1. ed.j

    How to assign a static IP to a particular user/device via VPN server / OpenVPN

    Is this possible? My backup NAS connects to my main NAS via VPN, and the only way I can get the Shared Folder Sync to work in this way is via IP address - but the IP address may change when the VPN is reconnected. I have set up a specific user that the backup NAS uses to connect to the main...
  2. B

    WebDav HTTPS error and File Station

    Dear All, Since DSM 7 or 7.0.1 (?) WebDav (HTTPS) is not working properly. I can't connect to another remote DSM in File Station WHEN the URI points to a Synology DDNS (with Let's Encrypt) address. I can connect from KODI correctly and I can also connect through file station as well given that...
  3. Sly870

    Server cabinet for home build..

    Good evening, We are about to move into our new spot which has a lovely big attic where all my home tech goodies will be housed. I need to house a Synology DS920+, USG and RaPi 4 with PDU and UPS in future, any recommendation for a cheap (but not rubbish) server rack/cabinet I can bolt onto...
  4. P

    DSM 7.0 DSM7.0 won't find Plex server error code 32400/web

    Hi Thanks for accepting me on this forum !! I am hoping somebody can help!! I have a new DS920+ running DSM 7.0. I have loaded the available Plex (Beta version) App from Packages. All loaded as expected and as the subsequent support pages I have researched, have confirmed , however when I try to...
  5. T

    DSM 7: openvpn server

    I'm trying to setup openvpn on ds220+ but cannot seem to resolve the connection. I've open up port forward 1194 on router and vpn port in firewall rule but tested port forward, 1194 still closed. Anyone had success on openvpn setup? Thanks
  6. G

    DS1621+ as a plex server to play 4K remuxes via Nvidia shield ? (no transcoding ever, direct play only)

    Hello, I'm eyeing the DS1621+. I'll use it as a storage / plex server only. I know the DS1520+ is cheaper but I like the improved build quality on the DS1621+ and the extra bay. Would it do a good job in my case ? Or is the lack of integrated GPU a real problem ? Thank you !
  7. D

    server or pc does it matter

    So i am a bit of a noob. But the machine im backing up is runninng windows server 2012 r2 with 3 users. I wanst sure if it matter if i choose server or pc in active backup. anyone know whats the difference?
  8. Coop777

    DSM 7 - Itunes/Itunes Server

    I upgraded my production 1819+ to DSM 7 over the Thanksgiving break. For the most part, all went well but I am noticing now that within Itunes (still relevant within the Windows world....) that although I can select the 1819+ in the upper left tab, a wheel spins briefly (normal) as it tries to...
  9. Coop777

    Drive Client - Windows Server compatible?

    Posted on the community - no response there yet, so I thought I'd try here. I am looking to install the drive client on a Windows 2012 server to enhance daily backups to a DS220+. Anyone running it on a server? Any issues?
  10. B

    How to get access to encrypted disk after server broken

    Hello I have Synology 713+ with Raid 1 and encrytion. Whot happen when my server will broken ? Of course I know that Raid 1 will be broken too but how to access to data on disk's ? I can buy next Synology and using it I will have access to data ? Have to be tha same model of Synology ? Or maybe...
  11. tekguru

    Uninstalling the DHCP Server

    I'm looking to uninstall unused packages from my DS918+ and one of those is the DHCP Server. However when I go to remove it I get: It's a bit worrying when it warns it'll delete the 'Network Interface', so is it okay to remove those items?
  12. H

    DSM as server replacement

    Hi, First post here: I have a small business with 8 employees with an outdated server running SBS2011. Email and small files are now handled by Microsoft 365 but I'm looking to my DS1621+ with DSM7 to take over not only file shares (for large local GIS files), but active directory. I've set it...
  13. Micky

    WebDAV restrict access

    Hi! Basically the WebDAV server runs properly on my DSM 7 machine with Directory Server authentification. I can access shares when using my domain user accessing the DS. Up to now I didn't realize that when my user accesses the DS using WebDAV, it can browse all of the available shares. My...
  14. S

    DSM 7.0 External Server Certificate not trusted while using

    Hello! I am trying to setup a remote Linux server as an ABB client for my home DS920+ which is behind a unifi router. What I've done so far: Setup DDNS with the letsencrypt certificate option Set the DDNS cert as the default for ABB Set a port forwarding rule on my router to route...
  15. kenmichelle

    iTunes Server Media Locations

    I didn't see a section about the iTunes Server app so I figured that I would post my question here. If I should ask this elsewhere then please let me know. I just got my DS920+ and I'm starting to get it all configured. I downloaded iTunes Server and it automatically installed a Music folder...
  16. NSquirrel

    OpenVPN Server Upgrade to 1.2.14 - 2782

    I am still using DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 and I have just had OpenVPN automatically updated to 1.2.14 - 2782, although I am not sure what from what previous version. Something I have noticed, as I am unable to access via OpenVPN at present, is that I was using to access my NAS via...
  17. D

    Docker Postgres: FATAL Database Files are incompatible with server

    I am using Postgres with FreshRSS, installed via a portainer stack. I have Watchtower running, and a day or two ago, I started getting the fatal error. I'm assuming that postgres updated to a new version (a risk using Watchtower, I understand!). I changed the stack to use PostGres 13 image and...
  18. Cobra

    Cant change my server connection from my IP to

    I have an error SSL certificate has been changed and it says the SSL certificate does not belong to the IP address and sign in with I tried that and it wont let me switch it.
  19. fredbert

    Package Plex v1.24.2 on DSM 7 brings back 'Plex Media Server' in shared folder

    Probably late to this party but I've just updated to the latest release of Plex on my NAS running DSM 7. In DSM 6 Plex created shared folder 'Plex' to hold its configuration data, media metadata, logs, caches, etc. This folder could be backed up by Hyper Backup and made restoring easy. With...
  20. A

    Backup to external (but LAN) synology server - shared map (fails fails to access Backup Destination)

    Hi, some days ago I was forced to replace one of the disks in one of the volumes on my backup server. After doing that I wanted to backup my data to this new volume again. From my second NAS (DS916+) this went without a hitch. I could create new backup files on this volume and successfully...