1. H

    Question migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+

    Hi, I would like to ask you about some my uncertainties regarding the very close future migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+. I am going to migrate from the one device to the another by the exchanging HDD. My actual DS918+ contains in total 4 HDD in the setup of two volumes (volume1 and...
  2. johntdavis

    Solved IPv6 Static IP for Device on Internal Network?

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a pi-hole container on docker installed on a Raspberry Pi on my system. I need to figure enter the machine's local IPv6 address in the docker-compose.yml file for pi-hole, and I'm stumped. As far as I can tell, the machine has two IPv6 addresses on eth0: 2: eth0...
  3. R

    Question Replaced CMS Host and Cannot Reconnect CMS Client Device

    I needed to replace my CMS host device and was unable to disconnect a CMS client device from it first. Now that my replacement CMS host device is on the network I would like to connect the CMS client device to the new host. However, when I attempt to connect the client to the new host I get an...