1. pajczur

    How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

    Hello, sorry I ask for it in Audio Station forum, but I couldn't find forum hat is dedicated for iTunesServer. In the google I only found tutorials from a few years ago. And they show how to setup iTunes Server with old Apple iTunes application. But from some time I don't even see in OSX...
  2. S

    Mail server and mail station

    Anyone with a functioning combination of these 2? No problems installing but Mail station can't be reached or doesn't show.... while mail server does.
  3. G

    DSM DHCP server

    My ds718+ is acting as a dhcp server. All is working fine but I would like to see if I can fine tune the firewall rules, and tighten up security. currently the fw rule is setup to allow DHCP ports, but from ANY/ALL ip addresses. If I were to limit the ip to my local subnet (, the...
  4. S

    Audio Server with existing mp3 library.....?

    Hello, I have a Synology 1819+ and would like to have it server up my mp3 library for access by my iOS devices and Windows PCs. the Windows PCs are on a LAN, the ios devices across the internet. I have an existing library of mp3 files, organized exactly how I like them (a human-readable folder...
  5. B

    Any real-world benefits with 4kn HDDs for media server?

    First post here and apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. I'm about six weeks in with my new DS920+ that replaced an ancient LaCie single-spindle NAS solution at home. Main use is as a media server plus backup of family's data from various laptops and PCs. I'm running the Plex...
  6. NAS Newbie

    Creating a Snapshot Replication - Failed to authenticate the destination server?

    I'm trying to set up snapshot replication to backup my laptop Activebackups from my local NAS to an offsite NAS. Currently, both NAS are on the same LAN as I'm trying to do the first initial large backups on my LAN before moving the 2nd NAS offsite. I have Snapshot Replication installed on the...
  7. NAS Newbie

    Active Backup - How to change Server Address?

    I apparently haven't had active backup running for a while and am trying to get it fired up again. It had been backing up my laptop to my NAS, but now that I've moved and gotten new networking gear, the IP address for the NAS has changed. When I launch the active backup agenton my laptop, I...
  8. AlexS

    Connecting to external exchange server

    Hello All, I have setup my NAS DS920+ and have Lan1 to modem network and Lan2 internal on network and have tried to connect to an incoming and external mail server and the emails just wont setup. I have setup Proxy Server and internet seems to be working well though...
  9. AlexS

    Internal Internet not working

    Hey All, I setup my NAS recently and had a linux server running along side it and the web browsing was working fine though now that i turned of the linux server (proxy was on linux) the NAS won't let me browse the internet from internal computers ? I setup a proxy under the network section on...
  10. S

    Movie Server not playing .Avi files extension.

    Request assistance on my Synology Rack Station Model RS2418RP+ with Movie Server not playing .Avi files extension movies. It used to play but after installing the latest DSM update 6.2.3.-25426 update2 is not playing any of those files...? Any suggestions, ideas..? Thanks
  11. S

    After upgrading DSM some of my converter boxes on my NAS Media Server are not UPNP working anymore.

    Well, request assistance on my Synology Rack Station Model RS2418RP+ Apparently after upgrading to the newer DSM version 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 the Asus converter boxes only !Oplay's are not able to connect to the NAS via UPNP anymore. I did several things, like decrease the SSDP advertisement...
  12. paradeiser

    Info German SPOT Webinar today (17.11.2020): Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller

    As this category has only few posts I just wanted to share the info: NICHT NUR FÜR PARTNER! Synology Directory Server - NAS als Domain Controller Sichern Sie sich Ihren limitierten Teilnahmeplatz. Synology Product Managerin Annika Opitz informiert Sie, wie: - Ihre Synology zur Alternative zum...
  13. C

    Auto-install Application in Synology Directory Server (active directory)

    On synology site, in this place: Synology Directory Server Package | Synology Inc. there is information about a feature called Auto-install Application. Does anybody knows how to use it with Windows work stations?
  14. P

    Can I set up my DS218+ to be used as a hub server for music lessons and rehearsals?

    Hi, I am using jacktrip to do music rehearsals and lessons in real time. I need to set up a more local hub server here in New York in order to cut down on the latency. Does anyone know if this can be done with my present NAS or what I might need to do to make this happen? Thanks
  15. T

    Problem imap mailplus server

    Hi I have a problem with Mailplus Server. mailplus server is working well in LAN. But I try to connect to th NAS from Internet with thunderbird; I can't to get the emails. However I can send emails but I can't received nothing. thundebird don't received folder, emails, nothing. It can't connect...
  16. K

    Mailplus Server - change SMTP account from local to LDAP

    Hi guys We are running Mailplus Server for a few years now and when we set it up we didn't think ahead and only set it up for local user accounts. Since then, we have acquired a couple additional NAS and have moved a few applications off the primary NAS so Mailplus Server doesn't need to share...
  17. Shadow

    Installing MailCow on Synology NAS

    In this thread I still find it too expensive to be able to add 5 mailboxes to Synology MailPlus. I've heard MailCow is a good alternative as it provides an entire mailsuite like MailPlus. Prepare your system - mailcow: dockerized documentation Mailcow on Synology So, this can't run in...
  18. K

    Docker on Synology or a second server?

    I'm talking about lightweight apps like Unifi Controller, Bitwarden, Nextcloud etc. My Synology is here and ready, has plenty of space and a solid backup procedure including snapshots. On the other hand, it is my main backup and archive place, with a lot of important files. So, I'm hesitant...
  19. M

    Synology as a VPN client and a VPN server

    Hi, I've stumbled upon an issue with my synology. It seems it can't be a VPN client and a VPN server simultaneously. Both are working with no hassle but not at the same time. Once I try to connect DSM to the VPN, DSM asks to disable VPN server. It also notifies me about disabling port...
  20. O

    Solved Vpn server stoped working

    Hello guys. Im using a xpenology build (ds3615) and it was working fine. After hardware refresh, and installing DSM fron scratch the openvpn and l2tp wont work. The version of DSM is 6.1.7 and the vpn server ia on the latest version. I've tried everything to make this work, and nothing its...