1. P

    Trash, rebuild, test backups and revert to previous - need help

    I thought this was going to be a genius idea, but I have quickly found it may not even work - unless the power of collective (Synoforum) knowledge can help me achieve my goal. ;) Setup NAS1 (Master): RS812+ with 4x 2TB SHR providing 6TB storage NAS2 (Local backup only): DS718+ with 1x6TB - no...
  2. pellery

    Help needed to buy synology rackstation

    I would like some help buying a Synology rackstation. Requirements: - Has to be a rackstation (1u or 2u preferably) - Under $1000 (Ideally new) Need: - Mainly use for backup (photos, documents mainly) - The device might not be online some of the time, since I travel for work (often days at a...
  3. N

    Please help: Shared folder is limited to 4TB, no quota settings apply?

    Dear pros, I have a NAS Synology with 20TB, I create a backup folder and map it to my Windows 10 laptop. I don't set limit or quota for this folder, but in my Windows 10, the capacity is just 4TB. I recently empty all recycle bins and re-clam storage But I don't know why this happen. Can...
  4. J

    Help: Blinking blue light - then solid blue and bliking disks after restart

    3 days ago, my DS415+ didn't reboot properly. It had been running flawlessly for over a year. It ended with a blinking blue light, no disk lights and couldn't be accessed. I shut it down by pressing and holding the power button. Then I turned it back on. It's been "running" for the past 3...
  5. N

    Need Help Configuring DS218+

    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, so I thought I'd start here. I bought a DS218+ two years ago and I've never been able to get it running properly. It's definitely a configuration issue (as in I obviously don't know what I'm doing), not a product problem. Anyway, I'm looking for someone who...
  6. Robbie

    UniFi 10GbE Switch Dead - 17 months old - No help from Ubiquiti

    My US-XG6 has died - no lights, no fan and almost zero power being pulled from the DC brick. Over the last month UI Support has pushed me around in a loop and then to RMA and UI RMA pushes me back to support as the unit is 17 months old. Bummer. So for now I have pulled the patch leads from...
  7. L

    Need help solving a VPN port access issue

    Hi all. Let me start by saying I've spent almost two hours scouring this forum, google, synology, and other areas trying to fix this. I've read through some of the great tutorials and threads on OpenVPN and they've helped a ton, but I have a basic issue I can't figure out. So basically, I've...
  8. M

    Help to choose setup

    Hi guys.I have 2 NAS both of then are 2 bay.Each disc is setup as independent,so no RAID is needed.I'm using 3 discs for my movies and tv shows,so there are not to many changes s I had them back up manually. 1 discs is use for may files and etc a is backed up via external USB disc...
  9. C

    New some OpenVPN help

    I followed Rusty's (Synoman's?) excellent tutorial on setting up OpenVPN on several laptops in the household. While I haven't tested them outside the network, everything appears to work. One question that I have is how to update OpenVPN client, since that doesn't seem to appear in settings...
  10. B

    Container Help

    Hey guys! I'm a bit of a novice on this, so please excuse any improper questions/issues being brought up. I've got a DS920+ and am trying to setup a server for my friends to play Valheim. I've upgraded the RAM, have a NvME and am ready to give it the good ol' college try. Unfortunately... I'm...
  11. Cranium

    Help Restore Customized Volume backup

    I've been doing a nightly customized volume backup for many months now in conjunction with a weekly backup of the system drive. Last night we had file corruption and I need to restore the customized volume backup but I don't see any way to do this. The Restore feature in Active Backup for...
  12. deanopper

    Synology drive sharesync, Please help.

    Hello, I am really hoping someone can help me with this. I am very familiar with Synology Drive when it come to backing up my windows computers on my network. what I am confused with is "synology drive sharesync" when it come to backing up one of my NAS boxes to the other. this is what I am...
  13. t4ir1

    Help! Deleted a user that had notes!

    Hello all, the tittle says it all: I deleted an user that had important notes with it. The filesystem kept the user home folder but I can't find the notes anywhere. I have no idea where they are stored. Can someone help?
  14. NAS Newbie

    How do I manually create/setup containers for use in Docker?

    So I'm really struggling with some of the apps in docker that require variable editing, folder mapping, SSH, and/or Docker Compose work prior to being able to fulling configure the container. I simply do not understand all of the commands necessary. In this thread, I have managed to get to the...
  15. E

    Help needed to sync desktop files with NAS

    I have a Synology DS220j NAS working with an iMac desktop. I have been following the Synology instructions on "How to sync files between Synology NAS and your computer using Synology Drive Client". I have got as far as Step 8, so it should be set up, but when I open Synology Drive Client I...
  16. K

    VPN Problem! PPTP works, Openvpn+L2TP/Ipsec does not. Please help.

    I have a working VPN PPTP connection with the Synology app VPN server, between my hom computer and my office Synology NAS. I have also successfully created a openvpn connection between the NAS and the openvpn connect client on my home pc. Its running, it gives me green light and I can ping the...
  17. L

    Transdrone setup for Download station help

    I need help setting up transdrone Android app to manage torrents in download station.
  18. AlexS

    Help with mail on ds920+

    Hello all, I am new to this all and have learn't so much from you guys in the last few weeks and really appreciate all the help. I have my NAS running and configured and all seems to be going well as a file server and have just set it up with web station and it's great. I noticed that the NAS...
  19. Dexxer

    Synology Drive extremely slow!! omg, help needed.

    Hey all, This problem drives me crazy! Just bought a DS1621+ on Raid 5. Installed it at home on my router. I have a 1Gbps internet fiber connection at home. I installed Synology Drive client on my home computer and my coworker's computer at his place also. He also has a 1Gbps fiber...
  20. Stolas

    I need help with setting up my router and NAS.

    So, I am sure that the title is very generic. And I apologize. I have tried posting in other forums and get over looked. I am new to having this type of control (used to just use apple airports). I want the fastest and most secure possible set up. I have the RT2600 and DS 220+ Goals: DDNS to...