1. P

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/video/SabNZB/complete/ Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /volume1/video/SabNZB/complete/ Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder 1631022996 After Updating to DSM 7 And repairing Sab, Rad, Son this is the last problem I...
  2. DickBlonov

    User introduction Hi from Montréal

    Hello everyone. I am from Montréal. I'm a fan of technology and networking (by trade I suppose). Here's some of my home network gear: DS216+II ReadyNAS Duo (used to back up my NAS) Mikrotik 2011UiAS Intel NUC7i3BNH (Ubuntu headless server used as a Plex server and Unifi controller) HD homerun...
  3. B

    Cannot ssh as a user, but ssh as admin works.

    I am trying to ssh into my synology using the command: ssh -p <portnumber> [email protected] I get challenged with a request for a password, but when I enter the password get a 'Permission denied, please try again.' message. I *am* able to log into dsm as this user with this password, so I...
  4. P

    how to map a network shared folder on our NAS with a user outside LAN

    We have a shared folder on our Synology NAS. We need to map this folder for a few users outside our network (LAN) over the internet? What is the best and easiest way to do this without having connection issues.
  5. D

    Finding gid and uid of user

    So - one of the things I love most about the synology is its docker support - I'm now running heaps of different docker containers. But every time I run into the same problem - I want to run the container as particular user, but I have to specify the gid and uid. Whcih normally ends up with me...
  6. Zwirnerino

    User introduction Greetings from Italy

    Good evening to all. i'm from northern Italy at the border towards Austria. just looking around and especially for information to the new dsm7. ciao
  7. kappclark

    User home directories setup

    I need help setting up permissions for user directories... I want to set permissions for each user inside the homes directory...can only do this if user home directory is at root.. Not sure I explained it right..I can put up a diagram
  8. W

    User introduction Greetings from Converse, TX

    I am a convert from NetGear to Synology!! I am beginning to dive into this platform as I thrive for keeping up with innovation. My son made the recommendation to look into Synology as a colleague of his installs Synology drives and explained their stability over the NetGear product. So here I...
  9. A

    User introduction Hi from Texas

    Hey! I've been a happy Synology user (DS916+) for many years, but I realize I'm only scratching the surface of what it's capable of. I recently bought a second NAS (DS920+) to use as off-site backup (and perhaps as local access when in the other location). I figure it's time I start learning...
  10. L

    User introduction Hi from Montreal

    Hello, I'm from Montreal, Canada. Been using a DS1512+ (5X4TB with 3GB RAM) for 8 years now and I love it. I mainly use it for VideoStation, DownloadStation, AudioStation and I run my Ubiquiti Unifi Network Controller using a docker image running on it. I think this is an incredible machine...
  11. D

    User introduction Hi from Germay

    Hi everyone, I'm from Germany, next to Cologne. Since two years I've got an DS918+. Now I hope to find some help with questions around DSM 7. Best regards - Daniel
  12. V

    User introduction Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I have been owning a DS416 for quite a while now, and bought a DS218 two years ago. I originally thought of doing everything on one NAS, but then, I moved country, leaving the DS416 behind. On the other side of the world, I found the latency quite bad (both connections are optic...
  13. V

    DSM 6.2 Package Center missing from my user account

    Hello all, first time Synology (DS920+) user here, so excuse the newbie question, I set up both an Admin account and a regular user account. The Admin account seems to be OK, but the user account seems to be missing a LOT of things. It only has File Station. I don't see Control Panel or Package...
  14. L

    User introduction Hi from Spain

    Hi everyone! I'm from Spain, arrived there trying to find a solution to my problem. Hope will find solution or at least learn more about Syno NAS. Thanks!
  15. deltadata

    User introduction Hello & Thank You!

    I already created a new thread a few days ago and received good advice. This forum reminds me of 90s and 2000s helpful tech forums that seem to have disappeared. Lots of friendly people, a few with amazing knowledge and experience willing to share that info to help others. Usually, the main...
  16. BrotherTobious

    User introduction Hello fellow Synology's

    Hey all Quite new to Synology, been having some issue with my and this place has help out already, but some I am banging my head against the wall!! And all though cooling in this hot time not helpful. Hope to learn from you and to help others as I soak up more too. Take it easy one and all...
  17. nthkmf

    How to prevent user download video from DS Video?

    Dear Bro, I'm intend to use NAS hosting my video, some tutorial video and I want to transform Video Station to online learning platfrom. I have a problem, people can download video when using DS Video on Mobile. How do I prevent this happen? Thank you.
  18. S

    User introduction Longtime Synology user new to forum.

    Hello everyone! I've been a long time Synology user (more models than I can count) and just now moving ocer to this forum. Official Synology forum is like a ghost town. Very little engagement. I currently am using DS1621xs+ with 2 Kingston DC500M 3.84TB in a Raid 1 and 4 18TB Exos in a Raid 5...
  19. senp

    User introduction DS211+ upgrader just arrived here

    Hi all, I'm a long time 211+ user who just ordered my new 220+. So I thought I'd better say hello so you know who I am when I start asking dumb questions lol! Going to have a look around the Forum now, looks very busy around here!
  20. nthkmf

    How to set user expire on NAS system?

    Dear Bro, I don't know if I can setup how long is the user expire? Example, I have a user for my project and it takes 2 weeks. After this period of time, user can not login to the system unless I give him more time? Thank you.