1. M

    Photos and Google Photos

    Is there a relationship between Photos and Google photos? I.E. if I delete a photo in Google Photos do I have to delete it in Synology Photos as well , I'd try myself but my 220J is still processing 70000+ photos
  2. G

    Guest Network with access to Photos App

    I have a "weird" scenario that I'm wondering if it will work. We have an iPad that only has access to the guest network so that it stays isolated from the rest of the network. BUT...with the new Photos App in DSM7, I would like to allow it to upload photos to the Synology which is on the main...
  3. M

    Moments vs Photos

    I am trying to set up my Synology to best serve my family and I. One of the main reasons we got this was for data storage and most importantly a centralized area to house pictures. I am a little confused as to advantages/disadvantages of both moments and photos, and which to use for my...
  4. M

    Synology Photos and Google Photos

    First Post so please be gentle I recently decided as maybe others have to do a Google Takeout of all my Photos and transfer them to my DS220J DSM 7 beta. 70000+ photos later after a painfully slow download and EXIF correcting on a slow PC my NAS is plodding away indexing the photos. My question...
  5. M

    Photo setup

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations and help creating a photo backup/sharing setup. I have read several discussions without finding a definitive answer so I decided to register and create a new thread. The situation: Family of four, two young kids, 8 and 6, so just starting to take their own...
  6. A

    Moments load broken photos

    Hello. I have been using moments from the beginning. It works ok, but from last week after adding new photos, I have a problem. Some of the photos have errors, they don't all come off. This happens both in the ios application and through the website. What have I tried so far: - indexing enabled...
  7. K

    How to get "Photos" floder to show in drive?

    Hi, I have set up two users, both with drive. We both have user and group permissions to access the root folder called "Photos". When logged into drive it does not appear. All the folders and files inside the drive folder do appear. Is this because it is outside of the drive folder? And because...
  8. CeesF

    Synology Photos does not show /photos

    Switched to DSM 7. With DSM 6.2 i used Photo Station to display my photo library in /photo . Installed Synology Photo, but this does not show any picture in my /photo map. How can I redirect or attach this folder to Synology Photos. ?
  9. pgjersvik

    Uploaded Photos Not Showing up in Synology Photos

    I have installed DSM 7 and Synology Photos, and uploaded my photos to various folders while in Synology Photos. After uploading the photos they do not show up in the app. Is there a permission that needs to be set or other setting that is required so that I can see my photos in Synology...
  10. B

    NAS for Macbook photos

    Hello, Does anyone else run a NAS system with their macbook to store their photos? I want to keep using the macbooks Photo application but stire my files on a server. Is there anyway to do this? Thanks
  11. P

    Synology Photos and phone backup

    Have just upgraded to DSM7 to use Synology Photos, I'm having issues uploading videos from Android app. It doesn't seem to be doing it in the background. I've set it to upload all existing photos and videos, I think it's done all the photos, but it's having a hard time doing the video, they are...
  12. P

    Synology Photos Face Recognition Issue

    Hallo everyone, I have a DS420+ that is compatible with Synology Photos' Face Recognition but I have an issue with it: I have installed DSM 7 Beta and everything was smooth and fine. Face recognition worked great for me. As I finished with my iPhone photos backup, I have created an account for...
  13. C

    Uploading/Backing up photos from NAS to Google Photos, then automate Android->NAS->GPhotos

    Hello from Sydney, So i have been reading about how to backup google photos to NAS but i want the other way around. Basically what i am after: android mobile -> NAS -> GPhotos 1. i have lots photos already on my NAS, how to upload them to google photos (in the easies way, no need to keep my...
  14. NAS Newbie

    Why aren't all my photos showing up in Moments?

    I just got done with a massive photo transfer of 30k+ photos. They are now all sorted into folder by year, and are located in the photos/moments folder on my NAS. Most of the photos appear to be showing up in Moments, but for some reason, photos in folders 2010-2013 are not coming through...
  15. T

    Synology Photos

    Hi, I found that Synology Photos has to use 'photos' folder. Do you know why this is still the case? I found it as as a big disadvantage of DS Photo and Moments and it has not changed in Synology Photos. Do you know any work around it? Regards, Tmxdiver
  16. S

    Synology DSM7 Photos

    Has anyone figured out how to add existing folders and subfolders of pictures to the Synology Photos beta?
  17. oRBIT

    Synology Photos in DSM7 beta, what do you think?

    I'm pretty upset with Synology Photos compared to Photo Station. There's so much functionality that's missing compared to Photo Station. Yes, I know, it's still beta, but I expected *ALOT* more considering the development time (we've waited quite along time for DSM7). The issue that bothers me...
  18. A


    Le paquet Synology photos gèrera-t-il les photos multiples ? Merci.
  19. B

    DSM 7 Photos

    Will DSM 7 Photos allow direct import from Mac Photos application?
  20. M.Richard

    Editing Photos in Moments

    Is it possible to edit photos in an external photo editor that have been stored in Moments?