1. T

    excel temporary files stays on Drive when user as no delete permission

    Im looking for someone smart that can help create a script to delete 0kb files , files created by excel when opening any excel file let me explain. every time you open a excel file it creates a temporary ghost file called Auto recovery , the problem on drive is that people that don't have...
  2. abramq

    Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

    My company has a lot of scans (pdf), saved to the NAS and we would like to make a table in a spreadsheet (saved on the same NAS), available to employees. That spreadsheet, should have links to those scans (one link in one cell). But I would not like to click on each scan and generate a "share...
  3. Lieven

    Synology office

    Hey, How do i open,edit and save those odoc,... documents on pc and ios ? Thank you
  4. Imcon

    How to set DSM that Office create correct Share-link with port

    I'd like to ask for a help. We use Office/Drive and we share the documents in the Office suite. The problem is that the share link created is missing the port, necessary for the connection. Example of the created share file link (not real one just an example), which does not works...