1. F

    HTTPS not working for me

    I am having difficulties accessing my reverse proxies remotely with HTTPS after setting them up and assigning certificates to them. any help would be much appreciated
  2. Z

    Gitea https: how to?

    I am running the gitea package from SynoCommunity (SynoCommunity) on a DSM 7 (i.e. not docker). I would like to access gitea under https but I did not manage to do it, nor to find a clear guide that works for me. Gitea is accessed on port :8418 (http) while the NAS station is on 5001 (https)...
  3. A

    Getting Not Secure https on my home LAN

    Hi all every time I connect to my NAS via my home network Clients I am getting a warning that Your Connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your Information NET::ERR_ CERT_Authority_Invalid I have to click to get past being an unsafe connection, when I get past that I am...
  4. H

    General DS apps accessing https URL from LAN

    Hi All I'm using DDNS and have added this to my DNS server running on synology nas.... I can access from my LAN now with no issue. However, when I try to use that URL from an Android DS app, it won't accept the login - it immediately says...
  5. B

    WebDav HTTPS error and File Station

    Dear All, Since DSM 7 or 7.0.1 (?) WebDav (HTTPS) is not working properly. I can't connect to another remote DSM in File Station WHEN the URI points to a Synology DDNS (with Let's Encrypt) address. I can connect from KODI correctly and I can also connect through file station as well given that...
  6. WST16

    Redirect web station nginx http to https (vDSM7)?

    Hi, I gave up on making Apache run on my vDSM 7 (I’m more familiar with Apache’s htaccess), but whatever. Anyone knows how to redirect 80 to 443 for web station websites? Searching the internets, I found a few things that didn’t work.
  7. fredbert

    Info Force HTTPS connections to Mail Station

    Another irritation with Mail Station is that it permits connections using HTTP. I've set all other web portals to redirect to HTTPS and have SSL certificates configured for these based on domain names from my personal domain. You can modify Mail Station to force it to redirect HTTP connections...
  8. NAS Newbie

    Bitwarden "Browswer Requires HTTPS" Round 2...

    I'm trying to get my dad set up with bitwarden at his place. I have successfully installed bitwarden before on my machine, and I have tried installing a clean version of BW on my dad's machine using Rusty's tutorial to make sure I didn't miss anything, but I still have a couple of weird issues...
  9. Robbie

    CMS - Unable to connect via HTTPS on one client device

    Having a problem connecting CMS to a single NAS via HTTPS. If I let CMS auto-configure the connection it leaves me with plain HTTP on port 5000: If I set HTTPS manually on port 5001, either at initial setup or via an edit of the existing CMS connection: It instantly returns the following...
  10. wizard99

    R2600- Change HTTP to HTTPS

    I've recently changed from "Non-Secure HTTP" to "Secure HTTPS" for my 215J. This was not a easy task as I had attempted to perform this numerous times prior with the result being locked out. After following all the instructions, and being pleasantly surprised that the software "Automatically"...
  11. M

    LE cert error via webdav, https is fine

    Hi i do have strange behaviour with my DS218j running DSM7, maybe someone has a clue whats going on. The nas is reachable by ddns and a LE cert. Connecting through https works fine, but webdav keeps telling the cert is not valid.It worked fine for a long time, but since LE changed their cert...
  12. aGraphicz

    HTTPS and DDNS not working

    Hi I have set DDNS and a Let's Encrypt Certificate on my Syno (the certificate is the one automatically installed after setting up DDNS) When trying to access the DDNS using nothing happen. I tried adding https:// before but it did not help. Under Network -> DSM Settings...
  13. M

    ASUS AC88U and DS920+ https upload speed

    Hello Everyone, I need a piece of advice. I am not sure what is wrong but maybe you can help me. I used to have(still do but upgraded her) 4th Gen TimeCapsule as my router at home. With 920+ I thought it was time to upgrade the router so I went with Asus AC88U because it is faster and offers...
  14. tekguru

    HTTPS interface and Microsoft Edge

    Is it just me, or....... but when I try to access the HTTPS UI logon page in Microsoft Edge the browser does not allow it to be viewed at all. I know other browsers say it is insecure but give you an option to proceed, it seems Edge (on Mac at least) doesn't. If there is a work around I can't...
  15. O

    Solved TVHeadend Docker Web UI using https and reverse proxy

    Hi I'm going through all my running containers and putting them behind synology's reverse proxy and SSL but I've not managed to do it for TVHeadedend. The Web UI (port 9981) runs fine using the local IP but when I put this behind a reverse proxy it fails to load. Anyone else...
  16. Rusty

    Tutorial http to https redirect

    This will be a quick tutorial on http to https redirect for all of you using Synology reverse proxy (usually in a combination with Docker containers) or in general any means to host any content on your NAS. Why is http to https needed? Well for one it will force any attempts to access your...