1. EAZ1964

    The merger of ram, ssd and flash is within a few years reach? Ultraram

    Will the next step after optane, mean a full integration of ram, ssd and flash, making hardware even simpler and storage cheaper? Developments from the UK university of Lancaster: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/ultraram-implemented-in-silicon-for-first-time...
  2. 1

    SSD-only array: JBOD vs RAID

    Hi everyone, As a Christmas present to myself :p, I've ordered a DS620slim with 3 x 4TB WD Red SA500 SSDs in order to retire my DS216+II as a backup NAS. I'm really looking forward to the almost-silence and the performance gain, but am a bit unsure on how to configure the volume. Let me...