1. aGraphicz

    Link Aggregation: what to consider?

    I would like to bond LAN 1 and LAN 2 on my Syno DS920+ to speed up the connection and more. At the moment the NAS is connected to a switch through LAN 1. As far I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong) I need to connected another LAN cable to the Syno e Switch and then follow this...
  2. chenks

    link aggregration

    my new router (Asus RT-AX88U) supports link aggregation on LAN1 and LAN2, so i thought i might as well configure it for the NAS. was an easy process, enabled the LAG on the router. went to the NAS, created a Balance-TCP bond, and after a bit of applying it came back and said success. Network...
  3. Lola

    Question Bought domain and need to link to NAS

    Hello, Massive newbie question. I have bought a domain name (from Fasthosts). I need to point this towards my NAS. Is there a good step-by-step guide to this, anywhere? many thanks
  4. L

    Can't get a link on Eth 2-4 on RS2414rp+

    I am unable to get a link on Eth 2 - 4 on RS2414rp+. I have tried different cables, used SSH to down/up the port(s) and plugged the Syno Eth2 into another switch just to see if link would come up. I am assuming networking on the port does not matter, it should still get a link.
  5. B

    Is there a way to share a link to a folder through Synology Drive in a way that it doesn't require using the Drive app?

    I can actually share individual files with Drive and they do not require downloading via an app. They can just be downloaded via the web browser. However, when I send a link to a folder via text, my friend sees this. I want this to work kind of like sharing links in Dropbox works. I don't...
  6. abramq

    Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

    My company has a lot of scans (pdf), saved to the NAS and we would like to make a table in a spreadsheet (saved on the same NAS), available to employees. That spreadsheet, should have links to those scans (one link in one cell). But I would not like to click on each scan and generate a "share...
  7. fredbert

    Info Recreate Link to a container after 'clear' image upgrade

    I was just upgrading FreshRSS and PostgreSQL containers to the latest images. (see tutorial FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator) After getting the images, stopping the containers, and doing an Action -> Clear to get the latest image I found that the FreshRSS container wouldn't...
  8. WST16

    Share link manager expiration date messed up!

    Looks like the expiration date under the shared links manager got messed up with the latest DSM update on my stations! Instead of a date it shows a meaningless string! Creating a new share shows the same meaningless info. Anyone else is seeing this?
  9. D

    Link shortener

    Can anyone recommend a synology hosted link shortener service, that I could use with my own domain?
  10. SynoMan

    Guide Direct link to specific post

    To get a direct link to a specific post just click in a post number on the right side of any post: You'll get a direct link in the browser address bar. Just copy it and paste it anywhere you like.