1. P

    Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Share Sync - encrypted folder?

    Main Question #1 Is it possible to sync an encrypted & mounted folder using Synology Drive/ Cloud Station Sync? I am syncing between two NAS drives at two different locations and have successfully synced unencrypted folders. When I "enable" the encrypted & mounted folder from Synology Drive...
  2. M

    Sync Folders in 2 NAS ( DS110J vs DS211J)

    Hi; I want to create schedule sync task for the 2 shared folders in 2 different NAS. My old NAS is DSM 5.2 (DS110J) The other NAS is DSM 6.2.4 (DS211J) They are in same local network. I can't setup the Hyper Backup and I can't see the rsync settings in old NAS DS110J. I can't see the Webdav...
  3. bobkoure

    Synology Drive Client (Win) one-way sync syncs once and that's it.

    I have Synology Drive Client installed on a Win10Pro box. I've set up my Calibre library as a one-way sync (PC to NAS). It synced when I first set it up, and has not been keeping the folder on my NAS synced with the folder on my PC since then. I have since rebooted the PC and restarted Drive...
  4. S

    Cloud Sync - modify task owner

    Hello, I have just deactivate admin count of my NAS to improve the security, and created a new admin account (let's name it "admin2 ;-) ) Problem : Cloud Sync tasks of user "admin"can no longer be lauched => Is it possible to to assign the synchro tasks created by admin to the admin2 account...
  5. M

    Android contacts sync

    Hi to all. I'm slowly starting to migrate my data from the clouds to synology, where I want everything, including contacts and calendar. I installed contacts and calendar on synology, imported contacts from my google account, and installed opensync on my phone. I copied the link to sync contacts...
  6. atrisk

    New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

    Question: got the new alert that the admin account is unsafe, okay no worries, created a new admin account and then disabled the old admin account. Easy! but then when logging in to the new admin account, cloud sync (to Backblaze B2) the app said that since the old admin account was disabled it...
  7. Telos

    Shared Folder Sync... Server Status Unknown

    The subject pretty much covers things. Evert time I open Shared Folder Sync I see this... But as I grabbed this screenshot Shared Folder Sync has been running for the past 4 hours... so there should be no question about server status. Why is this? Thanks!
  8. whiwhi

    Best way to sync / mirror two local folders on the Nas??

    Which is the best way to bidirectional sync or mirror two local folders in same NAS. Feel free to make suggestions and it should work in "Synology Drive"
  9. E

    Sync between internal hard drive and NAS

    So, I would like to sync some folders of my internal hard drive with my DS218play. Since synology does not propose this (to my surprise), I found ViceVersa Software: File Synchronization, File Replication, Windows Backup Software which works like a charm but only in the direction internal HD ->...
  10. Sync Your Synology NAS to Public Cloud With Cloud Sync | Synology

    Sync Your Synology NAS to Public Cloud With Cloud Sync | Synology

    Find out how to sync your Synology NAS to your public cloud service using Cloud Sync. Synology Cloud Sync supports most of the frequently used cloud services including but not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. In this video, we will demonstrate how to configure Cloud...
  11. E

    Help needed to sync desktop files with NAS

    I have a Synology DS220j NAS working with an iMac desktop. I have been following the Synology instructions on "How to sync files between Synology NAS and your computer using Synology Drive Client". I have got as far as Step 8, so it should be set up, but when I open Synology Drive Client I...
  12. C

    Solved Simple Sync

    I have a home setup comprising a desktop Windows 10 PC with a DS218J NAS. I simply need to know how to set up the NAS in order to have one-way sync of selected files to the NAS, updating only when a file has changed. As a newby, I have spent days trying to get my head around Synology Drive...
  13. H

    sync content of a directory which is shared by ubuntu and W10 (dual boot)

    Hello, I am used to use Synology Drive from windows, ubuntu and macOS. But I enter a special case today for which I did not really find any helpful hints on the web. I installed a double boot ubuntu/W10 on a computer. I want my remote data to be synced on that computer in a single directory (do...
  14. SkipWhiffle

    Shared Folder Sync Question

    Hi, I've got a question regarding Shared Folder Sync. I have 2 identical Synology DS1819+ systems running btrfs. My intent is to backup the first unit's files (Wally) to the second (Wally2). The second unit was originally populated as a shared folder sync from the first. Each NAS now has...
  15. T

    Cloud Sync Has Started Deleting Local Files

    Helllo, I use the Cloud Sync package on my 218J to back up one of the NAS folders to Google Drive and have been doing so without problems for quite some time. The folder is call "cloud." Recently, Cloud Sync has started deleting all the files in the cloud folder after they have been stored on...
  16. jeyare

    Solved One of Folders from Drive Team folder disappeared and stop sync

    Background: DSM last ver: 6.2.3-25426-2 Drive Server last ver: 2.0.2-11078 Team folder contains 8 folders for the Drive services Multi OS Drive clients in operation, also web Drive client Drive desktop clients (Win/Ubuntu) in last ver Behavior: - 7 folders from 8 are running in normal operation...
  17. Q

    Just sync a local folder to a NAS server - Hard to find!

    That's it. Seems simple - I (& colleagues) want to be able to select one or more folders in a local directory, right click and sync TO a selectable folder within a predefined "Team" directory on my NAS. There seem to be a lot of sync & backup apps & tricks but I haven't found this simple - &...
  18. Q

    Cloud Sync Not Deleting Folders on the Cloud

    So I have set up one-way sync from my NAS to Google Drive and OneDrive. But I found out that the old folders on the cloud are not removing by Cloud Sync? Source: Synology: RootFolderX Destination: Google Drive/OneDrive: RootFolderX After the sync: Data inside Synology...
  19. K

    Question Shared Folder Sync permissions

    Hi all, I'm using the Shared Folder Sync feature to replicate shared folders between 2 NAS devices (shocker!). The problem I'm having is that the permissions on the replicated folders (on the 'target' NAS) are changed or reset after each sync. I want to be able to access / copy data from the...
  20. jono

    Synology Drive vs Resilio Sync

    I use Drive between various computers, iPhones, and iPads to my DS1019+, but I've noticed when setting it up on a new computer (all the different synced folders) it takes days for it finish syncing. This week on my MacBook Pro Drive seemed to lose it's settings so I've had to set up all my...