1. S

    User introduction Upgrade for maximum performance

    A basic Synologist for many years, starting with DS1511+ 5 Bay. Looking to upgrade to a RS1619xs+ NAS and get deeper into its capabilities, now I have more time and my new 10Gbe Cat6A Network
  2. Furbz85

    Would SSD benefit my photo workflow 1621+/10gbe?

    Hi people, first of all: thank you if you are helping me out! I've got a ds1621+ hooked up via 10gbe on my iMac via a thunderbolt adapter. Running speed tests to my nas with Black Magic I have 500+ write and about 1000 read. So far so good! But, and that is the strange thing. Coming home from...
  3. ahelillo

    3 years of this: Cannot connect to network shares over 10GbE, but WiFi & 1GbE work fine

    Hi, everyone. I’ve been struggling with this for over 3 years and two Macs now. Let me explain: Back in 2019, I had a Mid-2017 iMac. I purchased a Synology DS1819+ with a 10GbE network card, a 10GbE Netgear switch, and a 10GbE Thunderbolt 3 adapter for the iMac. Things were working fine for a...
  4. Robbie

    Synology NICs - Firmware Updates?

    I run a Synology E10G18-T1 in one of my NASes and it has been ticking along for a few years now. In all that time it has not had a firmware update nor has Synology added anything to DSM to enable their NICs to be updated in-situ. The firmware on the NIC is from 2018 and has been superseded...
  5. ric0ric

    Netgear GS110EMX not accepting connection to NAS 1621+ on 10Gbe ports

    I installed a 10Gbe card in my NAS and added a Sonnet 10Gbe from thunderbolt to my iMac. It all worked fine albeit at 1Gbe speed. Then today I replaced my 1Gbe Netgear switch for a GS110EMX having 8 1Gbe port and 2 10 Gbe ports. If I connect via the slower ports all works fine albeit at the...
  6. Giles Kendrick

    Options for third party 10GbE NIC on DS1821+

    Hi all. I've had a DS216+II for a while now (and some old Xtreamer models before that), but I'll shortly be getting my grubby little mitts on a DS1821+. I would like to add in a 10 gigabit NIC, preferably with two RJ45 ports, but as I'm sure you're aware, the prices of their own- brand kit are...
  7. Robbie

    New UniFi 10GbE Switch Finally Installed

    Finally got my replacement 10GbE switch racked and tweaked to my liking. It is a UniFi USW-EnterpriseXG-24, to replace my USW-XG-6PoE and keep the Synology 10GbE card happy: Having run things for a while at 2.5GbE it is good to return to normal service! ☕️
  8. Furbz85

    10gbe OWC connection dropping

    Hi ya'll! I've got some issues with my 1621+ and I think there is no better place to be asking than here. I'd love to get some help please. I've got an iMac (2017, i7, 32GB Ram) connected via thunderbolt 3 (UCBC) to an OWC 10gbe to USB-c adapter. (This boy). The OWC is connected via CAT6 kabel...
  9. Robbie

    UniFi 10GbE Switch Dead - 17 months old - No help from Ubiquiti

    My US-XG6 has died - no lights, no fan and almost zero power being pulled from the DC brick. Over the last month UI Support has pushed me around in a loop and then to RMA and UI RMA pushes me back to support as the unit is 17 months old. Bummer. So for now I have pulled the patch leads from...
  10. E

    Setting up 10Gbe for single PC and 1821+

    Hopefully someone can direct me to the simplest effective way to setup a 10Gb connection between my PC and my new 1821+ that is on the way. I will need to purchase 10Gb cards for both. I will be using the 10Gb connection to transfer large files between the two devices, and I also run a torrent...
  11. R

    Question VMM 10Gbe LAN

    Is there a way to pass through the 10Gbe LAN or should I say get a Windows 10 VM to recognise the network as 10Gbe and have speeds available to it?
  12. Furbz85

    Best NAS for Capture One/Photo Editing

    Hi Syno-Users! I am brand new at this forum, so please forgive me for any mistakes I've made in finding the right place to start this post. I have been using the search function, but I have not found any answer nor question that gives me the right info. First the story: At this moment I am...