1. S

    Question Where do I point the client for the Drive sync reassociation: My Drive or Team Folder?

    Where do I point the client for the sync reassociation: my drive or team folder? I'm trying to reassociate a client computer to the Synology Drive Server sync. The client was syncing to Synology without issues, but was reinstalled after the drive had to be replaced. I opened the Synology Drive...
  2. D

    Folder sync between 2 users

    Hello guys! I'm trying to create a shared folder for different registered users on my DSM. Ideally, we need something similar to Dropbox. That is, users have folders on their laptops that they could sync/share with another (selected) users. I understand, there is a chance that those shared...
  3. T

    Cloud Sync constantly Connecting

    Just recently my Cloud Sync connection constantly shows its status as “connecting” along with all the sync task (around 10 of them) also showing “connecting”. The sync tasks appear to actually be working though. I’m syncing various folders with OneDrive and have been for a number of years. I’re...
  4. jeyare

    Cloud Sync between NAS and MS One Drive

    I tried establish new Cloud Sync tasks with new customer, as usual. They use MS One Drive for share with us. Our operation point is Syno Drive 2.0. My experiences: - sync from local Syno Drive to Syno Drive server site (NAS) is fast (150Mbps upload) - sync from Syno Drive (NAS) to MS One Drive...
  5. wwwampy

    Solved What is the best way to sync files?

    I'd like to have all my files (documents) on my NAS. Well, I have them, using Drive with two-way sync for My Documents folder on Windows 10. Is this way ok? Or is there any other better way to sync files from my NAS and have them secured on NAS if anything happens on my PC? Thank you for your...