1. tekguru

    DHCP Server - how?

    A question guys...... To get around my 'Orbi' issues I'm considering turning off DHCP on the Orbi and using DHCP Server on the NAS. The bit I can't get my head around, how do I get the network to use the DHCP server on the NAS instead of the Orbi? The Orbi is set as the gateway of course (let's...
  2. B

    DSM 7.0 support for dhcp leases in dns records

    It appears that historically DSM lacks support for serving host names from DHCP leases in DNS queries, with users requiring such functionality forced to rely on third-party backdoor solutions. Is this limitation resolved in DSM 7? Will the same solutions work as before? What is the safest...
  3. David M

    Static IP Address and DHCP Reservations

    When I first set up my NAS on my home network, one source suggested setting a static IP address. To make a long story short, the one that I chose did not agree with the one that the router provided. In the end, I set both a static IP address on the NAS and created a DHCP reservation on the...
  4. G

    DSM DHCP server

    My ds718+ is acting as a dhcp server. All is working fine but I would like to see if I can fine tune the firewall rules, and tighten up security. currently the fw rule is setup to allow DHCP ports, but from ANY/ALL ip addresses. If I were to limit the ip to my local subnet (, the...