1. Sean.Kane

    Time to upgrade a client's 2012 Windows Server

    Hi Everyone, I have a new client who is in need of a server replacement. I'm hoping to get them up and running on a Synology and I'm looking for advice from your experience. Here's what I know... Current set-up: Law office of approximately 15 employees Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials...
  2. B

    Cannot Delete Single Files From Time Machine Backups

    Hi Forum, Basically hopeless at this point, as for a year I have been trying to figure out how to delete instances of a file / folder from my time machine backups which I use my DS718+ for. when I "enter time machine" I see the list of all my backups (hourly, daily , weekly). When i select...
  3. Arkayem

    Upgrade 6.2 to DSM 7.0 taking VERY long time

    I started the Upgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 7.0 over 6 hours ago, and it's been stuck at this screen for over 4 hours. What should I do?
  4. G

    Drive ShareSync Syncing Everything First Time Setup

    I have Synology Drive ShareSync setup to do a one-way sync. DS1513+ -> DS1019+ If I add/delete something on the DS1513, I want that change to be reflected on the DS1019. I just set it up and it is synchronizing EVERYTHING I have setup in my folder (1000+ files). As this folder was already...
  5. tekguru

    Time Machine Backup To Synology NAS

    I came across this article on FB the other day. Very useful, it might be handy for others. https://www.storagealchemist.com/time-machine-backup-to-synology-nas/
  6. ed.j

    DSM 7.0 Record File Access Time Frequency cannot be found

    Whenever I open Snapshot Replication it gives me the following pop-up: Unless I am going totally blind, in the Storage Manager this option is nowhere to be seen. The two use cases it mentions are not relevant to me, so I would like to set this option to "Never", but it is nowhere to be...
  7. S

    Building a Storage Pool -- Long Time

    So why does it take so long to build a storage pool on my new DS1520? I have 3 for the 5 drives populated with 2 TBs each. It has been running for nearly 48 hours and still has 75% left to complete. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Harold
  8. Andy

    Time Machine very slow

    Hi I've recently set up my DS218+ with DSM 7.01 to backup my three Macs via Time Machine with SMB. I'm pretty sure I've done it all correctly as it's all working. But it's incredibly slow. The initial back up was not slow, but subsequent backups are really slow- Over an hour for 600MB. Im...
  9. SynoMan

    When was the last time you cleaned your NAS (outside and inside)?

    For me, that day was today :) Finally! My poor DS418play needed a complete cleaning...
  10. W

    Help needed choosing a synology nas that could play 2 or 3 4k movies at the same time which device can do this 8 bays or more

    Can someone help me on this ? Thanks
  11. B

    DSM 7.0 Time Machine backups after DSM 7 update

    I noticed that Time machine can't find either the attached USB drive nor has made backups to NAS for 3 days. Two events happened that day. I installed successfully DSM 7 and later that night a thunderstorm, lost electricity for a few hours but UPS took over and all seemed okay thereafter. (Not...
  12. L

    Dates are not Date Taken, but are EXIF Date and Time (original/digitized)

    When Synology Photos imports photo files, it categorizes them by Year and Month. This should be done by Date Taken, but instead it is appears to be by Date and Time (original or digitized). If this is missing, they are categorized as year 1970 and month 01. Trying to fix this by selecting the...
  13. RemekTek

    Synology Photos on DSM 7 is not ready for prime time

    I am running DSM 6.x and Photo Station. No w I got a DS220+ so I installed DSM 7 and Synology Photos. What a disappointment! Can't even select a different background colour, like black, and the there is no Blog section. Until the photo app on DSM 7 becomes usable, I'll not shift to DSM 7. If I...
  14. B

    Delete time Machine backup

    I searched using this subject but not finding. I have a 220+ and am fairly new at this. I was able to set up a Time machine backup for both my and wife's computer in the NAS. I additionally have an external 2T drive attached to USB for a secondary TM backup. My NAS file size limit for TM is 1T...
  15. Telos

    Info Snapshotting and Daylight Savings Time

    Apparently the clock jumping ahead by an hour spurred an avalanche of warnings overnight, as "missed" snapshots queued for execution. Here's a partial list... You just have to love the world of Synology and their fine coding skills :ROFLMAO:
  16. E

    User introduction Synology long time basic user trying to build expertise - in Costa Rica

    Hi, this is Otto Acuna, long time user of SYNOLOGY since DS 412+ in 2013. Since then I have also a DS1815+, DS116 and DS218+. I am located in Costa Rica and have been using the NASs for fairly basic use. Last year we became SYNOLOGY partners and trying to leverate our great experience with...
  17. pajczur

    Backup and enter Time Machine from outside of LAN

    Hello, I am not sure what exactly is LAN, but I mean I have my macbook in other wi-fi network than DS220j. Or in more human words :) I mean situation that my DS220j is in New York home wi-fi network while I am with my macbook in Los Angeles in hotel wi-fi network. Is there a way to use Time...
  18. jeyare

    When you have some Zyxel in your network, it’s time to update of firmware

    Zyxel devices (Gateways, Firewalls, VPN modules,...), specially in SOHO or SME segment devices, have serious problem based on: and what is even worse: at the source side you can find the firmware hardcoded password for the admin user. here is complete research report :
  19. WST16

    Info Delights me and scares me at the same time 😐

  20. W

    DS1819+ Converting to SHR-2 - LONG TIME!

    I recently acquired two DS1819+. I had a DS418 and DS920+ for a short time before that then finally decided to just go big and get two 8 bay devices. So I converted my DS920+ to the first "Primary" DS1819+ by migrating over 4x12TB hard drives. Migration went fine. I then added 4x14TB hard drives...