1. S

    DSM 7.0 Memtest failed on 2 brand new Syno ECC DIMMs

    Ran into an interesting issue... For our brand-new RS1221RP+, we purchased 2 D4ES01-8G (yes, genuine Synology ECC SODIMM) and installed them. Ran just fine. But just to be sure, I went into the Synology Assistant and ran the memory test. Failed! err=1 (whatever that means). Then tried again...
  2. Robbie

    Info RS1221+ ECC RAM Upgrade

    I wasn't really planning on this upgrade but stumbled on a new 'Synology' branded ECC SODIMM for regular DDR4 money. I need more RAM than this but for now it does, at least, double my RAM and brings me into dual-channel mode. My search for a bigger and better memory configuration that escapes...