1. R

    I want my NAS to be connected to two different networks.

    I looked up this up a bit and they talked about using static routing on the NAS to achieve this, how would I set that up? I need some help setting up the networks on the ds418play. The ds418 has two lan ports. ideally I would like network traffic to look like this: Lan1 port ->
  2. D

    Question about dual networks

    I have inherited an IT department that has a rackstation rs812rp+ this is set up in windows AD domain, and I believe also has an iscsi lun hosting vmware backup snapshots. As far as I can tell, this is all done on lan1 (IP 172.18.x.x) - as no traffic was present on lan2's ip, and...
  3. itsjasper

    Question Dual NAS setup over two locations

    Throwing this open to the brains trust..! My current NAS setup is a DS918+ which runs a weekly Shared Folder Sync to a second DS918+ unit at the same location, and an offsite backup performed monthly to a DS718+. This has worked flawlessly since inception. My usage is mainly storage and some...
  4. Y

    Synology NAS Comskip setup?

    Hi, so I bought a Synology DS220j NAS unit mainly for Time Machine backups since my Unraid Tower was never stable with that. Gotta say, after finding instructions to set that up its been rock solid so far *knocks on wood*. I installed the Community Package Center and found Comskip in there...
  5. S

    Question Remote connection setup wizard stopped working

    I've had a Microsoft Onedrive mapped through FileStation for some time today I found it was no longer accessible, while still displayed selecting it from the folder tree in Filestation just resulted in an endless 'Please wait'. So I disconnected it and attempted to start over through Tools >...
  6. R

    Photos file structure & general setup

    I'm looking to put all my CR2 raws on the nas presently on the mac I have a file structure of year/month/date folders Should I abandon that file structure and throw everything on using Moments? Im trying Drive Client but can't get a connection from the mac (only Drive client giving issues) Any...
  7. jono

    Setup & run a VM on an external SSD?

    I have a spare USB3 external SSD, and wanted to try setting up a VM on it (in the thinking that it might be a little faster than on the Synology's spinning disks). After plugging the SDD into the Synology then creating a new VM it only shows the option to use the storage I created previously...
  8. B

    Brand new DiskStation DS418 received today, need help with setup

    I've got the software installed and everything seems to be working. Watched the installation video on the intro page of this forum. Everything was OK until I got to the "Pool" configuration part. My software does not match what I saw in the video about RAID configurations. Any links to the...
  9. D

    Setup ds218+ for automated downloads

    Hi I am pretty new to Synology Nas got my first 1 about a week ago and would like to setup automated series and film downloads on it I have transmission up and running via the package installer was wondering if anyone could help with a guide from start to finish setting up an automated series...
  10. R

    can use help with a dual router setup

    Folks, I currently have a "dual router" setup on my home network, so I can have both VPN and non-VPN connections: 1st - primary router (ie. connected to the internet service provider); wi-fi network that is non-vpn 2nd - secondary VPN router (vpn configuration provided...
  11. jeyare

    Info Security and your DSM setup

    follow my short research: 45 588 Syno NASes accessible from WAN by standard HTTP (5000) port 54% of them have opened UPnP 7% of them have opened FTP and people are crazy with SMB1, look here check your IP and what “they” know about you at Our mission here is providing a knowledge...
  12. jeyare

    Setup consideration: NAS Disks vs LAN Environment

    link to this Resource: - how to simple measure a performance of your disk(s) in NAS - how to setup LAN related performance for your disk setup
  13. oRBIT

    Reinstalling my DS918+, hints for setup?

    I'm going to reinstall my DS918+ and I am looking for good hints on the setup. Currently I've got 3x6TB and 1x1TB SSD (two volumes) but I'm interested in how other people have setup their NAS'es. On my NAS I store a quite alot of movies (running Plex) and lots of photos/homevideos mainly which...
  14. D

    UNMS Docker setup - any feedback?

    Setup UNMS on my NAS, trying to connect to my router and while UNMS can find the router, see all it's info (up time, MAC, FW version, model, etc.) it can't connect to it when I provide my router credentials. Wondering if anyone here has any experience w/running UNMS on their NAS, and any...
  15. johntdavis

    Firewall Setup Question

    Hello, I have a question about my firewall setup. So far, I've not done anything specific to it. When the router was first plugged in, it asked me to set up a bunch of automatic rules, and I let it do that so I could get through the setup process. Presently, it looks like this: Some of this...
  16. M

    Set up help DS1019 on imac for storage

    Hello! I just bought a DS1019 and need help choosing the best set up options for it. I am coming from a drobo which was easy to set up, but after several problems with the support for Drobo I've decided to make the switch to Synology. I know Synology can do way more than my drobo which was a...
  17. Shadow

    Setup to forward ALL incoming emails

    Hi all, I have MailPlus running on my DS216+II. I have a DS118 in another location (can connect to each other via a site-to-site VPN tunnel). I was wondering if I can install Mail Server on the DS118 and set it up to forward any email it receives to my MailPlus server on the DS216+II . This...
  18. E

    What, besides the cameras, do I need to setup and run Surveillance Station?

    I'm a bit confused from reading Synology website about what I need, in terms if hardware and software, to setup and run video security. Their terminology assumes that I know what all this stuff means. I can use some help please. This is for my house, and I have a DS1517+ with plenty of storage...
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  20. Series - How to Setup and Configure a Synology NAS

    Series - How to Setup and Configure a Synology NAS

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