Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Long Beach, California, United States, and Seoul, South Korea. The organization rescues North Korean refugees hiding in China and resettles them in South Korea or the United States, so that they can avoid being forcibly repatriated back to North Korea, where they can face harsh punishments. The refugees first travel from China to Southeast Asia through what the organization calls an "Underground Railroad", and then on to South Korea where they are recognized as refugees.
LiNK also seeks to raise awareness of human rights issues in North Korea through media production, conducting research, and through tours. Having sprung out of Korean-American student activism at universities in the United States, the organization grew rapidly and produced several feature-length documentaries, as well as TED talks by its leaders and rescuees. The organization now has a Research & Strategy department based in Seoul, that conducts research on North Korean issues with an emphasis on human rights issues. The organization positions itself as different from governmental positions and media narratives that focus on the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons program and other national security issues, focusing instead on refugees who were considered economic migrants by the Chinese government and who risked repatriation. LiNK provides ongoing support to resettlement programs for North Koreans beyond those provided by the South Korean government.

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  1. DaVoodoo

    Email notification for shared link download?

    Greetings. I am sharing files using the Shared Link in File Station. Is it possible to get an email notification when someone downloads the shared file? Thanks Davoodoo
  2. N

    Network Link Aggregation Active/Backup Mode

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question regarding network bonding and backup links. I've got a DS1621+ with four LAN ports; ports 1 & 2 are bonded as Balance-TCP, this is plugged into an HPE ProCurve. What I'm hoping to achieve is using ports 3 & 4 as a bonded active/backup mode with these plugged...
  3. N

    After Package Centre updates for MariaDB/WebStation/Wordpress link not working to Wordpress

    Wordpress has been working, then yesterday I noticed updates, did these above and now I can't get to the Wordpress home page ie... If I add any other address (ie... I get a 404 error. Looking at the LOGs I see that the PHP was upgraded to 7.4...
  4. F

    DSM 7.0 After reboot vlan link loose connection with its parent

    Hi, I'm struggling to find the source of a very strange bug, at least for me. I have a Synology DS1821+ with docker installed and a few containers. All containers are connected within the same macvlan "pub_net_20" network created by my docker-composer.yml that has the bond link as it's parent...
  5. E

    DSM 7.0 Guest users are able to see every shared Picture without the share link or login by opening .../:5001/photo/#/shared_space/folder/1

    I have some of my photo folders shared with different people to enable them to download the pictures of the specific folder that I shared with them. For example: I share a folder with wedding pictures via Link with a customer A. I share another folder of family pictures via Link with customer...
  6. G

    Are Download link Backed Up?

    Hi all I have a DS214Play. I am trying Synology C2 Storage and have a question regarding what is backed up. I have thousands of files on the NAS and most have a permanent download link created and posted on my forum. Are these download links backed up when a C2 Storage back up is made? regards...
  7. fozzylou

    H Help with Reolink ipi camera

    I bought a Reolink rlc-523wa PTZ Wi-Fi Camera I intended to return the camera to Reolink but due to illness I missed the returns window to do so. Is it possible to connect this Camera to Surveillance Station? I've not even opened the Camera box & will sell it on eBay if it's not possible to...
  8. G

    Synology Photos Enable Share Link is being redirected

    My share links from Synology Photos are redirecting to an IP address that I don't recognize, looks like it belongs to a Fios router. I copy the link, set it to Anyone Can Download but the link ends up in a different IP address. I haven't had this problem prior to the change to Synology Photos.
  9. S

    Migrating data with a switch and link aggregation and method of migration?

    Hello all, I’m laying my plans out for moving from a ds1815+ to a ds1821+. My first question (and probably a dumb one) is, if I link two ports on each box to a managed 8-port switch will it speed up the transfer of data or is it still dependent on the router (the one cable from the switch to the...
  10. D

    How do I undo Link Aggregation of my switch dies?

    If I setup all 4 ports of my Synology to be bonded for link aggregation (and then set it up in my managed switch), what happens if the switch dies? With my old switch I swapped it out for a regular switch and had to re-swap it back in because i could no longer access my synology devices in any...
  11. Phone Guy

    Having 4x 1gbe ports link aggregation pc&nas improve transfer speeds?

    I'm a little unclear. I have a ds1621+ with 4x 1gbe ports, link aggregated to my netgear managed switch. If get a 4 port nic for my pc and do the same for them, create a 4x 1gbe link aggregation on my switch (same switch the nas is plugged into) would I then effectively get 4gbe between the pc...
  12. aGraphicz

    Link aggregation for faster VPN connection

    So a colleague of mine will work in remote for some months and he will mostly edit Excel, Word and PPT files. At the moment when working in remote the connection is not as fast as it should. In local it works perfectly. We are using Open VPN to connect to the syno. We never did a link...
  13. aGraphicz

    Link Aggregation: what to consider?

    I would like to bond LAN 1 and LAN 2 on my Syno DS920+ to speed up the connection and more. At the moment the NAS is connected to a switch through LAN 1. As far I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong) I need to connected another LAN cable to the Syno e Switch and then follow this...
  14. chenks

    link aggregration

    my new router (Asus RT-AX88U) supports link aggregation on LAN1 and LAN2, so i thought i might as well configure it for the NAS. was an easy process, enabled the LAG on the router. went to the NAS, created a Balance-TCP bond, and after a bit of applying it came back and said success. Network...
  15. Lola

    Question Bought domain and need to link to NAS

    Hello, Massive newbie question. I have bought a domain name (from Fasthosts). I need to point this towards my NAS. Is there a good step-by-step guide to this, anywhere? many thanks
  16. L

    Can't get a link on Eth 2-4 on RS2414rp+

    I am unable to get a link on Eth 2 - 4 on RS2414rp+. I have tried different cables, used SSH to down/up the port(s) and plugged the Syno Eth2 into another switch just to see if link would come up. I am assuming networking on the port does not matter, it should still get a link.
  17. B

    Is there a way to share a link to a folder through Synology Drive in a way that it doesn't require using the Drive app?

    I can actually share individual files with Drive and they do not require downloading via an app. They can just be downloaded via the web browser. However, when I send a link to a folder via text, my friend sees this. I want this to work kind of like sharing links in Dropbox works. I don't...
  18. abramq

    Spreadsheet - can I insert to cell a link to a file that is on the same NAS via a path instead of a share link?

    My company has a lot of scans (pdf), saved to the NAS and we would like to make a table in a spreadsheet (saved on the same NAS), available to employees. That spreadsheet, should have links to those scans (one link in one cell). But I would not like to click on each scan and generate a "share...
  19. fredbert

    Info Recreate Link to a container after 'clear' image upgrade

    I was just upgrading FreshRSS and PostgreSQL containers to the latest images. (see tutorial FreshRSS: A free, self-hostable news feed aggregator) After getting the images, stopping the containers, and doing an Action -> Clear to get the latest image I found that the FreshRSS container wouldn't...
  20. WST16

    Share link manager expiration date messed up!

    Looks like the expiration date under the shared links manager got messed up with the latest DSM update on my stations! Instead of a date it shows a meaningless string! Creating a new share shows the same meaningless info. Anyone else is seeing this?