1. G

    DS1621+ as a plex server to play 4K remuxes via Nvidia shield ? (no transcoding ever, direct play only)

    Hello, I'm eyeing the DS1621+. I'll use it as a storage / plex server only. I know the DS1520+ is cheaper but I like the improved build quality on the DS1621+ and the extra bay. Would it do a good job in my case ? Or is the lack of integrated GPU a real problem ? Thank you !
  2. J

    set up hardware transcoding on emby docker container?

    New(er) DS920 owner and I've gotten some of the kinks out of my set up as well as become familiar with docker and SSH. Currently trying to figure out how to enable hardware transcoding on emby ( I have premium subscription) I know it's going to involve editing the configuration in portioner...
  3. A

    Jellyfin - VAAPI hardware transcoding

    Hi, I'm running Jellyfin (tried both 10.6.4 and 10.7) in a container on my DS918+ and am trying to use VAAPI transcoding to transcode from 4K to 1080p when not at home (Yes I know we're all at home all the time at the moment but I'm planning ahead). Has anyone got this working? I've got the...
  4. oRBIT

    Activate hardware transcoding on Plex Docker Container?

    I've read about people doing it but haven't still seen any explanation (for mortals) how to actually do it, as simple as possible. Marius described a way of doing it exporting the docker-settingsfile and modifiying it but I miss some details to go through with it (guide refers to elements that'...
  5. RoCaRay

    Mac Mini Transcoding Performance Tips

    Responses to recent threads indicate that several forum members are using Mac Mini for transcoding (and other tasks). So I'm posting a few tips; and welcome others to share here, as well. FYI, my comments apply to a Mini with 3.2GHz 6‑core Core i7 CPU, 16GB memory, and 10GB Ethernet. Hardware...
  6. WST16

    Question The need for hardware transcoding capabilities?

    Hello all, I need help understanding what’s going on below when it comes to transcoding. I’m always challenged by this subject. Preface: I’ve installed Emby media player on my 120j. I was thinking NO WAY it’s going to play anything. To my surprise, it’s playing everything I’m throwing at it...