synology assistant

  1. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Work Around for Synology Assistant issue since SRM 1.3.1-1

    Since SRM 1.3.1-1 I'm finding that Synology Assistant (Though continues to work with NAS's) no longer works like before with new SRM on my 2600. You select the login and hit Synolgy Assistant graphic Arrow as ussual.... AND NOTHING HAPPENS! No proceed to Password entry... Hangs! First work...
  2. _vic_

    Synology Assistant Memtest not working on DS1821+

    Hello, I just got a brand new DS1821+ (7.0.1-42218 Update 3) and I have started to set it up. It came with the original 4GB RAM and I have inserted for the time being only 2x WDC WD80EFBX. As usual, I am running all tests before starting to fill the DS with data. When running the Memtest from...
  3. Jan Janowski

    Once Automatic login enabled on Synology Assistant, how to go back to manual entry?

    Have the "Stay logged in" option enabled on one NAS in Synology Assistant.... And now want to change it's password.... (make it a couple of characters longer -- Just Because!) Prior to just changing Password and then learning how to un-do Automatic Login -- Under the Gun.... I'm gonna...
  4. D

    DSM 7.0 Synology Assistant without a laptop

    Hi hive mind. My home setup is a laptop and a. Chromebook. Almost everything I do can be done in a browser now. In fact, the only app I need my laptop for is...Synology Assistant, and the only time I use it is to connect my NAS to my LAN. What alternatives do I have if I no longer have a...
  5. M

    Synology Assistant is being blocked by the firewall. How do you configure the firewall to allow

    I had to reinstall windows and all app software. Synology Assistant cannot find my NAS. When I turn off the firewall Synology Assistant works fine. I cannot find a setting to configure the firewall to allow the Synology Assistant to work. Any ideas? Win 10 Latest and greatest version. NAS...
  6. C

    Printer disappears in Synology Assistant

    My DS-718+ has a static IP address and I use it as a print server for a Brother HL-2240 printer. The printer is USB only. I added it to Synology Assistant and then added the printer to the relevant computers that would print to it. After a while of working fine, several computers couldn't...
  7. T

    Synology Assistant - Can't find my NAS after restart

    Hey guys, I have Synology DS220+ and I want to use it as a print/scan server. It works perfectly with my laptop and I want to configure it on the home laptop too. But I have a problem with it. I use Synology Assistant to Attach Scan, where my NAS have to show up in Management tab. But it shows...
  8. BoosterT

    Synology Assistant won't release old NAS

    I know this is a petty issue, but Synology Assistant keeps showing old NAS versions — the first and third lines are replaced by the 4th and 5th. Is there any way to tell SA to forget the old servers? Thanks Stephen
  9. S

    Synology Assistant suddenly doesn't pick up the NASs

    My Synology Assistant suddenly stopped showing my two NASs. I can still access the contents them via Network on my PC, and via another computer on the wireless network, and the lights are on. Warning: low level of ITC knowledge. Can't see on Synology website a facility to reinstall the...