1. Geeked

    Question Have you ever tried randomly viewing the Synology DDNS names?

    A while back when I was assigning my NAS a DDNS, the names I was choosing were all taken. So naturally I pop them into the browser xxxxxx.synology.me. I was shocked to see so many insecure plex and emby installs. And some even had their port 5000 open! I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.
  2. Telos

    Info Wild Card certs on Synology DDNS

    I recall discussion stating that Synology DDNS does not support LE wildcard certs... But this recent Community post Synology Community suggests otherwise, showing a redacted list of Synology DDNS addresses associated with an LE cert which includes wildcard use. Specifically...
  3. chenks

    Solved External Access DDNS (Google Domains)

    I have few subdomains configured for my domain (which is managed via Google Domains). only the sub-domains i have configured load a page, any other non-configured sub-domain results in a standard "page cannot be found" style error - which is the expected outcome. previously i have using...
  4. NSquirrel

    Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

    I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short...
  5. S

    DDNS Customize localhost to Docker container

    I've setup a custom DDNS resolver for Cloudflare via Azure functions successfully, however, I was hoping to simplify this by just spinning up a Docker container on the nas with an endpoint to do the work; This has proved not so simple, ha. Right now when spun up I can hit the service and update...