1. Z

    RT6600ax RT6600ax cant connect client to the better 5 GHz-1 channel reliably

    Hi All: I have a couple of questions on how to get the best performance out of the RT6600ax radios with a client and satellites. I notice when my machine connects to the RT6600ax 5GHz-1 radio (which has 20/40/80/160 MHz channel widths) I get a solid connection at 1300Mbps. However, if it...
  2. S

    Synology Drive Client session data - 800MB?

    I have the Drive client installed on a Linux desktop and in the user's home directory I find ~/.SynologyDrive/data/session/ that has accumulated over 800MB of files in a year or so. Does anyone know the purpose of these files and whether I need to keep them around?
  3. N

    How do I remove client (Dead computer) in synology

    I have a Dell computer that I had as a Desktop client .The computer is no longer and I am looking to remove all files that were backed up. I wanted to emove client in synology drive administrative console or file station. The better part of me says don't hit the unlink button. The old files...
  4. E

    Photographer client proofing/ client delivery

    Like many of you, I'm missing PhotoStation in DSM7. A lot. The simplicity of organizing everything in folders, automatically creating thumbnails and being able to provide my clients with a simple username/password is gone. In some other forum posts, possible replacements for Photo Station have...
  5. Z

    Making Synology Drive Client work through Cloudflare?

    Hello all, I recently moved to Cloudflare for my home network for the purpose of hiding my IP address. Unfortunately, that seems to have made the desktop Synology Drive Client unable to sync. I know it relies on port 6690 and it is open on my router and redirected to the NAS properly - prior to...
  6. S

    Strange behavior using VPN client and remote VPN access DSM 7

    I am remote accessing my 1821+ running DSM7.0.1-42218 Update 2 via a Lan-Lan vpn using two Draytek routers. The requests coming into the 1821 from the VPM come in as subnet 192.168.1.x. The Diskstation is on subnet 192.168.0.x. The network address of the 1821+ is, subnet mask...
  7. B

    VPN server works, but client does not have internet access

    Hi there, I have a DS215J and want to do the following: - VPN server run with OpenVPN -> done - DDNS setup with -> done - exported *.ovpn file and connected via Ubuntu -> done - issue: Ubuntu has no internet access, when connected to the VPN Router settings are the following: -...
  8. M

    Connect to NAS with local user, when laptop account on AD domain

    I have a DS720+ on my home network with various local user accounts. I got a new work laptop which is on an AD domain and I cannot for the life of me get it connected to the Synology NAS when I get home on my own LAN. It prompts to connect using my AD account, and any attempt to change the...
  9. V

    Vpn client profile problem

    Hello all, I have a synology 220+ and I use openvpn method with an ExpressVPN account, I had several vpn profiles installed and it worked just fine until I upgrade to dsm 7, now it doesn’t connect to the external ip provided by ExpressVPN. Have somebody experienced this problem ?
  10. Q

    RT2600ac - route from incoming VPN client to LAN at end of site-to-site VPN

    Hi all, Due to an "upgrade" my ISP installed recently, I'm now unable to establish a VPN connection to a remote RT2600ac router (router A). I can however establish a VPN connection to another RT2600ac router (router B). Router A and router B are connected via a site-to-site VPN connection...
  11. Coop777

    Drive Client - Windows Server compatible?

    Posted on the community - no response there yet, so I thought I'd try here. I am looking to install the drive client on a Windows 2012 server to enhance daily backups to a DS220+. Anyone running it on a server? Any issues?
  12. D

    Thumbnails disappeared after creating synchronization between NAS and client

    After creating a sync between Synology Drive on my NAS and a folder on my local client, the thumbnails of the files disappeared and converted to standard icons. Since this is a local map with icons that I use to custimize my maps, it is needed to see a example (thumbnail) of them. The odd thing...
  13. Shanti

    Note Station Client not working on MacOS Monterey?

    After upgrading my MacBook Pro (Intel) to MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559) my Synology Note Station Client 2.2.1-553-mac-x64 doesn't work anymore. When I start it it just flashes for a second and disappears... I tried re-install but issue remains. Anyone having same issue? Any idea how to resolve...
  14. I

    Client side manual "backup" button

    I am not sure If I am crazy, but I swear there was an option within the ABB client to click a "backup now" button to manually fire off a backup. I contacted synology support but they stated that "manual" schedule only allows you to fire off a backup from the admin portal interface. Is there a...
  15. WST16

    macOS ssh client that’s capable of downloading and uploading files?

    Hi, Anyone knows of such a good (preferably, non-subscription) app that can download/upload to/from macOS desktop and folders? I’ve tried Core Shell but it failed miserably. Thanks
  16. jeyare

    MacOS Drive client strange behavior

    DSM/Drive User MacOs - 11.5.2 Drive client App - 3.0.1-12674 Drive Server - 3.0.1-12674 Background I cleaned one of the Team Folders structure (weekend), changed some folder structures (move within the Team Folders). I modified the permissions within the Team folder for one specific DSM user...
  17. E

    Synology Drive Client data taking most of my laptop SSD

    I have a DS220J with 6TB drives (i.e. a mirrored pair) - it's set up with straightforward default installation/set-up options (I'm new to all this). I use Linux Mint on a couple of PCs and I've installed Synology Drive Client 3.0.1 on both. One is a desktop with a 2TB drive and all is well...
  18. J

    Corrupted files with Synology Drive client

    I have a DS214+, with DSM 6.4 Synology Drive server 3.0.1-12667 is installed and I have Synology Drive Client on a windows 10 64 bits. I'm using a professional java application which save projects in compressed xml files. I had no problem with my old laptop. In July, I migrate to a new windows...
  19. D

    DSM 7.0 Linux Mint Synology Drive Client Tray Icon Missing

    The system tray icon for Synology Drive Client went missing when I upgraded from Linux Mint 19.1 to Linux Mint 19.2 and uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Synology Drive Client 3.0.1 does not resolve the issue. As you can tell from the attached images, what used to be the...
  20. wizard99

    Synology Drive Client VS. Macrium Reflect & Allway Sync

    I've been using a 215J with Macrium Reflect for Daily Operating System Images and Allway Sync for all other multiple Drive Back Up Synchronization. I've just gotten a 920+ to replace it, but decided to keep the 215 in operation until the 920 is up and running as the DSM 7 is due out in a few...