1. L

    Suggestions for investigating mesh connection issues?

    My home network uses one RT2600ac and two MR2200ac's with wired backhauls. In general things work well, but there are a few areas where devices will periodically lose their connection to the Internet. Can anyone recommend any tools or make other suggestions as to how I might figure out what's...
  2. A

    Plusnet Cable, Orbi MESH and PoE - advice for a newbie

    Dear Folks, I am new to Synology and very new to NAS. I am seeking a quick help to layout of NAS within my setup - see attached picture. I would like to add PoE switch and NAS cameras. So getting the NAS in the correct position with respect to Cable box and Mesh networking (Orbi) is important...
  3. Shadow

    VPN Plus Server Site-to-Site VPN connecting methods

    In this post I explained basically that I've joined the networks together in my house and 2 others of my family members. So even tough we live at our own places, we are on each other's network. Thats cool. But I'm just wondering. I want to join another network (my parents-in-law) to our bigger...
  4. spacecraft

    MR2200ac as a mesh router

    I am thinking of adding MR2200ac as a mesh router for my upstairs and the main concern is connecting to the main router RT2600ac (no internal Ethernet wiring) These are the possible options: Connect thru the WiFi from RT2600ac (but the signal is weak upstairs) Connect thru home power adapters...
  5. G

    RT2600ac and MR2200AC GL

    Good day, I recently bought a rt2600ac to replace a netgear r7000. I am very happy so far. I am thinking of getting an mr2200ac router to create a mesh network and have better coverrage around my home. I am wondering of the MR2200AC GL (which is the canadian version) is compatible with the...