An office is generally a room or other area where an organization's employees perform administrative work in order to support and realize objects and goals of the organization. The word "office" may also denote a position within an organization with specific duties attached to it (see officer, office-holder, official); the latter is in fact an earlier usage, office as place originally referring to the location of one's duty. When used as an adjective, the term "office" may refer to business-related tasks. In law, a company or organization has offices in any place where it has an official presence, even if that presence consists of (for example) a storage silo rather than an establishment with desk-and-chair. An office is also an architectural and design phenomenon: ranging from a small office such as a bench in the corner of a small business of extremely small size (see small office/home office), through entire floors of buildings, up to and including massive buildings dedicated entirely to one company. In modern terms an office is usually the location where white-collar workers carry out their functions. As per James Stephenson, "Office is that part of business enterprise which is devoted to the direction and co-ordination of its various activities."
Offices in classical antiquity were often part of a palace complex or of a large temple. The High Middle Ages (1000–1300) saw the rise of the medieval chancery, which was usually the place where most government letters were written and where laws were copied in the administration of a kingdom. With the growth of large, complex organizations in the 18th century, the first purpose-built office spaces were constructed. As the Industrial Revolution intensified in the 18th and 19th centuries, the industries of banking, rail, insurance, retail, petroleum, and telegraphy grew dramatically, requiring a large number of clerks, and as a result more office space was assigned to house their activities. The time-and-motion study, pioneered in manufacturing by F. W. Taylor (1856-1915) led to the "Modern Efficiency Desk" of 1915 with a flat top and drawers below, designed to allow managers an easy view of the workers.
However, by the middle of the 20th century, it became apparent that an efficient office required discretion in the control of privacy, and gradually the cubicle system evolved.The main purpose of an office environment is to support its occupants in performing their jobs. Work spaces in an office are typically used for conventional office activities such as reading, writing and computer work. There are nine generic types of work space, each supporting different activities. In addition to individual cubicles, one can find meeting rooms, lounges, and spaces for support activities, such as photocopying and filing. Some offices also have a kitchen area where workers can make their lunches. There are many different ways of arranging the space in an office and whilst these vary according to function, managerial fashions and the culture of specific companies can be even more important.
While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building, some modern requirements for offices make this more difficult, such as requirements for light, networking, and security. The major purpose of an office building is to provide a workplace and working environment - primarily for administrative and managerial workers. These workers usually occupy set areas within the office building, and usually are provided with desks, PCs and other equipment they may need within these areas.

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  1. Kl3m

    Can't access, download or open Synology office files since not supported on 414j DSM 7.1

    Hi, I own a DS414j, and I installed synology office under DSM6. Then I decided to update to DSM 7 then 7.1 to realise Synology office was not supported on my NAS. Problem is, I still possess a certain amount of syno-office files on my drive that I can see, but can't download, can't preview...
  2. T

    3400 can't map on one office computer

    This is part of a couple questions. I have had this system for about 6 months, and have access to it (file/folder structure of a Speco camera system repository via windows explorer as another drive letter) via a desktop in an office on the same network, and the main windows server terminal at...
  3. SynoMan

    Synology Office 3.4

    Release notes Important Notes Replaced some themes with new themes. Legacy themes are still available and can be found by going to the Synology Drive web portal, click Create > From template, and click Show Legacy Templates at the upper-right corner. Models with Armada370 and Comcerto2k...
  4. tekguru

    Active Backup for Office 365... Grrr

    Well a fun-not day today. I tried out a new email app on the Mac - Mailspring - rather nice to play with. I noticed a lot of garbage-looking messages in the Calendar and Contacts folders (Office 365) so decided to clean them out... Not a good idea, it turned out they were in reality my actual...
  5. tekguru

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365

    I need to update the package for Active Backup for Microsoft 365, but this requires 'Universal Search' running for the update to be processed. I looked to do the update 3 days ago and 'Universal Search' is still in a starting condition. Any ideas on how to fix it? Very close to uninstalling...
  6. G

    .Osheet files created in SynologyOffice won't open after being moved to any other folder

    Hi! We work through the web interface. There is a situation: The .osheet file created in SynologyOffice has been moved to a different folder that is shared with everyone. However, it stopped opening with error: "The file could not be opened because it was not found in the home/Drive directory...
  7. BijanK

    Exporting a Syno Office spreadsheet to Excel fails

    When users on my NAS are working on a spreadsheet in Synology Office and try to use the "Export to Excel" function, they are greeting with an error message: "Operation failed". Exporting to PDF works, though. All users are using macOS, but some are using Safari and others Firefox – it's all the...
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    How to Deploy a Virtual Office Using VPN Plus Server | Synology

    Synology VPN Plus Server is a package suitable for use with Synology Router. It provides efficient and easy-to-use Synology SSL VPN and WebVPN service that can be used without installing additional client software. In this video, we will demonstrate how to use VPN Plus Server in Synology Router...
  9. B

    best way to share a nas between a DMZ and Office lan

    Due to some budget constraints I would like to share my NAS between the machines on the DMZ (a proxmox cluster) and my office lan. I currently have a RS819 with 2 ports (soon to be upgraded to the RS1820+ with 4 1Gb ports and 2 10G ports). On the proxmox cluster the volumes are mounted using...
  10. T

    excel temporary files stays on Drive when user as no delete permission

    Im looking for someone smart that can help create a script to delete 0kb files , files created by excel when opening any excel file let me explain. every time you open a excel file it creates a temporary ghost file called Auto recovery , the problem on drive is that people that don't have...
  11. abramq

    Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

    My company has a lot of scans (pdf), saved to the NAS and we would like to make a table in a spreadsheet (saved on the same NAS), available to employees. That spreadsheet, should have links to those scans (one link in one cell). But I would not like to click on each scan and generate a "share...
  12. Lieven

    Synology office

    Hey, How do i open,edit and save those odoc,... documents on pc and ios ? Thank you
  13. Imcon

    How to set DSM that Office create correct Share-link with port

    I'd like to ask for a help. We use Office/Drive and we share the documents in the Office suite. The problem is that the share link created is missing the port, necessary for the connection. Example of the created share file link (not real one just an example), which does not works...