1. B

    Video streaming outside LAN - What is the best way?

    Hi all, Recently I have upgraded NAS to Synology DS720+ and would like to share videos online to 4K Smart TV`s (replacement for Netflix, Amazon Prime). Locally I use Infuse Pro on Apple TV and no issues there. My Internet connection is 1000/300 (Mb/s). I would like to stream to quite new TV`s...
  2. Telos

    Info Official Plex release for DSM 7 now available

  3. ThinkYEAH

    Plex movies buffering - Mi TV Stick

    Hi, I have setup Plex server on my DS920+ and works great for TV and other devices exept i have problem when i add subtitles on Andorid Box (Mi TV Stick). Movies starts fine but when i add subtitles i have buffering problems. I have Plex pass, i have activate original quality, tried to edit...
  4. D

    My biggest regret - buying a WD My Cloud Home

    So I wanted to setup a little Plex server for my daughter. You know just in case we ever don’t have internet access or something. But I always put it off because it wasn’t exactly a priority. Then I saw a deal for a 4TB My Cloud Home (from Western Digital). So many problems getting content on...
  5. T

    Plex and DSM7

    Hi, Does your Plex (1.21.0-3744) see any pictures in the 'photo' folder? I have first updated Plex when a new version for DSM7 became available, but pictures in photo folder were not seen. Then I uninstalled Plex completely and installed it again. The same result - no pictures in Plex, while...
  6. crazyfeet

    Setting up Synology NAS as a PVR

    I'm trying to get my head around the whole subject of recording live TV, so am looking for some advise on how to setup my NAS as a Freeview PVR. Really need some advise on what TV Tuners you would recommend and how I can can record Freeview HD Channels. I assume that once TV tuner is setup you...
  7. O

    Rack recommendations for home usage inc Plex

    So everything I've read so far says run a million miles away from using a Rack server if I'm intending to run a Plex Media Server as they don't have the horsepower processor wise. I have a comms rack in my house with my ethernet switch, patch panels and it's currently hosting my poverty spec...
  8. S

    Plex - Folder nesting

    Hi All So, uploading material to my sparkly new Plex server continues. My folders are nested as follows: Media -Movies -TV Shows --Breeders ---Season 01 ----Breeders - s01e01 - No Sleep.mkv ----Breeders - s01e01 - No Sleep.vsmeta However, I have a problem when trying to introduce another...
  9. B

    Solved plex app vanished from firewall built-in app list

    Hello everyone, Who know I'm luckier here than posts in Synology Forum and Plex Reddit. I had a couple times in the last 2 years issues with an outside connection within plex as ilustrated below. I always could get rid of this kind of error by restarting DSM. This time it was diferent...
  10. oRBIT

    Activate hardware transcoding on Plex Docker Container?

    I've read about people doing it but haven't still seen any explanation (for mortals) how to actually do it, as simple as possible. Marius described a way of doing it exporting the docker-settingsfile and modifiying it but I miss some details to go through with it (guide refers to elements that'...
  11. oRBIT

    Guide for installing Plex in Docker?

    I really want to get better with Docker, and I've tried following a few guides online for installing Plex as a Docker-container on my DS918+, but I can't get it running. The Docker-Plex log always ends up with "critical: libusb_init failed" and I can't access any webui. I've got a normal...
  12. SynoMan

    Jellyfin - An open source Plex alternative available in Docker

    Jellyfin is a Free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media. It is an alternative to the proprietary Emby and Plex, to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps. More on their site: UI Docker...
  13. one-eyed-king

    Is Plex free live TV streaming available for you?

    I recently recevied an email about Plex providing free live TV streaming now. Though, neither in plex.web, nor in the Android client I see evidence of it. I am running PMS (which commes with plex.web 4.34.3) and the Android client Is it available...
  14. okeeffemarc

    Question Does xTeVe (on Synology via docker) still work with Plex?

    Hi all, ive been playing with Docker on my 918+ recently and came across xTeVe. I've installed it and can run it using @Rusty's guide here. 2 questions: Does Plex still let me use xTeVe? Not sure why it is not adding? As xTeVe is at that address on my LAN and the container is running, I can...
  15. Joseb

    Plex on TV?

    I am new to Plex. I've viewed some YouTube Video on installing Plex on Synology NASs. But how does one view the media on Plex on one's TV? My TV is over 10 years old and very dumb. And I don't watch movies on tablet or phones. So how to view on TV?
  16. fredbert

    Info Something Audio Station can do that Plex can't

    Got an audio file and a cue sheet that identifies the tracks? Yep Audio Station supports that but Plex doesn't, and has been a requested feature for a few years. Not that it's overly gapless between tracks: which is not ideal for a concert recording. I find have a Plex library with remember...
  17. K

    Will Plex transcode dts?

    I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but I couldn't find anything concrete. My samsung tv won't play dts (yeah, I know), but all my uhd files are dts audio. Rather than re-coding all of them, would plex (or video station) be able to transcode on the fly so they would play on the samsung (through...
  18. K

    New tv (video station or plex) advice please

    Hi there, presently I have a ds413j with 4x 4tb wd red in shr, hard wired (cat 4) to an old Samsung TV. I primarily store 1080p films and stream them to the TV by manually scrolling through folders, or sometimes using dsvideo app on my phone (hit and miss whether it works or not). The Samsung is...
  19. S

    Plex teething issues on automatically converting quality

    I found a control to set this to work across all files on my Amazon Firestick, and playback is now great across my whole home video library. However, on my main Plex Server which I access by clicking from the Synology DSM web page, I can only seem to auto-adjust quality on individual home video...
  20. S

    I've my NAS to Plex and added my content, but the libraries are empty... help!

    Hi there, I tried following a youtube tutorial to set up plex. All was exactly per the tutorial until I agreed to the offer to go premium. So then I needed to work out how to link my NAS (which I have done) and then to add libraries (which I have done). My media folders (for example, the...