In financial markets, a share is a unit used as mutual funds, limited partnerships, and real estate investment trusts. The owner of shares in the corporation/company is a shareholder (or stockholder) of the corporation. A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. The denominated value of a share is its face value, and the total of the face value of issued shares represent the capital of a company, which may not reflect the market value of those shares.
The income received from the ownership of shares is a dividend. The process of purchasing and selling shares often involves going through a stockbroker as a middle man.
There are different types of shares such as equity shares, preference shares, bonus shares, right shares, employees stock option plans and sweat equity shares.

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  1. fredbert

    Ideas to have network share in Mac Finder sidebar

    I have finally been forced to take the next step in my many years of migrating iTunes (as was) media from USB drive to NAS shared folder. The USB drive is getting slightly iffy. The trick of auto-mounting a network share in macOS still works: mount it in Finder and then add the mounted location...
  2. Jan Janowski

    Hybrid share?? Needed or not?

    With 7.1-3 Update, hybrid share was added. I see it as separate rule in firewall too. Doing a search on it, cause I’d never heard of it before, it seems to work with C2 cloud. I’m not using C2 Cloud in any way. Should I stop it? Thank You!
  3. Phone Guy

    Access to guest share still requires credentials? (windows) help?

    If I have a DS918 setup at my office, and one of the shared folders has guest access, why when I browse network and see the DS918, I still have to enter credentials to see the shared folders? Should I be able to see the open guest share without entering credentials? Is that a setting, or is...
  4. D

    Docker container that depends on share

    so - I have two synology boxes - lets call them A and B. A is the fastest processor I could get - B is just extra storage, so the slowest. so I run a bunch of docker containers on A, have a mount to B - and all works well. Until the machine restarts. What happens is that the docker container...
  5. G

    Synology Photos: Share folders

    I am not seeing a way to share a folder within Synology Photos, only single photos. Can others confirm this as well?
  6. S

    Random download failure with large files via Filestations share links

    Hi, anyone encountered with problems with downloading large files (2-5GB) via share links from FileStation? DS720+, DSM 7.0.1, using DDNS (like, disabled filesharing via Quickconnect. So it wont go through Syno servers, which is slow. Internet is fiber optic 400/80. When I...
  7. Sly870

    C2 Storage BE WARNED - Synology Hybrid share

    Just wanted to let everyone know to be quite wary of Hybrid share... I had a Dropbox folder that was cloud synced to maintain, update and remove my Dropbox setup so that I could access it from my PC and from outside my network. In my inifinte (lack of) wisdom, I decided to create a Hybrid share...
  8. B

    Share photo/video to Plex from Syno Photos folder - how to?

    Hi all, I have latest Plex (manual update) and would like to add Synology Photos folder to Plex library. When I go to first folder under "Photo" I see nothing more: and once finished no files (photo, videos) are detected. Videos working in Plex are in different folder ( Media ): I...
  9. T

    SMB Access Delay to NAS Share over Open VPN, 1 min 30-45 secs

    Running the latest DSM with VPN Server. OpenVPN connections connect fine and straight away. Accessing a share on the NAS via SMB, e.g. \\\ is delayed. Takes 1 min 30-45 secs before the share above will display. All attempts before that 1 min 30-45 secs results in the usual Windows...
  10. A

    SMB sharing OOBE share issue

    Hello Just started with a new DS418 Assembled the NAS Bootup - basic initial setup - followed default suggestions Updated to latest DSM 7 version Added a standard user Created a volume (raid 6) Created a basic SMB share (using the default proposed settings, standard user having full r/w on...
  11. NAS Newbie

    DSM 7.0 How to make autogenerated external share links reflect a reverse proxy?

    I'm using the external share link to share a presentation I'm working on. I just want to use the public share option. My drive access is set up via reverse proxy at When drive generates its share link, it generates it as, which does not...
  12. D

    Trying to remove a share - Cannot unmount shared drives/folder

    I have a share I'm trying to delete. It has one folder which is a share from another Synology NAS. EG NAS1 has a folder that is shared to NAS2. I want to remove it from NAS2. On NAS2 the folder appears under a dedicated share w/a visible snapshot folder. No snapshot is scheduled for the...
  13. J

    Share files between nextcloud and nas share

    Hello I'd like to use the same files in nextcloud and the samba share, so they are synced and don't take twice the space. Is it possible? I have a DSM7 with nextcloud 22.2.0 and followed this guide to install it How to Install Nextcloud on Your Synology NAS Thanks in advance
  14. S

    DSM 7.0 How to share folder with other users on the network?

    Hi all! I'm a new NAS user and I recently bought the DS220+. I'm slowly navigating my way through learning and understanding the features. I had a question regarding sharing folders with other users on the NAS. I downloaded Synology Photos app on my Android phone to upload camera images to the...
  15. S

    Created an album to share with others - Search for tags/keywords not working for others

    My objective is simply to upload photos and share to others so they can search and see the photo by keyword be it 0001 or tag: Food... I tested it on my username by doing the search and it works out fine and the photos appear after I entered the keyword and the search icon. I tried using...
  16. E

    How can I rename or remap the "Shared Spaces" folder share? By default it is named "photo" which confuses family members.

    I understand that the personal photo folder is /home/Photos and the shared spaces folder is /photo. Why is it named /photo? Should it be named /SharedPhotos? Or at the very least be plural since it's the shared equivalent of the /Photos folder within each user's home share? Ideally I would...
  17. S

    Prettifying share links

    Hi everybody, a first-time poster here. I configured fairly clean looking share links for File Station, including a custom domain and no port designation. https://domainname.tld/sharing/SzJPtW2vt Is there a way to clean it up even further? How can I skip or customize the "/sharing" bit? Is...
  18. E

    DSM 7.0 Guest users are able to see every shared Picture without the share link or login by opening .../:5001/photo/#/shared_space/folder/1

    I have some of my photo folders shared with different people to enable them to download the pictures of the specific folder that I shared with them. For example: I share a folder with wedding pictures via Link with a customer A. I share another folder of family pictures via Link with customer...
  19. G

    DSM 6.2 Change Drive sync behaviour upon folder share

    Hi. If I share a folder in my Drive with another user, who uses Windows (3.0.1) or macOS (3.0.1) Drive Client, I only see a shared folder in "Shared with me" after I go to: Synology Drive Client > Notifications > Sync this item I would like that this folder becomes visible immediately when...
  20. G

    Synology Photos Enable Share Link is being redirected

    My share links from Synology Photos are redirecting to an IP address that I don't recognize, looks like it belongs to a Fios router. I copy the link, set it to Anyone Can Download but the link ends up in a different IP address. I haven't had this problem prior to the change to Synology Photos.