1. Q

    Remove the default "Video", "Photo" & "Music" folders

    How can I remove the default "Video", "Photo", "Music" & "Documents" folders? I have no purpose for them. I have my own Project-based filing system. As far as I'm concerned they're all simply "Files".
  2. fredbert

    Question Music videos/concerts ... AS/VS/Plex best ways to add them

    Unlike most other audio and video media there doesn't seem to be a set way to name them. Some are single songs added in audio albums, some are concerts, and have a main file with a selection of extra 'stuff'. I've assumed Audio Station won't handle video files, so have only do the quickest...
  3. chenks

    Solved "music" and "video" shares

    as part of the normal DMS config i have 2 shares that i don't use "music" and "video". no packages i have installed use them, and they are empty. are these ok to remove/delete? or does the system need them for whatever reason?
  4. SynoMan

    What are you listening?

    Oh yeah! :) How to embed media?