1. marco

    Movies splitted in multiple files

    Dear All, currently Video Station and DS video, don't support the reproduction of movies splitted on multiple files. Plex and Kodi does, by adding a "part#" at the end of the file name. The good news is that I exposed the issue to Synology, by providing a new Feature Inquiry, and they approved...
  2. W

    Help needed choosing a synology nas that could play 2 or 3 4k movies at the same time which device can do this 8 bays or more

    Can someone help me on this ? Thanks
  3. Pixette

    App Pixette - iOS Slideshow App for your NAS

    Hello! I always wanted to bring to life my thousands of pictures and videos stored on my Synology NAS using an old iPad as a picture frame. I've searched the App Store for a basic app to do so but couldn't find any which supported my old device and which connected directly to my NAS without...