1. E

    Inadyn as DDNS update client for multiple subdomains

    Hello, I use lots of sub domains for reverse proxy access to various docker services. DSM is limited to only providing 1 entry per provider. I've been using a cool Inadyn docker image that allows me to update my IP for each of my subdomains from the same provider. This is the docker image...
  2. Telos

    Question Synology DDNS wild card cert w/LE

    I'm nearing my renewal date for aaa.synology.me, and want to change that to a wild card... do I enter *.aaa.synology.me as the domain name, and assume that aaa.synology.me falls under the wild card, or ... do I enter *.aaa.synology.me as SAN with aaa.synology.me in the domain field? Has anyone...
  3. Geeked

    Question Have you ever tried randomly viewing the Synology DDNS names?

    A while back when I was assigning my NAS a DDNS, the names I was choosing were all taken. So naturally I pop them into the browser xxxxxx.synology.me. I was shocked to see so many insecure plex and emby installs. And some even had their port 5000 open! I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.
  4. Telos

    Info Wild Card certs on Synology DDNS

    I recall discussion stating that Synology DDNS does not support LE wildcard certs... But this recent Community post Synology Community suggests otherwise, showing a redacted list of Synology DDNS addresses associated with an LE cert which includes wildcard use. Specifically...
  5. chenks

    Solved External Access DDNS (Google Domains)

    I have few subdomains configured for my domain (which is managed via Google Domains). only the sub-domains i have configured load a page, any other non-configured sub-domain results in a standard "page cannot be found" style error - which is the expected outcome. previously i have using...
  6. NSquirrel

    Excellent Series of Synology NAS Tutorials-Mydoodads

    I bought my NAS a year ago and realise that, amongst other aspects, permissions, Photo Station and Moments had created a year-long confusion; well permissions had, partly because I did not start with groups as I had only one or two users. As far as Photo Station and Moments goes, after a short...
  7. S

    DDNS Customize localhost to Docker container

    I've setup a custom DDNS resolver for Cloudflare via Azure functions successfully, however, I was hoping to simplify this by just spinning up a Docker container on the nas with an endpoint to do the work; This has proved not so simple, ha. Right now when spun up I can hit the service and update...