1. ed.j

    How to assign a static IP to a particular user/device via VPN server / OpenVPN

    Is this possible? My backup NAS connects to my main NAS via VPN, and the only way I can get the Shared Folder Sync to work in this way is via IP address - but the IP address may change when the VPN is reconnected. I have set up a specific user that the backup NAS uses to connect to the main...
  2. D

    User introduction New Member, thanks for letting me join and I appreciate all the sharing of information

    Hello everyone, thank you for letting me join this group and I look forward to learning from the experts. I am retired and have plenty of free time to try and get up to speed on my new NAS, a DS920+ I have owned and used PCs since 1990 and I have built a number of new PCs but the OS was Windows...
  3. R

    User introduction Plex rules on my ds918+

    Greetings to everyone. I love the ds918+ and run a Plex server for my household with 20 terabytes of movies and TV shows . no commercial heaven. I buy a lot of TV show DVD's on amazon and just dump them into the Plex server I do run Transmission occasionally so , I have no plans to update to...
  4. scooby_nas

    User introduction NAS-user from The Netherlands

    Hello people, my father left my mother and I a Synology Nas that I am having trouble accessing. I hope to find some help here to get inside the system :) . I was able to access before and noticed that all files I expected are there, luckily. I am new to NAS-systems so probably I will not be of...
  5. G

    User introduction The wanderer returns

    hey guys, returning to Synology after a few years in the wilderness using QNAP. Got myself a DS420+ and decided to try the unofficial cheap memory upgrade route with a Crucial CT8G4SFRA266 8GB DDR4 2666, and I am delighted to advise that it is working an absolute treat with no errors so far. I...
  6. P

    User introduction Hello everyone!

    Hey! I recently bought a Synology DS1817. I think to find here a lot of useful and interesting information for me. Thanks
  7. Marzipan

    User introduction greetings and salutations!

    I'm Marz and from Canada...I live in mid-northern part of British Columbia, the province on the Pacific Ocean. I am a networking ninny, but as I sell business grade tech to SMB / Enterprise / GEM, I am somewhat familiar with what's out there and what most of it can do...just don't ask me on...
  8. M

    Connect to NAS with local user, when laptop account on AD domain

    I have a DS720+ on my home network with various local user accounts. I got a new work laptop which is on an AD domain and I cannot for the life of me get it connected to the Synology NAS when I get home on my own LAN. It prompts to connect using my AD account, and any attempt to change the...
  9. Jan Janowski

    Threat Prevention Setting in TP: Attempted User Privilege Gain that causes ZOOM to go nuts...

    In (TP Self Defined Policy/Class-Signature/Attempted User Privilege Gain area.... There is a rule: GPL SQL Probe Response Overflow Attempt that is originally sett as: DO NOTHING... in it's rule... BUT.. IF SET FOR DROP..... It causes ZOOM to have intermittant drops of audio and video...
  10. D

    User introduction Hey All!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone here! I picked up a ds920+ as my first real NAS. I had a old HP ex470 many many years prior but it failed and put me off to NAS devices for a while. I was given a 1TB mycloud unit a few years back and only occasionally used it till I started to get into home...
  11. A

    Home network with 2 different DSM

    I have 2 servers DS710+ and DS720+. I am wondering if this 2 machines can work together on my home network with 2 different DSM (5.2 and 7.0). Many thanks for your ideas
  12. H

    User introduction Hi there

    Hi everyone, I've had my DS214play for a number of years now utilising DS video etc with no issues. However i've only just decided to download Plex, Sonarr and Radarr. Having issues with Plex and Radarr. Hopefully this forum will provide thew answers i'm looking for. Also hope to contribute...
  13. K

    DSM 7.0 Does Active Backup for Business backup MyDocuments /files from all Windows user accounts?

    Hi all, new to this forum and also new to Active Backup for Business. I watched a couple of tutorials on Active Backup for Business but one (maybe easy) question remains before setting it up, just to be sure: does Active Backup for Business make a full backup of your device (in my case a...
  14. R

    What determines which user name appears first at NAS login?

    I have 2 DS415+ and use LastPass for both. I have multiple users on each and access them with windows 10. One of them always shows up the first user name, mine, listed in both Lastpass and DSM user lists.. The other always shows a specific username that appears farther down on both the LastPass...
  15. TrevorH

    User introduction Hi New to NAS

    Hi everyone, I’m in the process of entering the world of NAS and this seemed like an excellent place to seek advice.
  16. F

    Assistant none existant user

    I have a no longer existant user keeps appearinh when using assistant,How can i get rid of it please? User Mikef does not exist,but i may have used it previosly
  17. PGen98

    User introduction Hello, New Synology User!

    Hi all, Just invested in a Synology DS1621+ and already have Plex up and running for my family to enjoy! Loving it so far and looking forward to learning as much about it as possible to extend my own knowledge and find new and innovative ways to use my new NAS device. I signed up with one...
  18. M

    VLAN by user

    Hello, unfortunately, our router doesn't support Openvpn and for some users in our building I need to configure this protocol, so I configured the VPN server on the synology. The problem is that in our building we are 3 distinct companies, using the same (physical) network infrastructure. For...
  19. Y

    User introduction hi from casablanca

    Im new here i hope everyone is well My name is yassine im from morocco I recently purchased a new dsm and srm and am currently in the process of discovery.
  20. P

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/video/SabNZB/complete/ Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/video/SabNZB/complete/ Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder 1631022996 After Updating to DSM 7 And repairing Sab, Rad, Son this is the last problem I...