1. SynoMan

    Guide Change time and date format

    You can change the time and date format easily by clicking on the link below in the footer: The pop-up window shows up. Choose the desired format. *by default it is set to 24-hour format
  2. Geeked

    Solved Can I change the time format on this forum?

    I’m a Yank in the USA. I prefer 12 hour time rather than 24. I checked preferences and didn’t see it. Thank you.
  3. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  4. daptap

    Pihole Time Clock

    Looking at my stats from this morning, and from other days, the time is really off. It This was at about 8am central time but my days view below shows 2pm. Anyone come across this before?
  5. jono

    Leave VPN Plus on iOS connected all the time?

    While I'm away from home I often use VPN Plus on my phone to connect back home to various services via a VPN running on SRM. While I'm out I connect to the VPN, then disconnect once I'm done, but every now and then forget to disconnect and will notice it's still connected a few hours later...
  6. JME81

    Question Safe Access - No Internet all of the time - Except for one IP or URL?

    I have the "No internet access policy" set up under Safe Access for 2 devices, however, I want to allow ONLY traffic to test.com. Is that possible?
  7. mtichbon

    Solved Time taken to move files

    I recently upgraded my NAS to a DS918+ with all new drives and did an rsync backup to move the files from the old, failing NAS. When I went to move all the files from the backup location into the new shares, I've seen some funny things with regards to how long it takes for different folders...
  8. jeyare

    Migrating existing Ubiquity UniFi Controller to Docker in Synology NAS

    Some googled guides doesn't work. Then you can save a time with this one. Simple and perfect! Thanks to JackobAlberty we have stable and helpful management of Ubiquiti Unifi environment in Docker. Prerequisite: 1. Upgrade your existing Unifi controler to last ver in line with last ver from...
  9. WST16

    Question Mail server log time is incorrect

    I'm running mail server (not plus). There was an update today. I updated and I think it screwed up the time in the mail log. Now it's offset by whatever I have in the time zone! Strangely, if I export the the log (to HTML), the correct time is shown! Anyone seeing that? I've created a ticket.