1. B

    Question Sharing files with Drive and not getting in trouble

    Hi everybody! I've got a Synology Drive question. Synology Drive doesn't appear to completely obfuscate filenames ... so if you share an MP3 file or something like that, the filename might be visible in the link. So when you first make the share link directly to a file it looks like this...
  2. jono

    Security advice when sharing files?

    In the past I've had a domain pointed at my DiskStation (DS1019+) and accessed DSM, Drive etc. via the domain name/HTTPS, but now I have sensitive work files on there and don't want to expose the Synology to the internet. So I no longer use the domain name and just use a VPN to access DSM...
  3. Imcon

    Is there a way how to inform user about a Note sharing?

    I would like to share some Notebooks with users of DSM. The problem is that the users are not informed about a new sharing (they do not used DSM web so they do not see the notification in the bubble). The best would be that the user gets an email notofication. Another problem with Notes - I...
  4. johnnygoodface

    Can't rename folders on shares from my Mac

    Ok... I'm digging out an old thread, but I've never found an answer anywhere: I'm sharing a folder on my NAS (latest DMS of course) with my Mac (Mojave) using SMB 3 setup like this: All work well (can create/rename/delete files and can create/delete folders) but I cannot rename folders from...
  5. WST16

    Tutorial Share file links 2019-04-20

    It took me a while to discover this feature when I first got my DiskStation. It’s very useful. Together with the “file request” option, they compliment each other for a very nice solution that allows you to interact with users who don’t have user accounts on your DS. Share file links video...