1. F

    Best set up to reduce ransomware risks, using Hyper Backup and Cloud

    Hi, I'm looking for a low cost disaster recovery with off-site cloud storage, with the lowest risks from a ransomware attack on NAS. So, if the prime NAS files became toxic, there is best protection when using the cloud as part of the recovery solution. My scenario, is NAS1 Hyper Backups (and...
  2. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Webinar: Ransomware Protection

    Synology Webinar: Ransomware Protection Date: 2021-12-14 Time: 14:00:00 ( Berlin time, GMT +01:00 ) Ransomware attacks are spreading worldwide and causing significant losses. In almost 90% of cases, these attacks could have been prevented. Read more to register and join: Synology Events
  3. WST16

    Top industries hit by ransomware (report)

  4. EAZ1964

    New ransomware, now actively attacking qnap and linux

    https://www.qnap.com/en/security-advisory/qsa-20-06 we had our share last year, now qnap? Or is this one also looking for synologies?
  5. SynoMan

    Protect Yourself against Encryption-Based Ransomware

    The risk of malware infection remains on a constant rise with new infections rapidly spreading every hour, every day. Synology addresses this growing malware problem by introducing powerful security measures such as Security Advisor and Qualysguard Security Scan, as well as offering regular...
  6. Synology RSS

    Synology News Synology® Urges All Users to Take Immediate Action to Protect Data from Ransomware Attack

    TAIPEI, Taiwan—July 23, 2019—Synology® recently found that several users were under a ransomware attack, where admins' credentials were stolen by brute-force login attacks, and their data was encrypted as a result. We investigated and found that the causes of these attacks were due to dictionary...
  7. Rusty

    Info Synology July Ransomware warning

    in case someone missed this newsletter info. https://www.synology.com/en-global/company/news/article/2019JulyRansomware