this and no help looking up 'reverse proxy'. DSM 6's Application Portal page is now Login Portal. The old Reverse Poxy tab is now buried in Advanced. Login Portal also is the new home for DSM 6's Network / DSM Settings.
  12. NAS Newbie

    Cannot connect to Bitwarden in Docker via reverse proxy on ubiquiti network... help?

    So I'm back and trying to get docker/bitwarden up and running. I believe I have the docker/bitwarden image set up correctly, but I cannot reverse proxy into it using I have been able to access the image using http://192.168.x.x.1051, but it won't let me sign in...
  13. Z

    Reverse Proxy to Odoo 14 redirects to DSM

    Hello, I've installed Odoo 14 (formerly Open ERP) in a Docker container. Seems to be running fine when I access it on the local URL via VPN. However, I'd like to be able to access it over the internet securely. All my other Docker apps are working fine using the built-in Synology reverse proxy...
  14. Telos

    Solved Why does this reverse proxy fail

    I set up this reverse proxy for the DS File app (Android)... but it fails to connect. When I enter "" in the DS File app, it connects. But if I enter "" using this reverse proxy, it fails. FWIW, ports 443 and 5001 are forwarded to the NAS (
  15. T

    Question Reverse Proxy to TCP/UDP over 443?

    Hello everyone, i'm using the built-in Synology Reverse Proxy quite frequently and it works without an issue for my subdomains. Besides to ports 80/443 i have two more ports open on my router for forwarding. One TCP for the Synology Drive syncing-thingy. And One UDP for VPN. Is it possible to...
  16. Rusty

    Docker Tornote - Self-destructing notes (Docker)

    Short tutorial for running Tornote docker image. Using this image Docker Hub you can set up and run Tornote, a simple self-destructing note environment. You will need a PostgresDB instance running with a database of your choice and a user with R/W permissions. Considering that there is no...
  17. WST16

    Question Hide the port of a file upload request?

    Hi, Is it possible to use the reverse proxy service to hide the port of an upload request? Let’s say that I have this link for an upload request: I want to map it to: I’ve tried configuring it like we usually...
  18. DeltaGolf

    Question Reverse Proxy

    I did have a Reverse Proxy working but I broke some other stuff and now on recreation it doesn't work.... I've installed Nextcloud in a Docker. It works! Its on port 8080, wise folk here suggest a RP and so I have set up the subdomain nextcloud.mydomain.tld. The DNS (external) is set and...
  19. Z

    Question Reverse Proxy for subdomain redirects to main DSM interface

    Hello everyone, I've had a DS1019+ for several months and everything has been working just great. I have set DSM to be available on two non-standard ports (12344 and 12345) and have reverse proxy set up so that I can access it at Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration | Mydomain and all other...
  20. Mnl-

    Solved Run AdGuard as DNS on my NAS through Docker

    Hi there, Very happy to find this place where I might get some precious help! I'm running through docker and docker-compose, AdGuard (kind of PiHole) on my Synology NAS. My NAS is up to date. As I want to use it as DNS on my router, I need it run on the port 80 (as not all devices can manage a...