1. Cobra

    Cant change my server connection from my IP to

    I have an error SSL certificate has been changed and it says the SSL certificate does not belong to the IP address and sign in with I tried that and it wont let me switch it.
  2. fredbert

    Package Plex v1.24.2 on DSM 7 brings back 'Plex Media Server' in shared folder

    Probably late to this party but I've just updated to the latest release of Plex on my NAS running DSM 7. In DSM 6 Plex created shared folder 'Plex' to hold its configuration data, media metadata, logs, caches, etc. This folder could be backed up by Hyper Backup and made restoring easy. With...
  3. A

    Backup to external (but LAN) synology server - shared map (fails fails to access Backup Destination)

    Hi, some days ago I was forced to replace one of the disks in one of the volumes on my backup server. After doing that I wanted to backup my data to this new volume again. From my second NAS (DS916+) this went without a hitch. I could create new backup files on this volume and successfully...
  4. C

    VPN Server log location

    I'm looking to send the connect/disconnect logs to a graylog server. I can't seem to find where those logs are stored. Looking at the VPN Server application on the NAS I see the exact logs I would like to send, however I can only get an xml export manually. Are these logs from VPN Server...
  5. tekguru

    DHCP Server - how?

    A question guys...... To get around my 'Orbi' issues I'm considering turning off DHCP on the Orbi and using DHCP Server on the NAS. The bit I can't get my head around, how do I get the network to use the DHCP server on the NAS instead of the Orbi? The Orbi is set as the gateway of course (let's...
  6. RoCaRay

    Synology Media Server - Log of Files Served

    Does Synology Media Server maintain a log of the files it has served? If so, where is that log located? And is the information it contains in a format that would be relatively easy to read into a PHP script? I would like to write a Web Server / PHP script to read and report from the Media...
  7. fredbert

    Info DSM 7.0.1 finally finishes off CardDAV Server

    While the writing has been on the wall for CardDAV Server for some time there was a stay of execution with the initial general release of DSM 7.0. But that has now come to an end with DSM 7.0.1 severing support this package. If your NAS can run Synology Contacts then this is your new 'friend'.
  8. equinox

    Email send within the domain that goes to relay server

    I always believe that an email send within the same domain will stay inside the local network. The email shouldn't go a round trip and back to the MailPlus server. My MailPlus server is currently using Dynu relay service (store/forward). This service will hold emails when the MailPlus is...
  9. Shadow

    Moving from LDAP to Directory server

    I'd like to move from the Synology LDAP package to Synology Directory Server package to have a real Active Directory.. But in LDAP I have all the users and groups and fileshares and apps are attached to that. \ But first, is there a way to simply migrate the user and group objects to the AD? I...
  10. V

    DSM 6.2 Newbie Question: Does VPN server perform the functions of a paid VPN service?

    Hello, Does the VPN server included with DSM allow me to make secure connections from computers on my home LAN to websites on the internet, or does it only allow an external computer to securely connect to my NAS? If this VPN server does not work like a traditional paid VPN service, is there...
  11. Saqr

    GIT Server advice

    Salam ! I'm planning to buy a NAS and install a GIT server on it. The use will be for document control for team projects in a translation service business. After searching the forum here I found that GITea is a preferred GIT server to use. Are there any considerations prior to installation...
  12. J

    Synology VPN Server not accessing local services

    I have hosted Synology with static public IP, this server is running the following: VPN Server Active directory Server Client using VPN server are redirecting correctly to use the VPN IP, but when they try to access the Active directory on same server they access it with the origin IP, so the...
  13. Robbie

    Question for those who run a local NTP server

    My ancient ntp server had to go a while back due to its size and power consumption. In recent days I bought a new modern ntp server which is GPS+PPS bound but no heater or stabilised crystal. My new ntp server (an ebay bargain) does not offer its own fallback external servers, so I am...
  14. tonygaddr

    Newbie - RT2600ac VPN Plus Server

    Newbie Questions Q1 'Synology VPN Plus' on rt2600a - does installing 'Synology VPN Plus' work similar to other VPN providers (NordVPN, Surfshark etc) - does it compete well. Q2 Does 'Synology VPN Plus' effect the speed much (am on Virgin Broadband 360). Q3 As home user is it worth installing...
  15. J

    LDAP server with Google Workspace

    Hello everyone, my organization uses Google Workspace and I would like to allow the Workspace users accessing the NAS of the organization by using the same credentials of the Google account. I would have tried this tutorial but unfortunately the version of Google Workspace in use by the...
  16. A

    Installing Emby Server on a DS1815+

    I have tried all available packages on the Emby download site for the Emby server including the beta packages but I get the same message that the package is incompatible with the DSM.? Is the only way to run Emby via docker or can it run directly on the Synology, if so how can I install it?
  17. nthkmf

    Cannot complete setup Plex Server? What todo next

    Dear Bro, I am installing Plex to replace Video Station. At the final stage, the Finish button turn around and around (see the photo). How to solve this problem? I also set the name and add film folder at the step two.
  18. X

    Change remote server name (not address)?

    Hi, I am backing up a server to a remote Synology. Synology connects to it via the hostname of my WAN that resolves to the ip. Everything works. However in the backup list the server is listed as the hostname. I want to add a more descriptive name, especially if I am going to back up several...
  19. PeterSuh

    Info How to write a remote server shutdown script after checking the shared folder synchronization log table using SQLITE3 built-in synology

    Saves the results of the successful processing of shared folder synchronization to a DB file through the Log Center. And then we're going to use SQLITE3 built-in synology to re-Script to check. Once a normal BACKUP has been verified, the remote NAS server can be shut down via the SSH...
  20. vivian

    Synology Drive Server - Use Case

    I previously used to use pDrive (free tier) before I got hold of a Synology for myself. I take a lot of screenshots for several reasons (all of them get stored on the desktop). pDrive would pick this up, upload them to the cloud and delete the local files keeping my desktop clutter free. I...