1. D

    Cloud Sync vs. Drive for Google Drive Sync

    I'm currently using Cloud Sync to backup some photo directories on my DS218+ to my Google Drive. Been using Cloud Sync for this purpose for a while and it is working as expected. I don't need access to the backed up files other than what I have now, from my Google Drive, from my NAS. Is...
  2. D

    Solved Move Cloud Sync from old to new NAS w/out starting over? Or other possiblities?

    I've completed migrating all content to my new DS218+ from DS212. I had cloud sync to google set up for my photos on the DS212. Ideally there is a way to enable the same sync on the new DS218+ w/out it going nuts and trying to re-copy everything (we're talking >60,000 photos) up to the Google...
  3. W

    Solved Cloud Station ShareSync

    For years, I have had my two NAS, in two different locations, sync their default shared folders against each other. Some time ago, I think I saw a note that Cloud Station was to be replaced with something else, and I tried to migrate. In the end I was left with the impression that my precise...
  4. atrisk

    Cloud Sync and Notifications

    I would like to get notifications (like hyper backup can do - email and text) about the status of Cloud Sync if something goes wrong? Does anyone know if that is possible? I use Backblaze for cloud backup and for the most part, it is rock solid but sometimes it stops working and I won't know...
  5. a.wright

    Question Hyperbackup (Single Version) vs Cloud Station Sync

    Hi, I hope this is the most appropriate place given my question, apologies if not. I am re-building my entire server system and have two servers that are dedicated to media storage (one for original files and one which runs Plex). Some of the files on the Plex NAS are copies of the originals...
  6. B

    google drive synchronization

    I noticed that Cloud Sync doesn't convert the google files (docs, spreadsheets..) created using the google web UI. Is there a way to do it? Should I use another tool to sync them?
  7. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  8. J

    Cloud Station Backup, selecting folders to backup

    Ok posting in here since I could not find the Cloud Station Backup section. Using Cloud Station Backup, and when selecting folders to backup there is a folder that for some reason is not showing up to select. That folder is located under the %APPDATA% folder the path would be %AppData%...
  9. T

    Cloud Sync constantly Connecting

    Just recently my Cloud Sync connection constantly shows its status as “connecting” along with all the sync task (around 10 of them) also showing “connecting”. The sync tasks appear to actually be working though. I’m syncing various folders with OneDrive and have been for a number of years. I’re...
  10. jeyare

    Cloud Sync between NAS and MS One Drive

    I tried establish new Cloud Sync tasks with new customer, as usual. They use MS One Drive for share with us. Our operation point is Syno Drive 2.0. My experiences: - sync from local Syno Drive to Syno Drive server site (NAS) is fast (150Mbps upload) - sync from Syno Drive (NAS) to MS One Drive...
  11. Telos

    Info Amazon Cloud Drive API access to terminate

    I received this notification from a non-Synology source, however, it would seem to apply to Cloud Sync/Hyper Backup/etc as well. From Amazon...
  12. wwwampy

    Question How to compress photos before uploading to cloud

    I'd like to compress photos before uploading them to my C2 backup cloud, just like Google Photos do. Or I think they resize them. That way it will take up less space, but photos are still ok to look at. Or is it not a good idea to do that?