1. Shawzborne

    DS file Looking for a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB compatible and has a button to expand/open folder tree

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to find a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB network share compatible and has a button that allows you to expand the entire folder tree structure so that you can select multiple “files” from multiple “folders” and “move” them to a single destination folder all within a...
  2. H

    Is there any way to give permission to 1 user for specific folder?

    Hey everyone. I have trouble about giving permission to 1 user. I have only 1 shared folder in my NAS network and under this shared folder lots of folders in it. But i want to give permission to specific users for some folders. F.e. user 1 can ony r/w abc folder, user 2 can only r/w def folder...
  3. P

    DS file Hide Folder (top level)

    Hi all. I have a number of Shared Folders on my DS220+, alongside folders for the Plex server and Photos app. I want to have the Shared Folders visible in the DS File app, but hide the folders that contain the Plex and Photos files. There are options on the NAS that allow you to hide folders...
  4. Phone Guy

    Verify Folder was created with Data Integrity?

    How can I verify a folder has the data interity enabled for data scrubbing?
  5. N

    Snapshots taking up same size as original folder

    I am on a DS218+ on DSM 7. I have snapshots enabled for a shared folder that is 19gb in size. I have snapshots enabled for this folder that are taken every 12 hours and 30 snapshots saved. When I use calculate size it shows estimated size to be 4.8gb. However when I login using a terminal I see...
  6. F

    DSM 7.0 how to delete folder linked to another folder?

    Have device HomeFileServer setup with default folders. Created new folder somehow (HomeFileServer/home) linked to my home folder in HomeFileServer/homes. Now I cannot figure out how to remove the linked folder, HomeFileServer/home. Thoughts?
  7. F

    Hyperbackup Local Folder Single version -> Restore TASK

    Hello People! First off i am new here so i hope this is the correct subforum for my question. If not please move it :) My problem is as following: I have a DS220J and i am doing regular backups using Hyperbackup Local Folder/USB (Single Version) to bakcup everything to multiple external HDDs...
  8. B

    Share photo/video to Plex from Syno Photos folder - how to?

    Hi all, I have latest Plex (manual update) and would like to add Synology Photos folder to Plex library. When I go to first folder under "Photo" I see nothing more: and once finished no files (photo, videos) are detected. Videos working in Plex are in different folder ( Media ): I...
  9. L

    Sub folder access

    I looking for some clarification/help on sub folder access. I want to create a shared folder entitled 'clients'. Within that shared folder, I want to create multiple sub folders for clients. As an example; client1, client2, client3 & so on. When I create a user, client1; I only want the...
  10. B

    Send email notification upon change to Shared Folder

    Hi all, I've been looking for ways on how to make DSM send me an email notification when there are changes made to one of my Shared Folders. I found a script online but I have not been able to get it working. Can anyone assist me with this? ##### Source: Synology Community ##### Sends email...
  11. B

    Unable to select shared folder

    Hi everyone, I installed plex with docker on my raspberry but I have a problem selecting the folder for the library. I created a shared folder between my raspberry and my nas, and so far, no worries to see, edit and add files from my raspberry, or in ssh. But when I select /tmp to select...
  12. R

    automatic dismount of encrypted folder when backup completes

    folks, i am using AOMEI BackUpper on several Win10 PCs to backup to encrypted shared folder under DSM7 on a DS418. The backups are scheduled under AOMEI. What bothers me is that the upon completion, the encrypted folder remains 'mounted' - i have not set up remote access to the DS418 as yet or...
  13. D

    7.x update - troublesome if using Cloudsync & Hyperbackup, shared folder sync w/6.x unit?

    How risky/troublesome is this update on a system (DS218+) that is doing cloudsync and hyperbackup, and has some folders synced w/a DS212+ that is not upgradeable to 7? I'm in no hurry to update to 7.x, but also want to have an idea of how much work it may be when I do. In particular, I'm using...
  14. EAZ1964

    Synology Photo and touch screen devices - mess up your folder structure

    Just a warning as I like you all so much, and I would like to prevent you messing up your photo folders as well... I am an old fashioned guy that used photo station for many years. My photos are structured by year (1990, 1991, 1992 etc). Therefore I do use folder view and now since V7, synology...
  15. Huggy

    Moving Shared Folder

    Hi, So I'm away from home and wanted to check something out on the NAS. Basically I have a file not showing up in Plex and wanted to check its name. I've logged in via Tailscale but couldn't find the shared folder. At first I thought it was some strange permission when accessing the NAS...
  16. S

    DSM 7.0 How to share folder with other users on the network?

    Hi all! I'm a new NAS user and I recently bought the DS220+. I'm slowly navigating my way through learning and understanding the features. I had a question regarding sharing folders with other users on the NAS. I downloaded Synology Photos app on my Android phone to upload camera images to the...
  17. B

    Looking for a way for secure access to folder

    I'm considering adding a NAS for storing controlled but unclassified secure documents. We are a manufacturer and have a need to have production employees reference drawings on the NAS from the production floor. I'd like to: 1) use file explorer to navigate to a folder on the NAS from their...
  18. G

    DSM 7.0 Shared folder permissions of /photo

    I recently upgraded from DSM 6 to DSM 7. I noticed that the shared folder /photo permissions look a lot different than all other shared folders, when in file station/right click/permissions. I'm wondering why did all other shared folders update when coming over to DSM 7 and /photo didn't? This...
  19. Andy

    DDNS over QuickConnect?

    Bit of a newb question but if I want to give someone their own folder on my NAS and have them access it remotely, why use DDNS and port forwarding when QuickConnect will allow them to access it?
  20. J

    Task Scheduler Auto Delete Folder X Days Old working but email notification doesn't show specifics

    I am using the following code for task scheduler to auto delete FTP video recordings of surveillance cameras. find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -type f -mtime +7 -delete find /volume1/VideoCameraRecordings/ -depth -type d -exec rmdir {} \; 2>/dev/null It works great however when the task...