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  1. AdrianEarnshaw

    Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

    AdrianEarnshaw submitted a new resource: Podcasts and AudioStation - How to Automatically Pull New PodCasts for AudioStation Read more about this resource...
  2. AdrianEarnshaw

    Tutorial How to automate podcast downloads with Download Station and Audio Station

    Wouldn't it be cool if your Synology could pull the latest Podcast, download it to your Synolgoy box and send you an e-mail when the download is completed? Well, it is possible using Download Station and Audio Station. This tutorial assumes that you have already set up e-mail alerts within your...
  3. G

    Download station - no d/l progress

    Hi, for a few days ago my download station package seems to not be downloading anything The tasks all look ok and say downloading but no progress is being made on any What do i need to check on and are there known issues? I am a newbie so not a lot of techie experience Thanks

    Downloading from directly on my NAS?

    Hey everyone, first of all. Happy new year! I have a DS1817+ 8GB and I use Download Station frequently to download files from some sources. Now, I have a paid membership to and I would like to know a way to download / synch my mega folders directly with my NAS. There is no package...
  5. WST16

    Question Direct Download Station to go through VPN?

    To all the VPN masters. I'm trying to have my download station traffic (torrent dloads) go through a vpn service. Under network interface, I've created a VPN profile, added my OpenVPN credentials, the vpn server and the certificate and I'm connected. So far so good. Now, how to tell Download...
  6. akahan

    DS Get no longer available?

    The DS Get app (the IOS companion to Download Station) seems to have disappeared from the Apple App Store (at least in the USA). Does anyone know why, or if it'll be back?
  7. lehm01

    Solved Download Station Error Status

    Hi all I've seen numerous threads with some similarities to this, however, they are all extremely outdated and provide no solution. Issue: I have a two NAS setup, both running up to date DSM 6.2.1; NAS1 acts as Download Station and NAS2 as storage. I have the two linked via NFS so that the...
  8. wwwampy

    Solved Where to run Download Station - on NAS or RT2600 router?

    Like said in the title - where is the best place for it? I'm a bit confused here because I can find this package on the NAS and Synology router.