1. rajalot

    After a system partition failure and just avoiding major data loss, I'm looking for some advice on the best configuration/RAID setup for my DS218Play!

    Hey everyone - hope you've been keeping safe and well :) I recently experienced a System Partition Failure due to a dislodged drive - therefore reverting the volume to Read only status. I had a single volume configuration, with a JBOD Raid Type. So after spending a good week and a half copying...
  2. M

    Best solution for DDNS setup

    Hi there, I just moved internet providers and am now back on a dynamic IP address (after many years with a static IP address). I host a few web sites using my DS 720+ and wondered what the best approach to DDNS is. I have set up the Synology DDNS and have a address which works...
  3. G

    Drive ShareSync Syncing Everything First Time Setup

    I have Synology Drive ShareSync setup to do a one-way sync. DS1513+ -> DS1019+ If I add/delete something on the DS1513, I want that change to be reflected on the DS1019. I just set it up and it is synchronizing EVERYTHING I have setup in my folder (1000+ files). As this folder was already...
  4. B

    best cache setup for pair of ssd cards

    I have used a 512Gb NVMe card for cache, and soon will acquire one more. I have run cache advisor which suggests at least 1Tb for cache. Most of the large operations are reading not writing. Most bulk writes occur through slow transmissions, such as over residential fiber uplink. The system runs...
  5. P

    Run Plex server on PC or NAS given network setup

    Hello all. First time post. I’m more of an A/V guy than a computer guy but I’ve done pretty well and I’m happy with my current set up (Plex and network). But I need more storage (and redundancy) so I’m considering buying a NAS. Before I screw things up I’d like to get your...
  6. ed.j

    Firewall setup - is this OK?

    I would like to know that my firewall is setup correctly and despite doing lots of reading it's always helpful to have a sense check. I know that the firewall is not entirely necessary if your router has a firewall, which mine does - but I'd still like to make sure because I don't fully trust it...
  7. V

    DS920+ - Could use some help with setup and Installation

    Hello !! Id like to thank those, who responded to my questions in the previous thread and help me decide on my first NAS. Ive decided to purchase the Synology DS920+ ( id be hoping Synology announce an upgrade in the coming days before i make the dive ) Ive been browsing forums and videos...
  8. horizonerix

    DSM 6.2 MailServer, Router Setup - need serious help

    Hi, I'm a bit new on setting up the Synology Mail Server and can't get it to work properly :-( . Guess config of router or ISP isn't ok and need help and support. NAS DS218+ running DSM 6.2.4, WAN cable modem with router using 10.0.0.x, another Synology router RT1900c running SRM 1.2.5...
  9. E

    Question on my setup

    Hi guys, Sorry for the n00b question... I have a DS420 with probably an unusual JBOD setup (don't ask). I have drives in bayss 1, 2 & 3 (bay 4 is free). Each drive is it's own volume (ext4) in it's own storage pool.. so 3 drives, 3 slots, 3 storage pools, 3 volumes). Drives are all in use with...
  10. C

    Can't set up Hyper Backup remote NAS backup.

    Hello, I have a DS1815+ running DSM 7.0.1, that I would like to backup to a DS920+ running DSM 7.0.1. I installed Hyper Backup Vault on the 920 and have it running, I created a shared folder on the 920 to store the backup files. I open Hyper Backup on the 1815, select new data backup task...
  11. S

    WD Degraded Drive Problem - Relatively new to NAS Synology so please bear with me. I bought and setup a Synology 216 and installed two 2 new X 4TB WD

    The two drives are set up as 2 p00ls SHR, btrfs Drive 1 has 3.6 TB free and Drive 2 has 3.5 TB free Drive 1 pool 1 is showing as DEGREDATED With only two available drives available how do I repair Drive 1 which has the system software on it ? Thanks and regards for any help
  12. A

    2x3TB Raid 0 Setup

    I have 2 x 3TB raid 0 from my previous WD Duo Book. The WD Duo Book is damaged and i bought a DS1621xs+ intend to replace it. How can i setup so can read from my previous 3tb raid HDDs without losing the data? Thank you
  13. kappclark

    User home directories setup

    I need help setting up permissions for user directories... I want to set permissions for each user inside the homes directory...can only do this if user home directory is at root.. Not sure I explained it right..I can put up a diagram
  14. nthkmf

    Cannot complete setup Plex Server? What todo next

    Dear Bro, I am installing Plex to replace Video Station. At the final stage, the Finish button turn around and around (see the photo). How to solve this problem? I also set the name and add film folder at the step two.
  15. N

    HA setup but how to get ride of shr2

    Hi all, I would like to setup Sha but shr volume are not supported. Do you know the best method to migrate from shr2 to raid5 or raid ? Thanks a lot for your advices. Nicolas
  16. M

    Photo setup

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations and help creating a photo backup/sharing setup. I have read several discussions without finding a definitive answer so I decided to register and create a new thread. The situation: Family of four, two young kids, 8 and 6, so just starting to take their own...
  17. M

    Help to choose setup

    Hi guys.I have 2 NAS both of then are 2 bay.Each disc is setup as independent,so no RAID is needed.I'm using 3 discs for my movies and tv shows,so there are not to many changes s I had them back up manually. 1 discs is use for may files and etc a is backed up via external USB disc...
  18. terrylalala

    Valheim Plus setup

    I currently setup the Valheim-server in my DS920+ and run smoothly. Anyone also setup Valheim Plus with the Docker interface in Synology? I go through some instructions online but still not very sure how to make the Valheim Plus work in my Synology NAS or is it already there but I need to set...
  19. S

    Synology Drive Client will not run setup MAC OS10.11.16

    I have installed Synology Drive Client application on a iMac with OS 10.11.16. The set up never runs. I try to open from it from the application folder. Nothing happenings. I have been able to get Synology Sation Backup to run but the machine the me that I need to update to Synology Drive...
  20. pajczur

    Best concept to NAS setup for newbies?

    Hello, I am totally new in NAS world. My NAS is DS220j with drives: - Seagate Exos 10TB; - Seagate Exos 4TB; And now I have really big headache with configuration all of that. To use RAID1 or to use RAID0? Or to use both drives as a separate basic drives? I invented my own concept. Please...