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  1. G

    Software for duplicate photos & videos

    I'm in the process of cleaning up and organizing the photo digital closet on my nas. I have been dumping files off our computers, phones, and backups of backups of backups to a centrally located synology that was put in place about a year ago now. Now that all the data is in one place and proper...
  2. P

    Synology Photos: force re-indexing?

    I've just moved nearly all my photos to Photos and have culled thru all the Facial Recognition/People to properly name/tag them etc. I do have incorrect time/date stamps on a lot of my photos (most of these were originally scanned in by my parents). That said, I've gone in and tweaked the...
  3. P

    Access services (like Photos, Drive, etc.) directly behind Reverse Proxy

    Hi all, I've set up my NAS behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy. Everything's running nicely accessing https://syno.example.com. I would, however, like to directly access certain services using https://drive.syno.example.com. I tried the following in Nginx: location / { proxy_pass...
  4. S

    Photos slow and share issue

    Hey Professional photographer. Happily using Photostation. Upgraded to DS7 and now have to use Synology Photos and the difference is huge (and not great). Firstly it's painfully slow to find images (on Android Mobile app). They take an age to load. I suspect that this is a caching issue but...
  5. D

    Synology photos is SLOW and buggy

    SLOW I use the DS918+ model, not the slowest of them all, and yet Synology Photos is SLOW AS HELL Moving to the next photo by clicking "right" arrow on a laptop keyboard is SLOW. I wait 2-5 seconds per image. What am I waiting for? Safari keeps complaining that "this application uses too much...
  6. H

    Migration from iCloud to Photos final step

    Hello First post and a little help if i may. I’ve had my NAS since 2016 but only used for Timemachine, music and movie storage. I was at the stage where I needed to pay for more iCloud storage and looked at the mess of a folder structure on my MAC that Apple Photo had created over the years...
  7. S

    Synology Drive can't sync photos folder, what an oversight...

    So the all-knowing visionairies of Synology came with their sublime (ahum) new photos app. As part of that the moments folder content was moved to the photos folder in the home folder, next to the Drive folder and not anymore inside the Drive folder. As a consequence, this folder cannot be...
  8. M

    Synology Photos, ghost files, cache, permissions and indexing

    Hi. I am a long time happy user of Photo Station. I liked the control it gave me over my users and all our pictures. I am used to organize and manipulate files via generic file browsers and File Station. I get uncomfortable whenever software tries to outsmart me and organize stuff behind my...
  9. C

    Synology photos + friend

    I have Synology photos setup and working. It's also saving files from my phone. Question, if I setup another user with their own credentials and put Synology photos on there phone. Will the NAS us the same app to save their photos into their own Synology account or will it merge to mine? tia
  10. Cobra

    Original source photos missing after sync

    For some reason after sync with Drive i lost thousands of photos of my source drive but they are on my nas. How can this happen with 2 way sync?
  11. M

    No photos showing in android app

    HI all, I did the DSM7 upgrade yesterday and installed Synology Photos. It works in windows but the android app is also connected but is empty. How do I get the photos from the NAS also showing in the app? What am I doing wrong?
  12. C

    Synology photos [photos tab]

    I finally setup Synology Photos and am getting it close to the way I like. I was wondering if there is a way to hide certain photos from the main page, "photos," tab. Also I have the people function enabled and would like to see if any of a certain person isn't included in the people function. I...
  13. S

    Play 4k video from Synology Photos

    I upload sometimes home made 4k videos of my family to Synology Photos. Can I somewhere select in which resolution the videos would be played back? i.e. when I try to play them from outside my LAN network I don't have enough bandwidth which makes the playback frozen / not fluent. Is there...
  14. B

    IOS photos. HEIC -> JPG and no Live photos - Possible?

    Hi, Previously, using DS Photo, from IOS it was auto conversion to JPG and it was not uploading Live images. Now in Synology Photos I have all images moved as HEIC also each with Live photo. I`m not able to find any options for behavior same as in older app. Is it possible to have photos...
  15. wizard99

    Photo Duplicates

    This should be easy... All my Photos (62GB) were first copied to a new dedicated shared "Photos" Folder. These individual Photos (Windows) are stored in 45 separate named sub-folders. The photos themselves consist of both jpeg and nef raw copies. Installed DSM 7 and Syn Photos. I'm seeing...
  16. E

    DSM 7.0, hou to select photos which are not in an album inSynology photos

    i have reasently up dated to DSM 7.0 and SynologyPhotos. the problem I have is: I can not select photos that do NOT have any tags/labels. please help
  17. Cobra

    Synology photos, share or download?

    Is it possible to share a photo or download a photo in synology photos android app. No try long press and nothing.
  18. Cobra

    Just upgraded now cant login to Synology Photos on phone

    I just installed DSM 7.0 and tried logging into synology photos with the android app. I used the same .synology.me login I used for DS Photo but it wont let me login. 1628108618 I can login to DS File, Drive and DS Finder just fine but not Synology Photos 1628108722 I was using the wrong port...
  19. Cobra

    Synology Photos custom folders?

    I have all my photos sorted in folders by name description and year, example "My House"/"Upstairs"/"Bathroom"/"Shower" which I find very easy to find files on DS Photo on my Android. Is it true that you cant use subfolders in Synology Photos? If true then Im not sure I want to upgrade to DMS...
  20. D

    Uploading new photos on non local network

    Is there a way to force or allow Synology Photos mobile app to backup to DS220 running DSM7 when not on the same local network as the NAS box?