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  1. M

    Photos and Google Photos

    Is there a relationship between Photos and Google photos? I.E. if I delete a photo in Google Photos do I have to delete it in Synology Photos as well , I'd try myself but my 220J is still processing 70000+ photos
  2. M

    Synology Photos and Google Photos

    First Post so please be gentle I recently decided as maybe others have to do a Google Takeout of all my Photos and transfer them to my DS220J DSM 7 beta. 70000+ photos later after a painfully slow download and EXIF correcting on a slow PC my NAS is plodding away indexing the photos. My question...
  3. L

    Any way to make a share act like google drive on windows?

    Hi folks, New synology user here. As a long-time google drive user, I've become accustomed to having "mapped" drives being constantly available across all networks, and having the ability to choose which folders/files to make available locally offline. Another convenience is that one can add...
  4. degoogler

    User introduction Longtime Synology user, de-Googler (in progress)

    I've been using a Synology DS712+ since it came out (2011 or 2012) and have really enjoyed it. Now I have a DS718+ for home use and am administering a couple more Synologies for various charities I help, including a DS920+ I'm setting up now and testing with DSM 7.0 Beta. I'm also working hard...
  5. P

    Synology and Google LDAP

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to LDAP so excuse my ignorance :) I'm trying to sync my Synology NAS to my Google Cloud Identity via LDAP. I followed the instructions provided by Synology but they are a little incomplete. I successfully retry my users from Google but im not able to retry my OU...
  6. C

    Uploading/Backing up photos from NAS to Google Photos, then automate Android->NAS->GPhotos

    Hello from Sydney, So i have been reading about how to backup google photos to NAS but i want the other way around. Basically what i am after: android mobile -> NAS -> GPhotos 1. i have lots photos already on my NAS, how to upload them to google photos (in the easies way, no need to keep my...
  7. WST16

    Info lawsuit: Why do Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with Google

  8. WST16

    Info U.S. Government files antitrust lawsuit against google

  9. Jheroen

    Scheduling backups second nas - google drive

    Ha people, I want to present you the following. I still use the unlimited storage at google for data storage. I fear that will change in the future. I have a 415+ on which I have business files, also backups of customers and my own gear (nas) are on it, these now go extra towards google drive...
  10. chenks

    Question mount google drive as file location?

    is it possible to mount Google Drive so that it can be used as a location for plex (for example)? i'm guessing so that it shows up as a location in file station
  11. WST16

    Info Lawsuit accuses Google of tracking people in Chrome’s Incognito mode

  12. SynoMan

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android

    Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android I think you can opt-out for that.
  13. W

    Moments replacing google photo? is it any good

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, seems like not many of NAS users actually talk about replacing google photo or any other external service for Moments or Photo Station. Knowing NAS limitation I have some questions: 1. has anyone moved out of google photos to NAS sucessfully? 2. Are reading speeds...
  14. D

    Cloud Sync vs. Drive for Google Drive Sync

    I'm currently using Cloud Sync to backup some photo directories on my DS218+ to my Google Drive. Been using Cloud Sync for this purpose for a while and it is working as expected. I don't need access to the backed up files other than what I have now, from my Google Drive, from my NAS. Is...
  15. C

    Synology calendar sync to Google calendar or Apple calendar?

    Is there a way to synch the Synology Calendar to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar? Why? Amazon Alexa. We use the Synology Calendar for each individual family member and would like to link them to Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, only Google, Microsoft, Apple and MS Exchange can be linked to...
  16. B

    google drive synchronization

    I noticed that Cloud Sync doesn't convert the google files (docs, spreadsheets..) created using the google web UI. Is there a way to do it? Should I use another tool to sync them?
  17. wwwampy

    What search engine do you use?

    I'm using mostly DuckDuckGo. So far I'm satisfied with it. Thank you for participating in the poll.