1. K

    Question Drive ShareSync - client vs. server

    Hi, I've started using Drive ShareSync to keep a few shared folders on two NAS's in sync, as offsite replicas of each other. Essentially I'm looking to do something like this: DS213j DS115j Folder A -> Folder A Folder B <- Folder B Folder C <- Folder C My question is: Is there any...
  2. Q

    Just sync a local folder to a NAS server - Hard to find!

    That's it. Seems simple - I (& colleagues) want to be able to select one or more folders in a local directory, right click and sync TO a selectable folder within a predefined "Team" directory on my NAS. There seem to be a lot of sync & backup apps & tricks but I haven't found this simple - &...
  3. M

    Synology VPN Server + PiHole + Dnscrypt + Further VPN + Any suggestions

    Hello all, If you have been a recent visitor to these forums you may have noticed all the questions I've been asking......and today is no different. For context, I setup Pi-Hole on my NAS via Docker, which is working great. I then setup Synology VPN Server which allows me to remotely connect...
  4. Micky

    How does Synology implement its WebDAV Server?

    Anyone knows how Synology implemented the WebDAV service? Is this a module to a Apache http server or a standalone service. Why this question? I'm using Keepass to sync a password database, stored on Synology's WebDAV. While synchronizing the file I get an error back (Bad Gateway 502) when...
  5. DeltaGolf

    Question Best way to move mail server to DSM

    I have a mail server running on OldServer. Email gets there via ports which I've opened on the router. OldServer running macOS Server is getting its pension and NewServer - a young Synology box of new tricks - is taking its place. When I've moved mail servers in the past I've created the...
  6. G

    New to nas: Is one Synology NAS able to handle movies/pictures, computer backups, print server, and surveillance?

    I'm looking at Synology since I do not want to do too much setup and customisation on my own. Here's what I would like the NAS to do: - store movies/pictures and access via local and over internet - backup mac (time machine) and pc computers - print server - surveillance - record a week or so...
  7. DeltaGolf

    Question Licence for MailPlus, not MailPlus Server?

    As I understand it, you need a licence if you want to have more than five MailPlus users. Everything I've read refers to MailPlus, not MailPlus Server. So... can you run MailPlus Server for more than five users if those users are working from an email app - Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, WhatEver -...
  8. DeltaGolf

    Do I want / need an LDAP server?

    Hello! First time caller. I run a Mac OS Server at one location and at another a *nix server. Both are going to be replaced by Synology DS918+'s and as well as office file serving will run email, calendar and contacts. There are a handful of users at each location. Do I need or want to...
  9. L

    Where is the Synolgy Cal/CardDav client for android?

    Why is there no client APP for caldav and carddav by synology? They gave apps for everything but not for calendar and contact sync. Dont tell me about DAVX5, it is for free only for 30 days. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  10. K

    Question Firewall rules for VPN Server and Client

    Hi! First time poster here. Bit of background before my question: I've got a 213j in my flat and a 115j at my parents house, they are both used to store backups of local PC's. I've recently started looking into how I can make better use of both NAS's and wanted to use each NAS as an off-site...
  11. R

    looking for help on what server to use

    496/5000 hey guys want to hear if anyone can help me i have a lot of movies on my synology nas server which I would like to see via VLC player via an http link have tried with an ftp server could also see them with could not rewind the movie in that way so we hear if anyone knows what server is...
  12. T

    Question Plex Server on Synology DS220j NAS

    Hey guys, i have some dilemma here. I want to buy a Synology NAS, specifically DS220j and I want to use it to store all my data, photos and family videos. I know and I am using Plex Media Server on my laptop to cast videos and films to my Chromecast and it works well, but I want to store all...
  13. Telos

    Info Synology Drive Server Version: 2.0.2-11076 Released

    Version: 2.0.2-11076 (2020-04-14) Important note The update is expected to be available in all regions within the next few days. The actual time of release may vary slightly depending on the region. What's New Added a tip in Synology Drive Admin Console to explain why certain Team Folders...
  14. A

    Question Create File Request Drive Server Port Conflict

    Hello all, this a bit tricky for me to explain, please bare with me. I have Synolgy Drive Server running on my DSM with App portal setup. I have a public domain pointing to an Nginx reverse proxy server. i have the proxy set to point to the port for Drive Server. so when my clients enter...
  15. BiggPerci

    Question HA cluster does not support DHCP server but is being a DHCP server

    Hi all, Bit of a strange one, 2 years ago I set up a DS1817 HA cluster, to provide AD for a small subsiduary of the company I work for. All of a sudden the cluster has started to hand out dhcp leases, despite the fact that the dhcp server package is not installed and the dhcp server page is...
  16. RoCaRay

    Home Media Server: RAID 6 Repair vs. RAID 0 Restore

    We have a home media server with about 30TB of video - currently on a RAID 6 array (6x16TB). We run daily versioned HyperBackups via 10GbE, alternating between two other servers that are also RAID 6 arrays (8x 10TB). All drives are Seagate Exos. Additions and changes, day-to-day, are easily...
  17. B

    Question sftp to remote server

    I have multiple DS218j nas devices behind a firewall. I have a script that currently runs on all the nas devices to ftp .tif images to a server located behind same firewall. I do not have access to the server other than sending images. They are going to update to using sftp to receive these...
  18. Micky

    Beta Synology Contacts beta

    Just downloaded and installed the beta of Synology Contacts on my DS918+. This Syno is part of my Active Directory (the DC is a DS916+) and I tried to log in using a AD account, this is what I get when opening the administrator page of Synology Contacts: The save button on the bottom is...
  19. E

    Is it possible to hyperbackup to a SFTP server?

    One of my cloud providers allow SFTP access to their server (no rsync or webdav). Is there any way to use that SFTP connection for backups from HyperBackup? Thanks,
  20. wwwampy

    Info Relaunch Mac Finder when problems with connection to your NAS

    I just had a connection issue to my NAS via Finder with SMB so I'll add the info here for help. In Finder I go to Go > Connect to server... then I type in smb://myServerName. It connects, but in the Finder sidebar, I could not open any folder. I get this error: This operation could not be...