1. U

    Geo Block Firewall Settings - help!

    Hello - I have a DS415+ - latest - DSM 6.2.4-25556 - everything up to date. I've been getting login attempts on my mail (plus) server. They appear to be coming from Bulgaria according to WHOIS - a traceroute leaves me hanging somewhere around Amsterdam. My Configuration: *...
  2. lukasberan

    Firewall rules per package

    Hi. On my DS218 with DSM 7, I have multiple packages and want to have different firewall rules for each of them, because some services will be available world-wide, some of them just from my country and some of them will be just internal. Synology Drive should be available publicly with no...
  3. DaVoodoo

    Docker Sonarr & Docker Radarr issue with Firewall.

    I have Sonarr & Radarr dockers working 100% and they can reach the indexers fine. As soon as I turn on Synology Firewall (Attached is a screenshot of Firewall.) the indexers are blocked: All indexers are unavailable due to failures, All search-capable indexers are temporarily unavailable due...
  4. wizard99

    Firewall Exception to Eliminate "User Privilege Gain" Alerts from VoIP

    I've enacted all the Security recommendations both from the Advisor and from general good practices for the 2600, and have been trying to eliminate as many False Alerts as possible being sent to my In Box. I found my ObI VOIP was the source of Alerts every time I picked up the phone. I...
  5. T

    Firewall Hardening, anyone use IPSET with a Synology box?

    Hello, My question revolves around the Synology Firewall and IPSET integration. Setup is a DS918+ for a small company (5 office workers). They have a subdomain and have to share links with the outside world/file upload requests. They have both internal and remote users. We have forwarded...
  6. L

    DSM firewall and trusted proxies, am I doing something wrong?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forum although I've been passive reader for a while now. I posted a doubt yesterday on the synology subreddit but it doesn't seem to have attracted much feedback, so I though maybe you people would have some insight. I'm copying below what I wrote...
  7. Telos

    [Firewall] No SMB access via VPN

    Recently I've lost the ability to reach my NAS file when my phone is connected by VPN Server. I've discovered that dropping the firewall allows me to see the NAS files. I'm puzzled by what firewall rule I need to add to obtain SMB file access. I've allowed the VPN IP range...
  8. J

    Firewall rules for Docker subnets?

    Hello, I am trying to utilize the firewall on my ds918+ to limit access to ports on my synology to static ranges within 192.168 and have run into an issue were in order to get my docker containers to play nice with each other I have had to unblock their subnets completely (IP 172.17 and...
  9. AlexS

    Setting up a firewall on DS920+

    I'm a newbie to all this and have started setting up my DS920+ which is really only going to be used as a SMB share for a small business and was wanting to setup some firewall rules to only allow specific internal local IP address through and block all others. How do i do this and i assume i...
  10. B

    Solved plex app vanished from firewall built-in app list

    Hello everyone, Who know I'm luckier here than posts in Synology Forum and Plex Reddit. I had a couple times in the last 2 years issues with an outside connection within plex as ilustrated below. I always could get rid of this kind of error by restarting DSM. This time it was diferent...
  11. JME81

    Question SRM Firewall help

    My current setup: I have a SRM2600ac router and a couple of Netgear switches, one is a PoE switch for external PoE cameras. Those cameras record to a NVR (BlueIris) internally, those cameras and the NVR don't have a gateway address and they are also are set up in the firewall to be denied access...
  12. monfrair

    any users have edgerouter/opnsense/pfsense with rt2600ac network?

    Has anyone set up or used an edgerouter and or pfsense/opnsense for an extra security with their rt2600ac? Looks like a pretty powerful system and was wondering if anyone had this setup using their rt2600ac as the main gateway and the edgerouter for extra firewall protection...
  13. akahan

    Back up Firewall Rules?

    As far as I can tell, DSM provides no way to back up firewall rules. Configuration backup doesn't seem to do it, nor does Hyperbackup. Other than taking a screencap of my ruleset, and then retyping it all back in if I need to restore my system, does anyone know of a way to do this? Am I missing...
  14. K

    Question Firewall rules for VPN Server and Client

    Hi! First time poster here. Bit of background before my question: I've got a 213j in my flat and a 115j at my parents house, they are both used to store backups of local PC's. I've recently started looking into how I can make better use of both NAS's and wanted to use each NAS as an off-site...
  15. iStone

    Solved Block mac address within LAN for NAS

    DSM's firewall setting can block LAN IP address for access to NAS, but DHCP can always assign that PC a new IP, so ... could anyone tell me if possible or how to block a PC with its mac address ( this can be obtained from router interface) thanks!
  16. fredbert

    Info Port forwarding rules not have to generate firewall rules

    I just noticed the Setting button on the General tab of Network Center's Port Forwarding page. Throwing caution to the wind I clicked it and found three options. Two are for UPnP and I have UPnP disabled, but the third, when enabled, will auto-generate firewall rules for the port-forwarders...
  17. daptap

    Is a firewall rule stopping my openvpn connection from local access?

    I have my DS718+ running a vpn server with openvpn protocol. LE certificate is valid. I can connect and view my cameras through Blue Iris ios app (BI is hosted on a local computer). However, when I connect my laptop to the vpn when travelling, I can't access my drives on the DS. Is one of...
  18. johntdavis

    Firewall Rules: Allowed IPs and Threat Prevention?

    Quick question, but probably one that betrays how little I actually understand Threat Prevention at the moment. If I create a firewall rule that allows traffic from a range of IPs, will threat prevention just ignore those? I use a particular remote desktop streaming service that's generating a...
  19. johntdavis

    Firewall Setup Question

    Hello, I have a question about my firewall setup. So far, I've not done anything specific to it. When the router was first plugged in, it asked me to set up a bunch of automatic rules, and I let it do that so I could get through the setup process. Presently, it looks like this: Some of this...
  20. B

    Firewall and IPv6

    Does the synology firewall handle IPv6 now? They says on the following page that it isn't but maybe things changed since: 10 méthodes pour sécuriser l'accès de votre NAS Synology