synology assistant

  1. T

    Synology Assistant - Can't find my NAS after restart

    Hey guys, I have Synology DS220+ and I want to use it as a print/scan server. It works perfectly with my laptop and I want to configure it on the home laptop too. But I have a problem with it. I use Synology Assistant to Attach Scan, where my NAS have to show up in Management tab. But it shows...
  2. BoosterT

    Synology Assistant won't release old NAS

    I know this is a petty issue, but Synology Assistant keeps showing old NAS versions — the first and third lines are replaced by the 4th and 5th. Is there any way to tell SA to forget the old servers? Thanks Stephen
  3. S

    Synology Assistant suddenly doesn't pick up the NASs

    My Synology Assistant suddenly stopped showing my two NASs. I can still access the contents them via Network on my PC, and via another computer on the wireless network, and the lights are on. Warning: low level of ITC knowledge. Can't see on Synology website a facility to reinstall the...