1. we87

    Mount files to Windows 10 possible?

    I have an windows htpc and it has a photos screensaver. I would like to have the pictures moments backs up sync with the screensaver. All I would need to do would be to mount my homes/user/cellphone storage as a networked location in windows in order for this to happen. But I cannot access the...
  2. Shoop

    need help with NFS mount on Debian10 VM hosting docker containers

    Hello all, After having issues with Docker NginxPM not able to get the real client IP and wanting to use something more "standard" than MacVLAN, I decided to pull the trigger and create a Debian10 VM on my Synology to host a few containers such as AdGuardHome, NginxPM and have their config files...
  3. O

    DSM 7.0 Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder.

    I have a Synology 1821+ and just installed DSM 7.0. It opens on Mac and Windows with Chrome. After about 30 seconds I get the pop-up error: "Mount remote folder: the system is busy" Then the pop-up error: "Mount Remote folder: Fail to connect to the remote folder. Please make sure the...
  4. Shadow

    SMB mount /var/lib/docker/volumes to a fileshare?

    I've setup MailCow on my DS718+ by running it in a seperate Ubuntu VM. MailCow stores all its data, like emails and databases in Docker volumes. So this is apparently saved in /var/lib/docker/volumes . These Docker volumes look like simple folders to me.. For backup purposes I wonder if it...