1. C

    DSM 7.0 rsync fails to sync remote source

    I need to sync files from a remote location to a local Synology device. This fails as a Scheduled Task so I tested from the command line - see error log below. The script rsync -azP --include-from=/volume1/homes/my.user/scripts/rsync--include.txt...
  2. nthkmf

    Using ABB to backup server with Physical mode, full system, How can sync to cloud?

    Dear all, I am using ABB to backup a physical server in full mode, I'd restored it one time recently because of ransomware. Now, I think it will be better when backup it to cloud. So can I do this?
  3. O

    How to NOT sync home folders - Synology Drive

    Hi, total Synology noob and setting up a DS1821+ for the first time. I've been transferring data across for 2 days and just finished. I am now installing Drive and I cannot see how to NOT sync home folders. They contain mostly cold data way larger than the hard drives on client devices. I only...
  4. G

    Drive ShareSync Syncing Everything First Time Setup

    I have Synology Drive ShareSync setup to do a one-way sync. DS1513+ -> DS1019+ If I add/delete something on the DS1513, I want that change to be reflected on the DS1019. I just set it up and it is synchronizing EVERYTHING I have setup in my folder (1000+ files). As this folder was already...
  5. Gene

    Confusion about Cloud Sync "local" and "remote" folders when using Backblaze B2

    I am setting up Cloud Sync to back up my DS920+ to Backblaze B2. I do not understand what folders to choose for "local" and "remote." This is my folder structure when I select the "local" field in Cloud Sync. It appears I need to create 5 tasks to back up everything, since I can't leave the...
  6. G

    DSM 7.0 Synology Drive Sync Status not correct

    Does anyone else have the issue where files that are sync'd from Synology Drive and a Windows 10 PC is not showing the current sync status in the status column? When I hover over or right click and go to properties - details, it says "Availability Status - Sync Pending." I can for sure confirm...
  7. P

    DSM 7.0 HELP: How to use Synology Drive Sharesync to sync 3 or more Synology NAS servers.

    Hi all I have a problem that I would like some help to solve please. I have 3 Synology NAS Servers that I wish to sync using Synology Drive Sharesync. My main NAS is a DS 916+ (NAS 1) in my office, then I have 2 other DS220J (NAS 2 + NAS 3) NAS servers in remote offsite locations. On DS916+ I...
  8. R

    Synolgy Drive and symlinks

    Hello to everybody, I have a few questions regarding symlinks and syncing in Synology Drive. Because I don't want to change my folder structure and don't want to move everything I want to sync in my homes folder, I hoped you can create symlinks there instead which will be used for syncing...
  9. F

    DSM 7.0 Back up to non-Synology SMB share from Synology NAS

    I've moved all my data onto my new DS720+ from my simple old Buffalo NAS that just presents USB shares. I want to back up certain shared folders on the Synology to a share on the old NAS, but I can't find any way to do it with tools included with DSM. They only either back up in the other...
  10. T

    Cloud Sync with Xiaomi mobile phones

    Hi, I'm not sure how to add Xiaomi Cloud into Synology Cloud Sync application. There is apparently not such a Cloud service for "Xiaomi" - is this real? Cheers,
  11. Delaware_Tim

    Cloud Sync and New Version Google Drive Backup

    While using Cloud Sync to backup Google Drive it seems to be picking up the older “My Drive” volume fine. There seems to be a problem with Cloud Sync seeing the new “Computers” volume that Google forced on us last year. This is showing up on my computer as a G drive and shows up when I open...
  12. David M

    Unable to set filter in Cloud Sync

    CS has been working just fine doing a very simple task of uploading some surveillance jpg files to Google Drive. But now I want to create a filter in order to separate the files from two different cameras. For those not familiar with the setting this it's at : Settings | Edit | File Filter No...
  13. X

    Need a process-check for setting up SSL-Secured Synology Drive connections

    (also posted this on reddit/synology, but no responses) Hi- Setting up two identical DS’s for a new client. One will be in their small office (primary NAS), the other at the owner’s home as an offsite Drive sync copy. Users will have the Drive client installed on their work machines and mobile...
  14. D

    Cloud Sync icon doesn't appear in desktop header

    Just migrated to new DS220+ and updated it to DSM 7.01 update 2. I had a Cloudsync job set up on a DS218+ and migrated the drives to the DS220+, and it is running on the new DS. However, the Cloudsync icon doesn't appear in the upper-right desktop header for some reason. DS220+: It should...
  15. A

    how to 2-way sync to and from 2 drives on same PC to single ds216j nas?

    I have a DS216J NAS. Up until now I have stored both personal and work material on the same laptop drive (c:/) and synced this to a shared folder on my nas which is available to the rest of my network. On the nas I have already my personal and work files in separate folders of those names. This...
  16. stokhobk

    Where are "User Sync Profiles" stored in the Synology file system?

    Synology Drive Admin Console let's you specify User Sync Profiles. In these profile you can specify file filters such that certain files (e.g. .exe, .tmp, ...) don't get synced for a specific user or user group. Does anyone know where Synology Drive Admin Console stores the User Sync Profiles...
  17. Micky

    Cloud Sync deprecated, OneDrive sync?

    Hi! Since CloudSync will be removed from DSM anytime soon, what's the preferred way to synchronise OneDrive content from Microsoft servers to my local NAS?
  18. D

    7.x update - troublesome if using Cloudsync & Hyperbackup, shared folder sync w/6.x unit?

    How risky/troublesome is this update on a system (DS218+) that is doing cloudsync and hyperbackup, and has some folders synced w/a DS212+ that is not upgradeable to 7? I'm in no hurry to update to 7.x, but also want to have an idea of how much work it may be when I do. In particular, I'm using...
  19. Z

    DSM 7.0 Sync with Apple Reminders?

    Hello, Has anyone been able to get Apple Reminders on macOS 12 to sync tasks/task lists with Synology Calendar? If so, could you share how? I've added my Synology account to the macOS Internet Accounts, the calendar syncs just fine with the computer app, but in Reminders I can only see the...
  20. wizard99

    Synology Alternative to Allway Sync

    I've always used Allway Sync to provide real time Back Up of my devices Files to my NAS....... Though I also do a separate Daily Image on all our devices, I like the ability that every file is immediately viewable on the NAS when needed... i.e. not compressed so they can be readily viewed...