1. ElLoko

    Download station y vpn. Tengo que reiniciar.

    Hola, tengo dos problemas con la VPN. 1 ° Con el vpn activado descargo un torrent y no me descarga, tengo que reiniciar o desconectar y volver a conectarlo para empezar. 2 ° Con el vpn activado plex no encuentra cubiertas, desconecto el vpn y las encuentra. Muchas gracias por cualquier ayuda.
  2. T

    What version of Transmission is used by Download Station under DSMv7.0.1+ ?

    Anyone running DSM v7.0.1 (or newer) can you please tell us what version of Transmission is included as "Download Station" ? I cannot find this info on Synology site, I am trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to DSM v7 yet or not... In fact I don't even know if it IS still Transmission...
  3. G

    Are Download link Backed Up?

    Hi all I have a DS214Play. I am trying Synology C2 Storage and have a question regarding what is backed up. I have thousands of files on the NAS and most have a permanent download link created and posted on my forum. Are these download links backed up when a C2 Storage back up is made? regards...
  4. J

    DSM 7.0 Deluge on docker won't download

    Hello I've installed deluge on DSM 7. I'm trying to get the downloads going, but they start and then stop. Went to the log to see if I could find why, and I think it's an issue with permissions. 15:39:02.610 [INFO ][deluge.core.torrentmanager :675 ] Torrent yyy from user "localclient"...
  5. WST16

    Download vDSM 6?

    Hi, Where can I dload vDSM 6?
  6. Cobra

    Synology photos, share or download?

    Is it possible to share a photo or download a photo in synology photos android app. No try long press and nothing.
  7. W

    DSM 7.0 Download from google gdrive to synology nas?

    Can I download movies tv shows etc from google gdrive to synology nas?
  8. sktn77a

    Strange download issue

    Hola! I'm having a strange download issue. When I download a file from my DS118, I can download as many files as I wish. But when I download from my DS218play, I can only download a single file and then no additional files will download. If I restart the 218, I get the same behavior - one...
  9. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  10. F

    Docker linuxserver/deluge download issue

    Hi All, I've had my DS918+ for just over a year and decided to move my torrent applications to docker from the little Intel Nuc they're currently on. I have just installed linuxserver/deluge docker and everything seems to be setup ok, however every time I attempt a download it just stays at 0%...
  11. C

    Very slow download speed from DSM web file sharing

    Hi, I'm facing very slow download speed when I share a file with someone using DSM "Share file" feature from the web gui (File station). I can workaround this by giving a direct access to DSM from internet (bypassing the reverse proxy) but it's not a setup I would like to make persistent. So...
  12. BijanK

    Drive 3.0 client download?

    I just noticed the Drive 3.0 beta in the Package Center. It says that it requires the Drive 3.0 clients to be used. I am a bit cautious: I would need the clients for iOS, macOS, and Windows 10. Are they already available, even in beta, and if so, where?
  13. C

    Download list of protected computers PC

    Hello, does anyone know how to access information about backed up PCs for export (for example to the xls table)? I need to receive a regular (or online) list of all my computers with status (name, user, last backup time and result). Is there a database or txt file from which I can get this...
  14. SynoMan

    No notification option in Download station

    I have a strange issue with the Download station (version 3.8.16-3566) on DS720+ and VDSM on the same NAS. There is no notification option: But even more strange is that on DS418play I have this option (same Download Station version): I can't figure out what is it. Is anyone else seeing...
  15. M

    download station stuck

    On certain torrents download station stops, that is no download but if I start the same torrent in transmission it downloads... Anyone have a hint to what the problem can be?
  16. jono

    DSM 7.0 Can't download DSM 7 beta

    I tried to download the DSM 7 beta today, but it looks like there's a problem with the website (at least for me). If I click on the dropdown it's just blank, and if I type anything in there it says 'Not supported in DSM 7.0 Beta release', no matter what I type. Does it work OK for everyone...
  17. akahan

    How to back up Download Station settings?

    Download Station is not one of the apps that Hyperbackup backs up. And, there doesn't appear to be an "export settings" option in the Download Station itself. So how to download/store its settings so that they can be recovered after a crash (or so that you can move your Download Station setup...
  18. Telos

    Sonarr/Raddar... No indexers, No download client... Please advise

    I was expecting a few overnight sonarr downloads this morning... but when I opened sonarr it reported all indexers failed, and no download client. I use qbittorentvpn (QBTv)). I opened QBTv and ran a search and all seemed OK. The episode downloaded, but would not auto (or manual) import through...
  19. nemo081

    DSM 7.0 Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

    Hello everyone. I have installed in slot1, 1 SSD (Volume 1): DSM 7 and all apps. I have installed in slot2, 1 HDD (Volume 2): download folder and videos. 1- I wanted to move the temporary folder of DownloadManager to the second HD in the folder Download\temp. Every time I go to ...
  20. F

    Bind Download Station to one of my 4 DS1513+ ip addresses?

    I've been pretty happy using Download Station for bittorrent, but I've wondered if I could get better seeding performance if I bound DS to one specific IP (the one my router routes connection requests on the incoming port to). In the control panel, I've selected that IP as the top selection...