1. J

    Question Quickconnect

    Is quick connect safe and secure? I have it setup on a NAS however it says not secure in the browser although Synology has given it a default certificate.
  2. C

    Quickconnect authorisation required

    I have just factory reset my DS218J to correct a finger error. On completion I'm repeating the QuickConnect setup but can't complete it because I get 'Authorisation required' as I'm using my default email address. Please advise how to perform authorisation in this situation. I really don't need...
  3. Lieven

    Info Add a scheduling to QuickConnect

    Hey, This need testing but is working for me. - Config your quickconnect. - Go to Task scheduler. - Created a user defined script. - Config your time,..... - To stop quickconnect, use synoservice --stop synorelayd - To start quickconnect, use synoservice --start synorelayd - Hit OK
  4. johnnygoodface

    QuickConnect or TeamViewer?

    Teamviewer Beta Package is now available Which one will you choose (QC or TV)? Will you trust Teamviewer more than QC?
  5. P

    NordVPN QuickConnect vs Port Forwarding

    Hi there, So I have recently purchased my first ever NAS - a DS218+. I use this to record off two surveillance cameras amongst other things. Now I had initially connected my NAS to NordVPN with whom I have a subscription with anyway. I was accessing my DS Cam app using quick connect (this is...
  6. johnnygoodface

    Add a scheduling to QuickConnect?

    I've tried everything I can think of to secure my NAS: Disable admin account Set up 2FA for account and use complex passwords. Access my NAS via https using a valid ssl certificate (Let's Encrypt) Change default ports to something else Redirect Http to Https port Enabled DoS protection Enable...
  7. WST16

    Tutorial Share file links 2019-04-20

    It took me a while to discover this feature when I first got my DiskStation. It’s very useful. Together with the “file request” option, they compliment each other for a very nice solution that allows you to interact with users who don’t have user accounts on your DS. Share file links video...