1. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder sync from older DSM

    Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad english/translations. I use DSM in other language, so error and messages are my translations and might not exactly correspond with original english ones. First I synced shared folders from DS1813+ (DSM 6.1.7) to RS2421+ (DSM 7.0). And it went fine. Now i...
  2. T

    Save settings for Sync Tasks

    Hi all - Im syncing the contents of an external hard drive to my NAS using Drive Server / Drive Client, works like a charm. But just one question: when I'd attach the external drive to another PC, could I somehow backup the sync settings (source/target/parameters) onto the new PC in order to...
  3. P

    shared folder sync

    My question is with regards to Remote Snapshot Replication, rsync & Shared Sync Folder. NAS01 - OfficeA NAS02 - OfficeB Goal is to sync a shared folder "projects" from OfficeA to OfficeB 1. Synology Shared Sync Server - connection established using public ip (DDNS) and port forwarding. This...
  4. S

    Synology Drive can't sync photos folder, what an oversight...

    So the all-knowing visionairies of Synology came with their sublime (ahum) new photos app. As part of that the moments folder content was moved to the photos folder in the home folder, next to the Drive folder and not anymore inside the Drive folder. As a consequence, this folder cannot be...
  5. P

    best ways to sync sahred folders between 2 synology NAS in different networks

    We have 3 offices with no vpn connection between the 2. However they both have internet . 1. I need to sync a shared folder from Office1 to Office2 - One way sync. 2. I need to setup snapshot replication between Office1 and Office3. This does not work, I have punched holes on my firewall but...
  6. Cobra

    Original source photos missing after sync

    For some reason after sync with Drive i lost thousands of photos of my source drive but they are on my nas. How can this happen with 2 way sync?
  7. C

    Note Station To-Do List and Synology Calendar Tasks sync.

    Hello, Does Note Station To-Do List have anything to do with Synology Calendar Tasks? Does Note Station To-Do List have any URL for other applications? Thank you
  8. P

    iOS GoodNotes and Synology - any way to sync GoodNotes to Synology instead of iCloud? [eom]

    iOS GoodNotes and Synology - any way to sync GoodNotes to Synology instead of iCloud? [eom]
  9. S

    Shared Folder Sync Error

    I have two Synology NAS devices. One has been backing up to the other for a couple of years. When I connected to the server, I saw this error. My "master" is called Media. The backup is Media2. When I look at Media2, it appears to have all the data, even recently added data, from Media. I...
  10. C

    DSM 6.2 Folder/File was automatically restored after deletion on Google Drive

    I configured Cloud Sync (Google drive) on the NAS as below: Everthing was ok if I deleted folder/file from local But when I deleted an folder from Google drive, I saw on Google drive: and in NAS, app cloud sync history: That folder was automatically restored Could you show me the reason...
  11. C

    Drive DSM 7.0 and Synology Drive (mobile) - sync

    I am currently using Synology Drive on Android to browse files and DS Cloud to sync my phone files with the server. Synology about this - What are the feature differences between Synology Drive and Cloud Station Does the new DSM7.0 with mobile version of Synology Drive allow synchronization ->...
  12. W

    How to run two Synology Photos servers in sync?

    I have about 120GB worth of JPG (and 10TB of RAW) in my photo library, and am running Synology Photos off a DS1621+ NAS. I have two DS1621+ and I plan to have one of them in Asia, and one of them in North America... I will use ShareSync to sync the photos after doing the initial sync locally...
  13. wizard99

    Synology Drive Client VS. Macrium Reflect & Allway Sync

    I've been using a 215J with Macrium Reflect for Daily Operating System Images and Allway Sync for all other multiple Drive Back Up Synchronization. I've just gotten a 920+ to replace it, but decided to keep the 215 in operation until the 920 is up and running as the DSM 7 is due out in a few...
  14. Telos

    Info DSM 7 RC | CalDAV/DAVx⁵ Sync Issues

    In the event your CalDAV syncing via DAVx⁵ has failed with DSM 7 RC, a workaround is to set the TLS/SSL Profile Level to "Intermediate Compatibility" (not "Modern"). More info here.
  15. C

    Cloud station drive doesn`t sync files bigger than 50M, although settings should be OK

    Hi, I am using Cloud Station Drive on 2 computers to sync files via a DS218+. All software should be latest version, DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. The setup doesnt sync files that are more than 50MB in size. I have check settings already, file size in Cloud Station Drive - Settings - File Filter is...
  16. P

    Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Share Sync - encrypted folder?

    Main Question #1 Is it possible to sync an encrypted & mounted folder using Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Sync? I am syncing between two NAS drives at two different locations and have successfully synced unencrypted folders. When I "enable" the encrypted & mounted folder from Synology Drive...
  17. M

    Sync Folders in 2 NAS ( DS110J vs DS211J)

    Hi; I want to create schedule sync task for the 2 shared folders in 2 different NAS. My old NAS is DSM 5.2 (DS110J) The other NAS is DSM 6.2.4 (DS211J) They are in same local network. I can't setup the Hyper Backup and I can't see the rsync settings in old NAS DS110J. I can't see the Webdav...
  18. bobkoure

    Synology Drive Client (Win) one-way sync syncs once and that's it.

    I have Synology Drive Client installed on a Win10Pro box. I've set up my Calibre library as a one-way sync (PC to NAS). It synced when I first set it up, and has not been keeping the folder on my NAS synced with the folder on my PC since then. I have since rebooted the PC and restarted Drive...
  19. S

    Cloud Sync - modify task owner

    Hello, I have just deactivate admin count of my NAS to improve the security, and created a new admin account (let's name it "admin2 ;-) ) Problem : Cloud Sync tasks of user "admin"can no longer be lauched => Is it possible to to assign the synchro tasks created by admin to the admin2 account...
  20. M

    Android contacts sync

    Hi to all. I'm slowly starting to migrate my data from the clouds to synology, where I want everything, including contacts and calendar. I installed contacts and calendar on synology, imported contacts from my google account, and installed opensync on my phone. I copied the link to sync contacts...