In computer networks, download means to receive data from a remote system, typically a server such as a web server, an FTP server, an email server, or other similar systems. This contrasts with uploading, where data is sent to a remote server.
A download is a file offered for downloading or that has been downloaded, or the process of receiving such a file.

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  1. akahan

    Download Station stopped watching watched folder

    Has anyone else experienced Download Station stopping monitoring the watched folder for torrents following "upgrading" to DSM 7.1? Specifically - if I place new .torrent files in my watched folder (selected via Settings/Location in Download Station), Download Station doesn't notice that I've...
  2. E

    Managing Download Station

    I was hoping to use Download Station on my NAS (7.1) to periodically pull some large file folders from a few different ftp sites to the NAS for backup. There are several folders per site with a few GB of files in each folder. Adding "exclusions" for a few unneeded subfolders would also be nice...
  3. K

    Download Station subfolder disabling

    Hello, Apologies if this has already been asked and answered. I currently host a Plex server with friends and family. When I download anything, I like things to be nice and tidy in the backend file system etc, so I have to wait for the download to finish, go to the file, and move it out of the...
  4. Kl3m

    Can't access, download or open Synology office files since not supported on 414j DSM 7.1

    Hi, I own a DS414j, and I installed synology office under DSM6. Then I decided to update to DSM 7 then 7.1 to realise Synology office was not supported on my NAS. Problem is, I still possess a certain amount of syno-office files on my drive that I can see, but can't download, can't preview...
  5. DaVoodoo

    Email notification for shared link download?

    Greetings. I am sharing files using the Shared Link in File Station. Is it possible to get an email notification when someone downloads the shared file? Thanks Davoodoo
  6. H

    Slow download, normal upload

    Hi Wonder if anyone has encountered such problem: The download speed from my NAS has decreased a lot, like 200-300KB/s. The upload speed to the NAS is normal (~10 MB/s). Those numbers were obtained on my mac while on wifi, 10MB/s is about the wifi limit at the spot. Already tested today on wire...
  7. X

    DS file SOLVED - change download map on Android

    If I download a file from my synology nas it comes on my one+ phone in the map: storage/emulated/0/DSfile. I looked every where and on internet but can't find out how to change the destination map to the map downloads. I don't want to do the extra work for replacing. thanks for help
  8. S

    Random download failure with large files via Filestations share links

    Hi, anyone encountered with problems with downloading large files (2-5GB) via share links from FileStation? DS720+, DSM 7.0.1, using DDNS (like, disabled filesharing via Quickconnect. So it wont go through Syno servers, which is slow. Internet is fiber optic 400/80. When I...
  9. D

    How to download all photos in iOS app

    For instances where my NAS is inaccessible, or I don't have mobile data, how can I (easily) download all my photos to the iOS app so I can view them offline? In Timeline view, you can select Months and then download, but obviously that is cumbersome with a large library going back many years...
  10. J

    Synology drive as download destination

    Hi On my iPad when I find something I want to download such as a pdf I would like to see Synology Drive as an option. I was hoping when I clickthe box with the up arrow at the top right of Safari this would be an option but it isn’t. I have dropbox or google drive as an option and Books which...
  11. ElLoko

    Download station y vpn. Tengo que reiniciar.

    Hola, tengo dos problemas con la VPN. 1 ° Con el vpn activado descargo un torrent y no me descarga, tengo que reiniciar o desconectar y volver a conectarlo para empezar. 2 ° Con el vpn activado plex no encuentra cubiertas, desconecto el vpn y las encuentra. Muchas gracias por cualquier ayuda.
  12. T

    What version of Transmission is used by Download Station under DSMv7.0.1+ ?

    Anyone running DSM v7.0.1 (or newer) can you please tell us what version of Transmission is included as "Download Station" ? I cannot find this info on Synology site, I am trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to DSM v7 yet or not... In fact I don't even know if it IS still Transmission...
  13. G

    Are Download link Backed Up?

    Hi all I have a DS214Play. I am trying Synology C2 Storage and have a question regarding what is backed up. I have thousands of files on the NAS and most have a permanent download link created and posted on my forum. Are these download links backed up when a C2 Storage back up is made? regards...
  14. J

    DSM 7.0 Deluge on docker won't download

    Hello I've installed deluge on DSM 7. I'm trying to get the downloads going, but they start and then stop. Went to the log to see if I could find why, and I think it's an issue with permissions. 15:39:02.610 [INFO ][deluge.core.torrentmanager :675 ] Torrent yyy from user "localclient"...
  15. WST16

    Download vDSM 6?

    Hi, Where can I dload vDSM 6?
  16. Cobra

    Photos Synology photos, share or download?

    Is it possible to share a photo or download a photo in synology photos android app. No try long press and nothing.
  17. W

    DSM 7.0 Download from google gdrive to synology nas?

    Can I download movies tv shows etc from google gdrive to synology nas?
  18. sktn77a

    Strange download issue

    Hola! I'm having a strange download issue. When I download a file from my DS118, I can download as many files as I wish. But when I download from my DS218play, I can only download a single file and then no additional files will download. If I restart the 218, I get the same behavior - one...
  19. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  20. F

    Docker linuxserver/deluge download issue

    Hi All, I've had my DS918+ for just over a year and decided to move my torrent applications to docker from the little Intel Nuc they're currently on. I have just installed linuxserver/deluge docker and everything seems to be setup ok, however every time I attempt a download it just stays at 0%...