1. Shadow

    VPN Plus Server Site-to-Site VPN connecting methods

    In this post I explained basically that I've joined the networks together in my house and 2 others of my family members. So even tough we live at our own places, we are on each other's network. Thats cool. But I'm just wondering. I want to join another network (my parents-in-law) to our bigger...
  2. spacecraft

    MR2200ac as a mesh router

    I am thinking of adding MR2200ac as a mesh router for my upstairs and the main concern is connecting to the main router RT2600ac (no internal Ethernet wiring) These are the possible options: Connect thru the WiFi from RT2600ac (but the signal is weak upstairs) Connect thru home power adapters...
  3. G

    RT2600ac and MR2200AC GL

    Good day, I recently bought a rt2600ac to replace a netgear r7000. I am very happy so far. I am thinking of getting an mr2200ac router to create a mesh network and have better coverrage around my home. I am wondering of the MR2200AC GL (which is the canadian version) is compatible with the...