1. E

    Synology Drive Client stopped working

    I recently installed Synology Drive Client on my Mac in order to sync files. When I first installed it, it worked as expected, but since then it has stopped working - if I open it on my Mac, nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, but it still doesn't work. Has...
  2. T

    Note Station client - repeated need to log in

    Hi - I've got Note Station installed on NAS (DS216j) and clients on desktop and mobile phone. NAS is set up (using Advanced Power Manager) to shut down at night and wake up in the morning. Every morning, the Note Station on the desktop needs the password again, though only if the NAS has been...
  3. P

    Synology drive iOS client can't connect

    Hi all, First post on the forum, so hi all! Hope you can help me with this problem. I just bought a DS920+ and finding my way a bit. I succeeded in setting up docker and running AdGuard Home and Bitwarden. I also successfully installed Wireguard vpn on a raspberry pi and I am able to login to...
  4. M

    Synology as a VPN client and a VPN server

    Hi, I've stumbled upon an issue with my synology. It seems it can't be a VPN client and a VPN server simultaneously. Both are working with no hassle but not at the same time. Once I try to connect DSM to the VPN, DSM asks to disable VPN server. It also notifies me about disabling port...
  5. C

    Synlogy Drive Client Installation

    Please advise a beginner how to get and install the Synology Drive Client - in my DS218j under Windows 10. I need the otpion to choose between Synchro and Continuous mode. I can't see it in my Package Centre and wonder if it has been superseded by something better? I'm also puzzled as to how to...
  6. R

    Question Replaced CMS Host and Cannot Reconnect CMS Client Device

    I needed to replace my CMS host device and was unable to disconnect a CMS client device from it first. Now that my replacement CMS host device is on the network I would like to connect the CMS client device to the new host. However, when I attempt to connect the client to the new host I get an...
  7. S

    Can't seem to get connectivity for an R720 wired client

    Just plugged a Synology drive into my R720 in an outbuilding where I have only one ethernet port. Doesn't seem to work. Shouldnt be a power issue as I have an ICX 128W switch and only 3 R720s running from it. Any ideas? Do I need to enable something in my ZD1200 for a wired client to work...
  8. Q

    Synology Drive Client: "advanced consistency check"

    Hi, If there are several of us working with Synology Drive Client, UPload only, syncing to the same Team Folders, Can I be sure that "advanced consistency check" will ensure that every member isn't continually re-uploading the same common source files? We work with large video files so this...
  9. E

    Inadyn as DDNS update client for multiple subdomains

    Hello, I use lots of sub domains for reverse proxy access to various docker services. DSM is limited to only providing 1 entry per provider. I've been using a cool Inadyn docker image that allows me to update my IP for each of my subdomains from the same provider. This is the docker image...
  10. K

    Question Drive ShareSync - client vs. server

    Hi, I've started using Drive ShareSync to keep a few shared folders on two NAS's in sync, as offsite replicas of each other. Essentially I'm looking to do something like this: DS213j DS115j Folder A -> Folder A Folder B <- Folder B Folder C <- Folder C My question is: Is there any...
  11. DeltaGolf

    Solved Can't use FQDN in Drive desktop client

    I've downloaded the Drive app on a Mac. I can access my 'Drive' folders over the LAN using the IP address, however the Drive app won't let me connect if I try to use the domain name. I've tried all the combinations I can think. Drive is set up to allow access at mydomain.tld/drive, port 10003 is...
  12. L

    Where is the Synolgy Cal/CardDav client for android?

    Why is there no client APP for caldav and carddav by synology? They gave apps for everything but not for calendar and contact sync. Dont tell me about DAVX5, it is for free only for 30 days. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  13. K

    Question Firewall rules for VPN Server and Client

    Hi! First time poster here. Bit of background before my question: I've got a 213j in my flat and a 115j at my parents house, they are both used to store backups of local PC's. I've recently started looking into how I can make better use of both NAS's and wanted to use each NAS as an off-site...
  14. F

    How to uninstall Note Station linux client

    I cannot figure out how to uninstall the note station client on linux. It does not appear to be running and I cannot locate an uninstaller. [email protected]:~$ dpkg -s synology-note-station Package: synology-note-station Status: deinstall ok installed Priority: optional Section: non-free/text...
  15. spacecraft

    Passepartout - OpenVPN Client for iOS

    Just came across this new app for iOS in app store (Passepartout) This is an alternate to open VPN connect Did anyone tried this on your iPhone to connect to Synology VPN? Any suggestions/comments?
  16. 2

    Solved Drive destkop client problem

    Hey there I used nextcloud for quite a while. But i keep having some issues with external storage. Also I do not like the fact with the docker container not supporting th PUID feature... Anyway i want to give synology drive a chance to prove itself. I configured it with following parameters...
  17. Telos

    Question Booksonic on Docker | Android client ?

    I started using the Booksonic Docker from, and was curious if we have experience w/Android clients. I know the developer has an app ($3 USD), but I was curious whether there are better alternatives. Anyone?
  18. SynoMan

    Info Synology DSDownload Mac App client