1. J

    DSM 7.0 How to setup Photos and NOT get duplicates?

    Hello brains 🧠 I´ve used my Synology DS220+ for several months now and I´ve been really satisfied. BUT suddenly I noticed that all my photos and media creates a copy of themself on my non-mirrored drive. Every media has double the size within the same drive. Not mirrored that is. Is it possible...
  2. Phone Guy

    Moments to Photos, pics from moments are only in People albums?

    I have a DS1621+ that started out with DSM6.2.4 (I think? maybe 6.2.3?) and I was using Moments for about a year. I only recently upgraded to DSM7.1 and Photos... I never used photostation fwiw. So the last couple of months since the DSM7 upgrade, my phone(s) have continued to backup with the...
  3. D

    Merge photos

    I have a pool of 15000 photos.and in some cases there are duplicate names that I need to merge. When I try to do this I get constant busy response from the NAS I am running 7.1
  4. Phone Guy

    Photos Alternatives?

    Are there any alternatives to Synology Photos? Nothing wrong with photos, just wondering if there are other options out there that may work better?
  5. R

    Synology Photos - not showing

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and new to Synology devices.. From an old WD myCloud that is not supported anymore, I've migrated to a Synology DS120. Installation went fine, however, when copying files it gets difficult. From the old system, i've had folders like Pictures, Music and Video...
  6. Phone Guy

    Best backup practice using 2 NAS for mainly multimedia & photos

    Sorry for posting a new thread. I am obviously a little confused by Snapshots. So again I am kindly asking for advice. Thank you in advance! I am trying to establish whats the best practice for back ups using 2 nas, both BTRFS capable and running DSM 7.1 and have SHR1 volumes. The Source nas...
  7. A

    Synology Photos is uploading older MP4 media (with correct metadata) to incorrect folders

    When I upload a folder to Synology Photos using drag and drop, 95% of the time, the app auto sorts these folders into a Year/month folder format. This has saved me a ton of time, and I LOVE this feature and the app as a whole. Occasionally it hangs up while loading, so i have to babysit the...
  8. G

    Synology Photos: Share folders

    I am not seeing a way to share a folder within Synology Photos, only single photos. Can others confirm this as well?
  9. N

    Synology Photos : Automatically Created Albums (People, Places, Tags, Videos, Recently Added) aren't shared with "downloader" users or groups

    Hi, In Synology Photos (shared space), Automatically Created Albums (People, Places, Tags, Videos, Recently Added) aren't shared with "downloader" users or groups. I have to give a full access permission to a group or user to give access to these albums, but it give also access to others...
  10. C

    synology photos

    I use Synology photos to store pics from my editing job and personal. When you open photos in starts by showing every photo the you've stored whether they are in an album or not. Is there a way to disable it so it doesn't show album photos. Also it doesn't have any indication if a photo is in an...
  11. L

    Synology Photos backup stores based on modified date instead of creation date

    When photos are backed up using the Android Synology Photos app, by default they are stored in your Personal Space under the MobileBackup folder and then by the folder(s) from the phone. The backup then creates folders by year and month, which one would expect to be the creation date, but...
  12. S

    Photos not showing in shared space

    First off - sorry that this must be the biggest noob problem going! Been looking at videos, help guides but I'm pulling my hair out. So thanks in advance for any help! I cannot get photos to show in a shared space for a user despite having given them Viewer, Uploader and Downloader permissions...
  13. R

    Hidden photos?

    Ï need to access my "shared folder" with all the photos accessable from within Synology Photos from outside "Synology Photos". Seems hidden somewhere..?
  14. D

    How to download all photos in iOS app

    For instances where my NAS is inaccessible, or I don't have mobile data, how can I (easily) download all my photos to the iOS app so I can view them offline? In Timeline view, you can select Months and then download, but obviously that is cumbersome with a large library going back many years...
  15. NAS Newbie

    HEVC playback for Syno photos - Synology Support update

    I messaged Syno support about the HEVC issue. Below is a copy of the discussion. It still makes zero sense to me why File Station is ok to work without licensing and Photos is not, but that's where we are. Greetings, Thank you for contacting support. We are happy to help. Synology has...
  16. B

    Share photo/video to Plex from Syno Photos folder - how to?

    Hi all, I have latest Plex (manual update) and would like to add Synology Photos folder to Plex library. When I go to first folder under "Photo" I see nothing more: and once finished no files (photo, videos) are detected. Videos working in Plex are in different folder ( Media ): I...
  17. G

    GEO location not included when uploading videos?

    I am running all latest versions of DSM 7, Synology Photos, and iOS Photos app. Can anyone else confirm if and when you uploading a video from your iPhone to Synology Photos personal space, if the GEO Location data is not coming over as well? I see the other meta data such as date created is...
  18. D

    Simplest way to create user who only has access to Photos?

    I'd like to create a user who only has access to the Photos folder. They can also have access to their own Home directory if necessary, but that's all I want them to be able to access. I tried to create a user w/that limited access, but the standard User group permissions include the other...
  19. A

    Synology Photos and reducing indexing/thumbnails size (and backup sizes)

    I recently upgraded my DS416play from DSM 6 to DSM 7, and one of the enforced changes is that it has installed Synology Photos. This seems to have had the knock-on effect that my 'photo' shared location which contains approx 727GB of assorted photo related material (including camera RAWs...
  20. photosframe

    Photos Frame for Synology

    Hello For everyone who loves to indulge in emotions, remembering the moments of life stored in thousands of photos on your Synology, I have created an application. It may turn any your Android device to a Digital Photo Frame what will use all benefits of your photo package installed on...