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Nintendo Zone was a download service and an extension of the DS Download Station. Users could access content, third-party data, and other services from a hotspot or download station. The service had demos of upcoming and currently available games and may have location-specific content. When the service debuted, users could also connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and DSi Shop.The Nintendo Zone Viewer application allowed the Nintendo DSi and 3DS to detect and use the Nintendo Zone service. This application has been discontinued in North America, but all other Nintendo Zone functionality remains.

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  1. A

    DSM 7.1 Downloadstation not downloading anymore with new router

    I just exchanged my Draytek Vigor 2132F with a newer 2927F Fiber router today, and everything seemed to work fine until I wanted to download some files with download station. Now I can't remember ever having changed something in the router specifically for my NAS, so I guess it should work, but...
  2. P

    DSDownload app and VPN status

    Hello all, I have purchased the DSDownload app to control Download Station from my iPhone. (This is the app written by Thomas Le Gravier and sold on the App Store.) When I log into my main administrator group account (say the user name is 'main'), the VPN status indicator in the app works...
  3. L

    Some packages got broken and are not installable anymore - pgsql issue

    Hello Linux / syno noob here :) It seems I had a crash with my DS920 and may have lost some files during it When I restarted, DSM 7 showed lots of errors regarding my packages (all of them used to work properly prior to it) I managed to repair some of them but some others did not work, and when...
  4. R

    Restrict access of services (DownloadStation, Photos, HyperBackup etc.) to specific LAN port?

    Hello, I am looking for a way to limit internet-access of download station, photos or HyperBackup to one dedicated LAN-port/NIC. I could put this NIC in another subnet or VLAN and set in my gateway/firewall (not the firewall in the DS!) that from this network/VLAN only interface WAN1 (fast...
  5. ElLoko

    Download station y vpn. Tengo que reiniciar.

    Hola, tengo dos problemas con la VPN. 1 ° Con el vpn activado descargo un torrent y no me descarga, tengo que reiniciar o desconectar y volver a conectarlo para empezar. 2 ° Con el vpn activado plex no encuentra cubiertas, desconecto el vpn y las encuentra. Muchas gracias por cualquier ayuda.
  6. T

    What version of Transmission is used by Download Station under DSMv7.0.1+ ?

    Anyone running DSM v7.0.1 (or newer) can you please tell us what version of Transmission is included as "Download Station" ? I cannot find this info on Synology site, I am trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to DSM v7 yet or not... In fact I don't even know if it IS still Transmission...
  7. Robocub

    DS Get mobile app can't connect since upgrading to DMS 7.0.1

    After upgrading my NAS to DSM 7.0.1, the mobile app DS Get only tells me "Download station is not installed or enabled on your diskstation" when I try to connect. DOwnload Station is installed and running. I've tried multiple addresses (QuickConnect, DDNS). None will connect. But DS Get does see...
  8. M

    Search result is limited to 50 items

    Hello, I had noticed that BT Search was never returning more than 120 items. But since a few weeks or months this limit has been reduced to 50 items. is there a parameter that can be changed to increased that limit? Thanks!
  9. B

    Novafile downloads

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this as there's a few elements to the question - feel free to move if need be. I currently have download station running on my 918+, with NordVPN running from the NAS on all services. I often find files to download using Novafile, but when you click download it...
  10. SynoMan

    No notification option in Download station

    I have a strange issue with the Download station (version 3.8.16-3566) on DS720+ and VDSM on the same NAS. There is no notification option: But even more strange is that on DS418play I have this option (same Download Station version): I can't figure out what is it. Is anyone else seeing...
  11. M

    download station stuck

    On certain torrents download station stops, that is no download but if I start the same torrent in transmission it downloads... Anyone have a hint to what the problem can be?
  12. akahan

    How to back up Download Station settings?

    Download Station is not one of the apps that Hyperbackup backs up. And, there doesn't appear to be an "export settings" option in the Download Station itself. So how to download/store its settings so that they can be recovered after a crash (or so that you can move your Download Station setup...
  13. F

    Bind Download Station to one of my 4 DS1513+ ip addresses?

    I've been pretty happy using Download Station for bittorrent, but I've wondered if I could get better seeding performance if I bound DS to one specific IP (the one my router routes connection requests on the incoming port to). In the control panel, I've selected that IP as the top selection...
  14. A

    Is it possible to move tasks from DSM to Virtual DSM ?

    I have set up a Virtual DSM to download station ruining via a VPN. I have download station running on my normal DSM with tasks and I want to transfer those tasks to the virtual machine. Is this possible??
  15. M

    DSM 7.0 Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J

    I am using Download Station on Beta 7 since sabnzbd cannot be used yet on Beta 7 (due to Python3 not being supported yet, I have another thread about that). But even though no folders are monitored and no jobs are running, Download Station keeps waking up my DS220J from hibernate...
  16. L

    Transdrone setup for Download station help

    I need help setting up transdrone Android app to manage torrents in download station.
  17. P

    Why is my torrent speed limited at ~33MBytes/s w/ Download Station? With Qbitorrent over docker, it's over 70MBytes/s.

    Hi Synoforum! Qbittorrent reaches 70 MBytes/s, which is great and about the same my "reference" desktop+SSD setup. Unfortunately it has poor RSS support even via alternate UIs. And I have to restart it every once in a while because it's less stable. Otherwise, I would just have kept using it...
  18. magefesa

    Solved Please HELP !

    Hi I have a volume dedicated to torrents, its a 3GB disk. I have a shared folder called Downloads that is just a 300GB, but volume appears full ! ! I ve checked all torrent files everything is cleaned, and i ve seen folder @download ("sudo mount --bind /volume2/@download /volume1/TemporalDS")...
  19. WST16

    Question VDSM dedicated for VPN connection/dloads?

    Appreciate any input on the solution below. After trying to go through a few dedicated (Docker) torrents download+vpn solutions (and failing as usually the case for me with anything Docker :) I thought to myself why the headache, I can use VDSM on the 1019+ to dedicate it to VPN. But VDSM can...
  20. okeeffemarc

    RT2600ac when running a VPN on my router, can i target just Download station and nothing else?

    I know I can put my DS918+ IP through a VPN, using my router, whilst letting everything else in my network run on the WAN connection. However I find that when I try to remotely stream media from my NAS on Plex or DS Video, it is very slow and laggy due to not being able to port forward. The VPN...