1. David M

    Dedicated PC to run backups / sync's ?

    I have both QNAP and Synology NAS's ; I use one to backup to the other in a separate building on my property. On top of that I also have the usual PC's and cloud accounts on my network that are part of my backup routine. I did manage to figure out how to backup the QNAP directly to the...
  2. T

    DSM 7 Beta, and APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j

    Can any body please confirm weather or not if either of the 2 ups's I have is supported by dsm 7 they both worked on dsm 6.2 I cannot get either of them to stay connected... thanks... specs: APC BACKUPS Pro 1000s and/or CyberPower EC850LCD on Synology DS220j thanks a bunch in here guys... I...
  3. aGraphicz

    Backups - Hyper Backup or USBCopy?

    I would like to make weekly backup of my data on an External drive attached via USB to my NAS. Maybe every sunday during night (I have atm 1.3TB data). I would like the backup to only overwrite datas that was acutally updated/created/changed during the week, and not everything. Between this 2...
  4. Jheroen

    Scheduling backups second nas - google drive

    Ha people, I want to present you the following. I still use the unlimited storage at google for data storage. I fear that will change in the future. I have a 415+ on which I have business files, also backups of customers and my own gear (nas) are on it, these now go extra towards google drive...
  5. G

    New to nas: Is one Synology NAS able to handle movies/pictures, computer backups, print server, and surveillance?

    I'm looking at Synology since I do not want to do too much setup and customisation on my own. Here's what I would like the NAS to do: - store movies/pictures and access via local and over internet - backup mac (time machine) and pc computers - print server - surveillance - record a week or so...
  6. NSquirrel

    Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

    I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short...