1. H

    Connexion Error when I try to access a remote computer with RDP using Guacamole.

    Hi Everyone, I installed Guacamole on my NAS using Docker. My goal is to be able to access remotly to some servers and PC trough the local network or VPN. No problems to install Guacamole or to configure it. I made a test to acess a windows PC with RPD protocol and I receive the following...
  2. Y

    ds215j using , pandas install error for ssh

    I want to install pandas, but I get an error. Please help me. Paste the error in SSH. pip install pandas Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable Collecting pandas Using cached pandas-1.4.1.tar.gz (4.9 MB) Installing build dependencies ... error...
  3. A

    DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 gives Synology Drive error

    Hi there, I just got around to updating my DSM to 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 on my DS920+. Immediately following the update, I got a strange Synology Drive error: "Server shared folder is unmounted": To my surprise, one of my shared folders is completely missing from my NAS. Fortunately I have...
  4. B

    WebDav HTTPS error and File Station

    Dear All, Since DSM 7 or 7.0.1 (?) WebDav (HTTPS) is not working properly. I can't connect to another remote DSM in File Station WHEN the URI points to a Synology DDNS (with Let's Encrypt) address. I can connect from KODI correctly and I can also connect through file station as well given that...
  5. Cobra

    Synology Drive "Reconnecting" and Active backup has a connection error

    My downstairs PC shows "Reconnecting" on synology drive and on Active Backup for business it has a internet error. I am connecting with my upstairs computer is working fine for both drive and active backup. I recently installed Bitdefender Antivirus on my downstairs PC and now...
  6. P

    DSM 7.0 DSM7.0 won't find Plex server error code 32400/web

    Hi Thanks for accepting me on this forum !! I am hoping somebody can help!! I have a new DS920+ running DSM 7.0. I have loaded the available Plex (Beta version) App from Packages. All loaded as expected and as the subsequent support pages I have researched, have confirmed , however when I try to...
  7. ric0ric

    Gmail OAuth refresh token error - but why does this keep recurring?

    Once or twice a day I'm getting the following error message: Gmail OAuth refresh token error. Please go to Notification for information on how to resolve this issue. I can reset my gmail by going to Notifications, waiting a minute or so then re-entering my gmail email address, signing out then...
  8. T

    Cannot map network drive due to "System error 86"

    I apologize if this is a stupid/frequent question but I couldn't find this exact issue on the forums or honestly anywhere; maybe I just don't know what to look up. I setup my DS920+, made user accounts, created shared folders, applied privileges, etc. For example, let's say I created the user...
  9. daptap

    pihole - error log: "can't bind to socket: Address already in use"

    I had a pihole running for a couple of years in docker in DSM. Then I tried to update the container today and it broke. After following this tutorial and this one (the same except for what they name the pihole subfolders in file station), I get the following error in the container log...
  10. D

    Plex Permission error - Couldn't check for the existence of file

    I could do with some help trobleshooting this error in my plex install v. Plex is not able to access my tv/movie directories. I've added the "plex" user on my synology to all user groups, and given it read/write access to every volume on the synology and still no joy. I also...
  11. SynoMan

    DSM 7.0 Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2).

    I'm getting this error in the AV log: Unable to update virus definitions with freshclam (exit code: 11; error code: 2). Definitions won't update. I've reinstalled the package and restarted the NAS. Same error on 2 NAS devices.
  12. P

    Docker Transmission Error

    version: "2.4" is the first line of compose file, which works for sonarr/radarr etc, and guessing might be the glitch for Transmission. Deployment error Docker compose [Code} version: "2.4" services: [/CODE] transmission: image: linuxserver/transmission:latest restart: always...
  13. B

    DSM 7.0 Certificates cannot be deleted

    I played around with QuickConnect just to see how it works. It created a QC certificate. So far so good. Then I switched back to the original Synology Certificate and wanted to delete the QC certificate. I also unlinked my QC ID from my DS 920+. The problem is that I cannot delete the QC...
  14. blackcat

    Synology Community Forums, error 403

    I am getting error 403 when it to login...
  15. S

    Shared Folder Sync Error

    I have two Synology NAS devices. One has been backing up to the other for a couple of years. When I connected to the server, I saw this error. My "master" is called Media. The backup is Media2. When I look at Media2, it appears to have all the data, even recently added data, from Media. I...
  16. ThinkYEAH

    Nextcloud update to last version "Internal Server Error"

    Hi, After upgraded NextCloud to last version i see this error message: Internal Server Error The server was unable to complete your request. If this happens again, please send the technical details below to the server administrator. More details can be found in the server log. NextCloud is...
  17. D

    Active backup restore error

    Hi, I have been searching google and talking to synology help did not yield a result. WHen i restore using synology active backup, I will encounter the problem of a blue screen with the error "inaccessible boot device" Can I ask. 1) can restore be done on a completely different computer ? 2)...
  18. J

    Error Failed to verify SSL with task for file server

    Hi, I have a task how run every hours. This task is for a file serveur. This task run since a few month corectly but since 4 day, i have sometimes an error Failed to verify SSL and the next run of the task, this error disapeard. What do i do to remove this error ? Many thanks Jean-François
  19. N

    Synology Drive Admin Console Error

    I've just migrated from a DS220j to a DS220+ and now I get the following error when running Synology Drive Admin Console. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package, but the error still persists. In desperation I clicked on Delete Database, but still no luck. Can anyone please give me...
  20. M

    LE cert error via webdav, https is fine

    Hi i do have strange behaviour with my DS218j running DSM7, maybe someone has a clue whats going on. The nas is reachable by ddns and a LE cert. Connecting through https works fine, but webdav keeps telling the cert is not valid.It worked fine for a long time, but since LE changed their cert...