1. RoCaRay

    Is it Reasonable to Swap Primary DS Volumes for Offsite Backups?

    A friend proposes to use a DS exclusively for archives and backups - including offsite backup. The DS has one RAID5 storage pool (4-bays, 4-drives). No packages or other applications - no SSD cache - very basic configuration - nothing but a handful of SMB shares - and, of course DSM. My...
  2. B

    Cannot Delete Single Files From Time Machine Backups

    Hi Forum, Basically hopeless at this point, as for a year I have been trying to figure out how to delete instances of a file / folder from my time machine backups which I use my DS718+ for. when I "enter time machine" I see the list of all my backups (hourly, daily , weekly). When i select...
  3. David M

    Active Backup for Business - can it do incremental backups ?

    I have searched all over for this but found nothing... I just started running Active Backup for Business on my DS-920+. After reviewing the folders and contents of the backups with Windows explorer, every backup appears appears to be a complete backup of my PC. Can anyone point me to how to make...
  4. Sly870

    DSM 7.0 Recommendation for cloud backups

    Good morning all :D I currently have a cloud sync for my Dropbox, this just acts as if I had dropbox on my local PC so I can access certain files remotely or at home but I am looking for another cloud solution. I don't want to move away from DB as DB is used for spreadsheet access etc, I am...
  5. DeltaGolf

    Hyper Backup rotation of backups troubles

    I have a Hyper Backup to a Local Storage USB. I run it nightly and I want to it to rotate but not keep far too many versions of my files. I'm using Smart Recycle and as the 8TB drive was filling up it became clear 256 versions was madness. So I set it to 12 versions, which is more than enough...
  6. Cobra

    Can ds918+ wake a pc for backups?

    Using dsm7 can Active backup for business, wake my pc for backups and if so how? When I used windows home server years ago it would wake the pc then back it up. Thank you
  7. B

    DSM 7.0 Time Machine backups after DSM 7 update

    I noticed that Time machine can't find either the attached USB drive nor has made backups to NAS for 3 days. Two events happened that day. I installed successfully DSM 7 and later that night a thunderstorm, lost electricity for a few hours but UPS took over and all seemed okay thereafter. (Not...
  8. M

    Faster backups with what option?

    Hey there folks. I have a DS920+ with two 16TB drives installed in mirroring mode. My pc has a 2x1TB SSD and one 16TB HDD. I have around 11TB in total of data. I have the NAS connected to a gigabit router and the pc also has a gigabit ethernet port. I'm using Active Backup for Bussiness as a...
  9. R

    RPM vs Cache/Memory?

    I bought 2 DS720+ where one will replicated by an offsite snapshot sync. This will be a backup system with mostly write, except in a DR situation. Total data is about 2.5 TB I mistakenly bought 5400rpm drives & wonder if a cache drive or memory upgrade would negate the need to swap to 7200rpm?
  10. P

    Trash, rebuild, test backups and revert to previous - need help

    I thought this was going to be a genius idea, but I have quickly found it may not even work - unless the power of collective (Synoforum) knowledge can help me achieve my goal. ;) Setup NAS1 (Master): RS812+ with 4x 2TB SHR providing 6TB storage NAS2 (Local backup only): DS718+ with 1x6TB - no...

    Info About backups (desktop, mobile, NAS, sync, cloud)

    In this article, we'll try to cover the most popular backup solutions and ways to do it. For general backup discussion please open a new thread here. 1. Desktop backups 2. Mobile backups 3. NAS backups 4. Sync (desktop, mobile, NAS) 5. Cloud backup
  12. David M

    Dedicated PC to run backups / sync's ?

    I have both QNAP and Synology NAS's ; I use one to backup to the other in a separate building on my property. On top of that I also have the usual PC's and cloud accounts on my network that are part of my backup routine. I did manage to figure out how to backup the QNAP directly to the...
  13. T

    DSM 7.0 DSM 7 Beta, and APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j

    Can any body please confirm weather or not if either of the 2 ups's I have is supported by dsm 7 they both worked on dsm 6.2 I cannot get either of them to stay connected... thanks... specs: APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j thanks a bunch in here guys... I...
  14. aGraphicz

    Backups - Hyper Backup or USBCopy?

    I would like to make weekly backup of my data on an External drive attached via USB to my NAS. Maybe every sunday during night (I have atm 1.3TB data). I would like the backup to only overwrite datas that was acutally updated/created/changed during the week, and not everything. Between this 2...
  15. Jheroen

    Scheduling backups second nas - google drive

    Ha people, I want to present you the following. I still use the unlimited storage at google for data storage. I fear that will change in the future. I have a 415+ on which I have business files, also backups of customers and my own gear (nas) are on it, these now go extra towards google drive...
  16. G

    New to nas: Is one Synology NAS able to handle movies/pictures, computer backups, print server, and surveillance?

    I'm looking at Synology since I do not want to do too much setup and customisation on my own. Here's what I would like the NAS to do: - store movies/pictures and access via local and over internet - backup mac (time machine) and pc computers - print server - surveillance - record a week or so...
  17. NSquirrel

    Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

    I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short...