1. B

    Delete time Machine backup

    I searched using this subject but not finding. I have a 220+ and am fairly new at this. I was able to set up a Time machine backup for both my and wife's computer in the NAS. I additionally have an external 2T drive attached to USB for a secondary TM backup. My NAS file size limit for TM is 1T...
  2. Telos

    Info Snapshotting and Daylight Savings Time

    Apparently the clock jumping ahead by an hour spurred an avalanche of warnings overnight, as "missed" snapshots queued for execution. Here's a partial list... You just have to love the world of Synology and their fine coding skills :ROFLMAO:
  3. E

    User introduction Synology long time basic user trying to build expertise - in Costa Rica

    Hi, this is Otto Acuna, long time user of SYNOLOGY since DS 412+ in 2013. Since then I have also a DS1815+, DS116 and DS218+. I am located in Costa Rica and have been using the NASs for fairly basic use. Last year we became SYNOLOGY partners and trying to leverate our great experience with...
  4. pajczur

    Backup and enter Time Machine from outside of LAN

    Hello, I am not sure what exactly is LAN, but I mean I have my macbook in other wi-fi network than DS220j. Or in more human words :) I mean situation that my DS220j is in New York home wi-fi network while I am with my macbook in Los Angeles in hotel wi-fi network. Is there a way to use Time...
  5. jeyare

    When you have some Zyxel in your network, it’s time to update of firmware

    Zyxel devices (Gateways, Firewalls, VPN modules,...), specially in SOHO or SME segment devices, have serious problem based on: and what is even worse: at the source side you can find the firmware hardcoded password for the admin user. here is complete research report :
  6. WST16

    Info Delights me and scares me at the same time 😐

  7. W

    DS1819+ Converting to SHR-2 - LONG TIME!

    I recently acquired two DS1819+. I had a DS418 and DS920+ for a short time before that then finally decided to just go big and get two 8 bay devices. So I converted my DS920+ to the first "Primary" DS1819+ by migrating over 4x12TB hard drives. Migration went fine. I then added 4x14TB hard drives...
  8. T

    NAS trying to upgrade all the time

    Hello, I have a recurring problem with my Synology NAS DS115j: Very often, twice a month maybe, the NAS becomes unavailable and displays the following screen: The problem can be solved by accessing the NAS from my home network. But the main, if not almost exclusive, use of my NAS is to access...
  9. J

    Time Machine on NAS, how to access them after format disc?

    Hy guys. I just changed my ssd on my MacBook Pro and now of course, I have to set a new Time Machine backup on my Synology NAS. But first, I would like to access the old backup to restore some of my files. But...I can't see the old ones and I don't understand why. I select on TM options my Nas...
  10. oRBIT

    Time to upgrade my UPS, hints?

    The battery has gone bad obviously on my APC ES 550G and it signals this by a high frequent noise that really makes me mad. Are there a better/other model that is compatible with Synology NAS that indicates this kinds of things a little bit better? I am in no need for an expert UPS, it if can...
  11. DeltaGolf

    First time Docker user, how does my Nextcloud look?

    No idea about Docker but I've got it running and installed Nextcloud and that seems to work too! :) I've used Nextcloud from the Docker hub as that seems the most official. There are a couple of things I'm unsure about: I'd like to make sure everything is correct before I add users and data...
  12. M

    Me again......This time its Why different Docker packages?

    Hello all, I've been busy understanding Dockers and have just managed to setup and configure SabnzbdVPN which is a great little tool. I currently have Emby running in a Docker and pay for the Premier option. I'm considering moving to JellyFin which is open source, even with the lack of...
  13. M

    Me again......This time its Unmanic

    Hello all, I've just found a really useful video converter that runs inside Docker, automatically scans new video downloads from Sonarr and Radarr, then converts them to H265. The best part is that I got it running on my own first try. :ROFLMAO: Anyways, I'm not linked in anyway to him, I...
  14. M

    Solved Me again......This time its phpMyAdmin

    Hello all, I thought what a lovely day with the sun out, I'd sit inside and try and continue setting up NextCloud / MariaDB /phpMyAdmin in Docker. As you may know, I've managed to install (with the help of you all) MariaDB and Nextcloud, however I still have phpMyAdmin to go. Now with this...
  15. M

    Solved Me again......This time its MariaDB

    Hello all, I thought I'd give myself a new challenge today and take a look at NextCloud. After installation (which was relatively pain-free), I arrived at the login/account creation page. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it up and running with a MySQL/MariaDB database, I remembered...
  16. M

    Solved Me again......This time its BitWarden

    Hello all, I'm still plodding away with all this reverse proxy and Docker containers, and Im sure I'll reach the end......if there is an end. 😂 Anyways, I followed the excellent tutorial by Rusty (Docker - BitWarden - self hosted password manager using bitwardenrs/server image) and have...
  17. SynoMan

    Guide Change time and date format

    You can change the time and date format easily by clicking on the link below in the footer: The pop-up window shows up. Choose the desired format. *by default it is set to 24-hour format
  18. Geeked

    Can I change the time format on this forum?

    I’m a Yank in the USA. I prefer 12 hour time rather than 24. I checked preferences and didn’t see it. Thank you.
  19. B

    Cloud Station Backup or Time Machine?

    I heard Time Machine has some issues over the nework but is this True? How are people managing their backup from mac? Whata bout using Cloud Station Backup? Also Do some people use both Drive and a Time Machine backup on the same NAS? (I own a RS819)
  20. daptap

    Pihole Time Clock

    Looking at my stats from this morning, and from other days, the time is really off. It This was at about 8am central time but my days view below shows 2pm. Anyone come across this before?