1. S

    remove 2FA with ssh not the reset button

    Hi all, anyone knows how to remove the 2FA with ssh ? Because I already tried to push the reset button until I hear a beep. But the 2FA is still active. I did this 2 times, no chance...
  2. T

    How can I reset shared folder encryption?

    I rebooted my Synology NAS, and my shared folder has been unmounted. I tried to mount it again, but I lost my encryption key (I didn't use external Key Store). Is there any solution to get access to reset the encryption, or any other solution to be able to get access to the shared folder?
  3. A

    Reset drive "critical" state

    Ok, bear with me as I know it might sound a bit as an odd request. I am looking for a way to reset the “critical” status of a drive without actually changing it. Yes, I know what I am doing (or I hope I do)… I have a virtualisation lab setup in which I have a lab machine running ESX and one...
  4. EAZ1964

    Asus routers under attack, a factory reset may be required

    Please find the info on the asus website to protect your router, it seems fairly widespread and may give acces to your lan and NAS. ASUS Product Security Advisory | ASUS Global
  5. whiteyk0

    video station login

    After resetting DS218+ I haven't been able to login to Video Station on my TV. I keep getting "account or password invalid". I'm pretty sure the account/password is correct because it's the same one I use to login to Video Station on my PC and on my phone. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the TV...
  6. Geodude

    Question re: Factory Reset

    I have a question re: the procedure for doing a complete factory reset: At How do I reset my Synology Router? - Synology Knowledge Center it states: "Data on Synology Router will remain intact after a soft or hard reset. However, we suggest backing up your data before the reset to avoid any...
  7. scooby_nas

    DSM 7 : cannot access system after 'short reset' (admin reset), stuck in loop

    Hi, hopefully someone here can help me. -I recently updated my DSM 6 to the latest 7. -could not login to the system. Performed a 'short reset' (4 secs pinhole till beep). -result: I get to login to the system with the usual unsafe 'admin' account without a password. -then I am automatically...
  8. B

    does reset on docker container erase volumes

    I am having great difficulty finding clear information on how the DSM Docker add-on handles volumes, and how internal volumes are affected by the reset operation on the container. When a container is launched, it generally creates one or more volumes. What happens to these volumes upon a reset...
  9. G

    Hardware security: reset button and disk-keys

    We are talking to somebody (13 employees) that has office in a collective building. We have to rent 3u in a rack to put network and NAS in. My issue is, these racks are not only for my prospect to access. We can lock the disks (but any Synology key fits...). Next, it is easy to somebody to...
  10. Jan Janowski

    Can Timed script file from NAS reset Arris Modem in front of Router?

    Posting here in NAS area, because no Task Manager exists on RT2600ac router. During a visit to Daughter in California, Access to everything at home in NC went dead... Neighbors fine, but I'm dead. Ended up being Arris modem locked up... Therefore I had no access to files, etc, and it turns...
  11. one-eyed-king

    Prevent breakage on todays PiHole image update

    In todays update of the pihole/pihole:latest image, two environment variables - shipped with the image - have been changed. Typicaly no one touches those environment variables when creating a container. Though due to the behavior of Portainer and the Docker UI reset function, all parameters of...
  12. H

    Resetting NAS

    How (specifically) do I fully reset my NAS? I am handing my old NAS over to a friend and would like to have it as clean as possible. I know that there's a reset button on the back and to fully reset, I need to first press and hold until beep then release and then press and hold again. My...
  13. When and How to Reset My Synology NAS

    When and How to Reset My Synology NAS

    *Methods shown in this video apply only for DSM 6.2.3 and below. For the reset process on DSM 6.2.4 and above, please refer to the link below.This video will...