1. NAS Newbie

    Getting an error: "Because the encryption key is invalid..."

    Trying to log into DSM. At the main login screen, I use bitwarden to enter my credentials. After hitting Sign In, I get this warning: What does this mean? When this pops up, I haven't even made it to the 2FA entry screen yet. I've had it come up a couple times now.
  2. WST16

    Info AdGuard deploys DNS-over-QUIC resolver

  3. tekguru

    Cloud Sync encryption?

    I'm using Cloud Sync to sync Onedrive & Onedrive for Business to the NAS inside various non-encrypted folder shares. When I set up the sync tasks I didn't choose the option to encrypt the process. I'm wondering now whether I should have done that. Thoughts please guys...
  4. WST16

    Info Firefox turns controversial new encryption on by default in the US

  5. jeyare

    Info Synology NAS Encryption: Forensic Analysis of Synology NAS Devices by Elcomsoft

    for all users, who use Encrypted Shared Folders must read this article, mandatory I will start with conclusion from guys, who break the wall: In this article, you can find no out of the box “we have a tool for that” type of solutions. We demonstrated vulnerabilities in some of the most...
  6. M

    iSCSI LUN backup to encrypted folder?

    Is it possible to make hyper backup task which will backup iSCSI LUN to encrypted folder? It appears that it is possible to backup folder (encrypted or not) to unencrypted folder. It also appers that it is possible to backup LUN to unencrypted folder. And, it also appears that it is possible...