1. C

    DS Movies not playing on Samsung TV......

    Ok, decided it was time to replace my QNAP server and decided to give synology a run purchasing a DS220+ for running my media to my TV. This is one of my main uses. I understand their will be a new learing curve, but having lots of problems getting the new synology to run on my samsung 8k TV...
  2. B

    DSM 7.0 Video Station not indexing movies at all

    Hi everyone! I have a problem when adding movies in the latest DSM version. After upgrading to 7.0 and adding the API key to incorporate metadata, I was able to add new files, but it suddenly stopped after one week or so. Since then, the indexing seems to have stopped working. Any new files...
  3. marco

    Movies splitted in multiple files

    Dear All, currently Video Station and DS video, don't support the reproduction of movies splitted on multiple files. Plex and Kodi does, by adding a "part#" at the end of the file name. The good news is that I exposed the issue to Synology, by providing a new Feature Inquiry, and they approved...
  4. W

    Help needed choosing a synology nas that could play 2 or 3 4k movies at the same time which device can do this 8 bays or more

    Can someone help me on this ? Thanks
  5. Pixette

    App Pixette - iOS Slideshow App for your NAS

    Hello! I always wanted to bring to life my thousands of pictures and videos stored on my Synology NAS using an old iPad as a picture frame. I've searched the App Store for a basic app to do so but couldn't find any which supported my old device and which connected directly to my NAS without...