1. B

    device order of logical volumes (LUNs) in active iSCSI sessions

    I recently tried to add a logical volume to a live iSCSI session. Through the San Manager in DSM, I provisioned the volume and mapped it to an existing iSCSI target. I then requested the iSCSI initiatiator (Open-iSCSI on Linux, managed through iscsiadm), rescan the target for new devices. This...
  2. J

    DSM 7.0 USB device gets randomly unmounted

    Hi all, 1st post, so thanks for listening and creating this forum I just found out about. Here's what I'd like to hear from you guys probably with a lot more experience than me on VMM: I've been running Home Assistant (aka HASS) in a VM on my DS916+ for over a year, probably two, without any...
  3. W

    Help needed choosing a synology nas that could play 2 or 3 4k movies at the same time which device can do this 8 bays or more

    Can someone help me on this ? Thanks
  4. N

    RT2600ac Howto remove device from broadcast storm protection

    I use MAC filtering and _had_ broadcast storm protection enabled. I discovered recently one phone (iPhone 11) apparently blocked by the broadcast storm protection listed as such in the MAC Filter page. I've disabled the storm protection ; rebooted the router, but no success, it still can't...
  5. C

    DS220+ just getting started. Confused about workgroup and device accidentally created

    I'm just getting started with the DS220+. Still experimenting with a temporary small hard drive while some file consolidation is being on other drives to prepare to move to the drives destined for the DS220+, so if a factory reset is needed it won't be the end of the world. My LAN includes...
  6. D

    Cannot register a device for push alerts but can actually connect via all apps without issue

    I've actually raised a case with Synology support for this but thought some quicker responses here might make life easier. I can connect to my DS920+ via all the apps (DS Cam, DS Finder, DS Photo, etc) without issue but I cannot for the life of me, setup push alerts. I think I had this working...
  7. wizard99

    Where is the "Destination Device" Name for my NAS Hiding?

    I would like to edit the DESTINATION DEVICE Name for my NAS as it is currently displayed in the Port Forwarding Tab of my 2600 Router. The name as shown is misspelled, and I would like to simply correct it. This "Network Attatched Storage- nas-1" description as shown must have been pulled...
  8. Robbie

    CMS - Unable to connect via HTTPS on one client device

    Having a problem connecting CMS to a single NAS via HTTPS. If I let CMS auto-configure the connection it leaves me with plain HTTP on port 5000: If I set HTTPS manually on port 5001, either at initial setup or via an edit of the existing CMS connection: It instantly returns the following...
  9. S

    DS1621xs+ backup to another RAID device

    I want to have an offsite backup of my DS1621xs+. It's connected to an iMac Pro over 10GBe and 1GBe to the router. I will eventually get a second DS1621 offsite and use Hyperbackup / Hyperbackup Vault between them. But until then, my offsite backup solution is a 2-drive G-RAID Thunderbolt 3...
  10. R

    "No Audio Output Device is installed." Windows 10 Home 20H2

    Hey, absolute newbie here. I got a DS220+ a few days ago and saw that it had a virtual machine manager, and with my old laptop not having the power to run VirtualBox or VMWare well I thought I would run some virtual machines. I got an ISO from Microsoft's site and followed a tutorial to load up...
  11. A

    HDD Migration from device DS718+ to DS1621+

    Hi I am a relative Newbie. I have setup my DS718+ and it is perfect except for it being only 2 bay. I have a DX517 expansion unit and had put in 2 drives there. I use Surveillance Station, PLEX and use Synology Drive, DS Audio, and Photos. The setup is running nicely. I can move the DS718+...
  12. akahan

    Punch a hole from specific devices on guest network to device on home network?

    On the RT2600, I use the regular network 10.86.173.X for most of my devices, including my NAS units, and the guest network (192.168.2.X) for my IOT devices (doorbells, lamps, and, in particular, Echo Dots (Amazon "Alexa"). I do this for security reasons: I don't want a bunch of cheap IOT...
  13. D

    External USB Device Missing ?

    Hi, ive two WD external usb devices connected to my DS1019+ as backup, using USB copy, just noticed the first one has disappeared from File Station and Finder on my iMac, but it shows up in control panel, external devices ? seemed just random, can anyone help please ?
  14. H

    Question migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+

    Hi, I would like to ask you about some my uncertainties regarding the very close future migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+. I am going to migrate from the one device to the another by the exchanging HDD. My actual DS918+ contains in total 4 HDD in the setup of two volumes (volume1 and...
  15. johntdavis

    Solved IPv6 Static IP for Device on Internal Network?

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a pi-hole container on docker installed on a Raspberry Pi on my system. I need to figure enter the machine's local IPv6 address in the docker-compose.yml file for pi-hole, and I'm stumped. As far as I can tell, the machine has two IPv6 addresses on eth0: 2: eth0...
  16. R

    Question Replaced CMS Host and Cannot Reconnect CMS Client Device

    I needed to replace my CMS host device and was unable to disconnect a CMS client device from it first. Now that my replacement CMS host device is on the network I would like to connect the CMS client device to the new host. However, when I attempt to connect the client to the new host I get an...