1. I

    User introduction Great forum

    Hello everybody, this forum is amazing for discovering new things on Synology stuff. Thank you to all the contributors and for their amazing work.
  2. J

    User introduction Ciao!

    Hello everyone, my name is Giacomo and I am writing from Italy. I recently bought a Synology NAS for the no-profit organization in which I am a volunteer, to be used as a storage system and for automatic backup of Google Workspace accounts. I am setting up the NAS with the help of tutorials...
  3. Hyperstrike

    User introduction *Fires someone else into the forums in a pile of fail.*

    *Walks in afterward, quietly and unobtrusively* Hi guys. Had a build go sideways on me when the Western Digital Golds ATE a 1000W PSU, preventing POST on anything more than 2 drives. 4x10GB Drives, meant for RAID10. As the storage space was BADLY needed for my system migration. cue purchase of...
  4. N

    User introduction Hello Syno world !

    I am based in France and I join this forum to get more information and tips about my latest NAS, the DS1821+. I hope to contrinute in a good way ! Cheers !
  5. X

    User introduction Hello everyone from Portugal

    Hello everyone. I've just purchased a DS920+ and I've came to this forum by google searches. I consider mysefl as a techie guy, although in regard to storage and servers not so much. I have a proxmox server running my pfsense firewall (KVM), and 5 or 6 LXC containers, and also 4 ou 6 Docker...
  6. O

    User introduction Hi peop's

    Hi all, Im a long time Synology user just about to update to a new Syn Nas and came accross this forum high in google search so many thanks , you may from my 1st visit alone have saved me much time and cash on making a wrong purchase decision . :)(y)
  7. fredbert

    Since when did SRM have "Grant the administrator privilege to this user"?

    Doing some housekeeping on the RT2600ac and clicked on a user's Edit button. I then saw an option I'm sure I haven't seen before, namely "Grant the administrator privilege to this user". I'm sure managing admin privilege has been a once-only event: if you use a different name for the...
  8. J

    User introduction Hello to everyone

    My introduction will start like that of a new user just one down in the list ... "Hi All, Stumbled across the forum yesterday when my DS415+ died..." except I wasn't as lucky as him and didn't just purchase a DS920+... :-( I've had one or more NAS for the last 10 years. Mostly Synology. Love...
  9. V

    User introduction New to the world of NAS

    Hello All, I am glad to be here. Looking through the forum, I see helpful posts and knowledge share and experiences. So, I stepped into the world of NAS for the first-time last month. Got myself a DS920+ and the sole intention was Plex. Although I am discovering the world of possibilities. I...
  10. C

    User introduction Hi All...

    Hi All, Stumbled across the forum yesterday when my DS415+ died! luckily i managed to purchase and get a DS920+ in the same day and was back up and running last night !! Now that i have the DS920, thinking of moving MS AD and Email to it to reduce the VM's i am running at home.... Used my...
  11. Hinvest

    User introduction Hello from New Zealand

    Hi from NZ. I’ve previously had a RT1900ac (now a bunch of Ubiquiti gear) and have just bought my first NAS, a DS920+. Loving it very much. Currently just running a Plex server and learning how to use Docker - so far a Pi-hole and Homebridge. Glad to discover this forum! cheers, Joseph
  12. D

    User introduction Synology rocks

    Being new to the world of NAS devices, I hope to learn a lot about using devices with the help of forum members and friends ... Thank you for the membership. P.S. In Croatia, they also use Synology.😄😄😄
  13. jwilly333

    User introduction I had no idea!!! Synology is so cool!

    I was looking to get off of public clouds when I stumbled on Synology. Holy [email protected]! It's incredibly robust! I'm 72 and I was looking for an indoor hobby. Looks like I found it. I'm facing a huge learning curve. Glad I found you guys. Entry level DS220+ 6TB household of 6 heavy users. - Jeff
  14. S

    User introduction Hi All!

    Long time Synology user but, still a novice. I found this sight searching for an answer to a recent problem that I created myself while trying to button up things getting ready for an upgrade. So far, this site looks to be light years better than the “official” forum. Anyway, I started out with...
  15. S

    User introduction Swiss SynoForum Fans

    Hi All, I have just discovered this amazing forum and I would like to say a huge hello and appreciation for all the quality articles on here. I am currently in the process of De-Googling myself with NextCloud in a beefy Intel NUC which is runs like a treat and trying to integrate it into the...
  16. D

    User introduction Upgrading user

    Hi all, Using synology from long time and now moving into a new 920+. Expecting to learn how to migrate and new features to use on new engine. Thanks! David
  17. T

    User introduction Thanks for the forum!

    Hi, having fun with my Synology NAS at homesince long time - now upgrading to 920+ in order to get VM support and run Home assistant and another few things.. Ciao Teo
  18. E

    User introduction Synology long time basic user trying to build expertise - in Costa Rica

    Hi, this is Otto Acuna, long time user of SYNOLOGY since DS 412+ in 2013. Since then I have also a DS1815+, DS116 and DS218+. I am located in Costa Rica and have been using the NASs for fairly basic use. Last year we became SYNOLOGY partners and trying to leverate our great experience with...
  19. A

    User introduction Italian Nas newbie

    Hi everybody, I’m Roberto, 43 years old from Bozen, Italy. I’m a science and tech lover, and I’m a doctor. i’m at the first experience with Nas , and I’ve just buyed a brand new ds220+ , ready to enjoy and to learn a lot from you guys ! thank you in advance and sorry for my ignorance in this...
  20. C

    User introduction An Englishman in New York

    Hello all. Basic user here but finding myself in New York as a Englishman (song there somewhere) I am wondering if there are many Brits on the forum? Probably going to have questions on managing stuff from abroad, VPNs and alike.