1. M.Richard

    Editing Photos in Moments

    Is it possible to edit photos in an external photo editor that have been stored in Moments?
  2. D

    Browsing photos in photo station or moments

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a Synology NAS and have some questions about how a guest user could browse a folder containing photos and videos. I would envisage that a search function would be possible within either photo station or moments. I have tried the live demo of DSM but it is still...
  3. oRBIT

    Browsing photos on my NAS from Windows problems

    This really bothers me and was discovered recently. When browsing my photos on my NAS (DS918+) in Windows Explorer and doubleclicking a photo, sometimes just gives a white/blank window, just like Windows can't read the file, and it stays like that for quite a while. Sometimes I get errormessages...
  4. R

    Photos file structure & general setup

    I'm looking to put all my CR2 raws on the nas presently on the mac I have a file structure of year/month/date folders Should I abandon that file structure and throw everything on using Moments? Im trying Drive Client but can't get a connection from the mac (only Drive client giving issues) Any...
  5. gannugood

    Can you upload folders of photos into Photo Station?

    Hi Guys I am new to Synology and am setting up my DS218Play. Primarily taking advantage of the COVID situation to sort my files. I decided to use PhotoStation as I fell it gives me more control. The folder structure on my PC is well organised and I have now moved (using USB Copy) all my photos...
  6. C

    Backing up Photos with Android, issues and questions

    I have a Galaxy S9 and I tried using "DS File" on my phone and selected "Photo Backup" Then chose "Back up all existing photos on your device" and for source I chose custom then checked off all my folders. I had the destination set for a Cloud Shared Folder called Galaxy s9. I immediately...
  7. oRBIT

    Question Exporting Lightroom (iOS) photos to Drive (using "Files") problem

    When I try to export several photos on the same time from Lightroom on my iPhone to Synology Drive I only get a handful of photos, not all that I've picked. When exporting to iCloud Drive all photos are exported but not with Drive. Anyone else noticed this?
  8. SynoMan

    Info Media gallery - Photos and Videos

    Dear forum members and visitors! Today we have implemented the Media section where you can upload images or embed videos from various services. In the Media gallery you can find useful videos, images of home networks from our members and other related stuff...
  9. wwwampy

    Question How to compress photos before uploading to cloud

    I'd like to compress photos before uploading them to my C2 backup cloud, just like Google Photos do. Or I think they resize them. That way it will take up less space, but photos are still ok to look at. Or is it not a good idea to do that?