1. D

    Active backup for business and Oracle Linux

    When IBM-owned RedHat decided to discontinue CentOS linux to CentOS Stream, I decide to move to Oracle Linux. According to the documentation. Active Backup for Business does not support Oracle Linux. Since Oracle Linux is a very popular derivative of Fedora, I tried to install the active backup...
  2. S

    Linux on DS220+

    Hi everyone, im new to this forum. I wonder if it is possible to install any OS on the DS220+. Is there any known solution to access the Bios or get any display signals? i saw some pics of the board, is there some documentation of the pin headers on the board? Or did someone try to flash the...
  3. forkless

    DSM 6.2 ABB Linux agent 2.2.0-2074-x64

    I recently started using (2 months or so) above agent to do nightly backups from a Debian box. The other day I noticed the backups stopped coming in. After a quick look at the ABB interface I noticed that the task no longer was able to manually backup. Upon further inspection it said that the...
  4. D

    DSM 7.0 Linux Mint Synology Drive Client Tray Icon Missing

    The system tray icon for Synology Drive Client went missing when I upgraded from Linux Mint 19.1 to Linux Mint 19.2 and uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Synology Drive Client 3.0.1 does not resolve the issue. As you can tell from the attached images, what used to be the...
  5. V

    sharing folder using NFS for one linux user only

    Hi everyone, on my linux machine (Mageia) I would like one user (let's say, user1) to be able to access one directory on the NAS (DS220j). This directory should be mountable by user1. Do I need to define a user named user1 on the NAS (in DSM) ? Or shall I create another user (e.g. user1_NAS)...
  6. V

    sharing folder using NFS for one linux user only

    Hi everyone, on my linux machine (Mageia) I would like one user (let's say, user1) to be able to access one directory on the NAS (DS220j). This directory should be mountable by user1. Do I need to define a user named user1 on the NAS (in DSM) ? Or shall I create another user (e.g. user1_NAS)...
  7. B

    automating and securing share access for linux client

    With no native file sharing feature in the Virtual Machine Manager, guest systems must rely on standard network file sharing to access files on the host storage device. For systems that would perform automated tasks without user login, on files in the shares of the network device, this demand...
  8. R

    sound on a linux machine

    Hello, Is there a way to get sound on a virtual linux machine. No sound directly decode by the VMM because i think it's impossible but can be via a remote connection. I know, for example that on a Windows machine, via RDP the sound can be decoded on the remote station. Thank you
  9. R

    Allow linux guest to access share

    In VMware Workstation I can specify a folder on the Host system that a guest can access. How can I do the same in Virtual Machine Manager on my Synology NAS? I would like my Ubuntu virtual machine (guest) to have access to a shared folder on my NAS, without going out over network. Is my...
  10. L

    Options for exposing read-only folder to linux on local network

    Hi all, I have my music in a folder in my home directory on my DS. I'd like to expose it as read-only folder to my Ubuntu server on the local network. The ubuntu server will serve up those files via plex. I'm hoping you can help me figure out what my options are. I'd prefer to not have the...
  11. Shadow

    How to make cronjobs work?

    On my DS718+ I've set up a Ubuntu 18.04.5-live-server-amd64 GUI-less server in Virtual Machine Manager. I use this instance to host a MailCow server. My Linux knowledge is still very limited. I'm trying to set a cronjob to have this server make backups every night. I've understood from...
  12. V

    What's the Linux backup/Duplicity command line "backend" path "scheme" to access Synology NAS?

    Hi, I'd like to use Linux Duplicity program from the command line to benefit from additional command options that offers, but am unable to find/figure out the proper format for the "backend" Target path. I've successfully used the GUI to backup to the Synology NAS for years. using just...
  13. W

    Advice re most compatible Linux Distro

    HI I have a dual boot laptop and when I set up my NAS last year, was having major issues with Mint accessing my NAS, so I dumped it and went with Manjaro KDE This was a great OS that to my pleasant surprise, recognised the NAS right away Sadly, I had to dump it after fruitless months trying...
  14. C

    NFS shared folder with linux extremely slow

    Hey everyone, i just set up a NFS shared folder on my ds218+ (2x8tb ironwolf, RAID 1) to use with my ubuntu 20 workstation. I can read and write files in the mounted folder. Unfortunately i cannot exceed 7mb/s when writing data to the NAS. My worktation has a SSD. I checked the following...
  15. bignjato

    DSM 7.0 Active Backup for Business - Linux agent

    Hi I have a problem with connecting and installing linux backup agent. I have the same error when installing in the root folder or in the home folder. "./ line 653: ./ Permission denied" did anyone manage to install the linux agent and connect it to AB? Thank you
  16. AlexS

    User introduction Just coming across from a Centos 6 linux box to a DS920+

    Hello All, I just joined this forum and have recently purchased a DS920+ (small business with 4x2gb Raid 1) and hope to set it up soon and will appreciate any advice and support from you experienced gurus'. Looking at a 16GB memory upgrade and not sure if it is worth it and what the best and...
  17. EAZ1964

    New ransomware, now actively attacking qnap and linux we had our share last year, now qnap? Or is this one also looking for synologies?
  18. D

    Question preserve Linux permission when copying over SMB

    Hey Friends, Another question from NAS noob - still exploring my first NAS and I wonder if it is possible to preserve file permissions when copying them to NAS over smb protocol. I have my Samba share mounted as sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=/etc/smb-credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000...
  19. D

    Tutorial How to PXE Boot Linux & Windows using Syslinux

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up a PXE boot server on your Synology NAS. By the end of this guide you should be able to boot any legacy PC from your NAS into Linux or Windows. I might consider adding UEFI support to the guide once its finished however it has its...
  20. WST16

    Info Where grep came from

    Most likely you’ve used (the extremely useful) grep command in Unix and Linux.