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  1. C

    QuickConnect problem with iphone

    Hi. First time poster. I'm scratching my head please over this and hoping for some assistance please. I've just set up quick connect and can login through www.quickconnect.to through Safari on iPhone. When I click on Shared Folders and then a sub folder it just brings up the folders name ...
  2. Jan Janowski

    General DS APPS and Quickconnect in past 2-3 Years

    Been using DS APPS: DS FILE, DS CAM, DS Router, for between 2 to 3 years.... Always with QuickConnect.... NO Ports forwarded in Router.. QC is only way I connect.. Obviously when on LAN it just connects... When outside the house Via whatever WIFI I can get to.... and if not... Via Phone...
  3. Robocub

    General Baffling QuickConnect issues with some mobile apps

    I'm having a very baffling inconsistent issue with using some mobile apps and QuickConnect. I can connect normally with Photos Mobile and DS File from my iPhone using QuickConnect but for unknown reasons, I cannot use DS Get or VPN to connect to my Synology DS716+ with the same QuickConnect...
  4. L

    Quickconnect via proxy?

    Hi all, I've just put my diskstation in my office (DSM 7 on a DS1819+), but it sits on a private network there. Its only access to the outside world is via a proxy server at my institution. I've set up the proxy in the control panel, and alot of things work. However, Quickconnect from the...
  5. D

    Quickconnect 2FA

    We are using Quickconnect for remote access over the web to our file server. We have 2FA enabled on the NAS, but the web access allows read-only access without requiring the 2FA code. Then there is a link on the upper right where you can login again to get read-write access that asks for the 2FA...
  6. J

    Quickconnect vs VPN (or both?)

    I have quickconnect set up and it works great. For most of my use its family members accessing Photos app (which I love ability to have personal spaces and then transition to shared album we keep as a family), as well as occasionally DS drive. Nothing overly sensitive there, and I do have...
  7. Andy

    DDNS over QuickConnect?

    Bit of a newb question but if I want to give someone their own folder on my NAS and have them access it remotely, why use DDNS and port forwarding when QuickConnect will allow them to access it?
  8. P

    No Access from far away to the Synology

    Hey Folks, I have the Synology DS220J and want to have access from everywhere in the world to this NAS. The problem is i already tried the DDNS with putting all the Ports in the Router but it seems not to work. Everytime its faling. Now i tried the Synology Drive Softwhere for Linux even where...
  9. J

    Very odd.. DS Video streaming is fast only when using quick connect!

    I thought some ISP throttling was going on.. check the connection on both ends, no packet loss on both ends... Both (where the synology and client locations) fast enough connections for full quality video stream without transcoding... The port for DS video is forwarded properly, it connects and...
  10. A

    Quick connect doesn't work

    Hi there, I bought a synology NAS few days ago, all works great except Quick connect which normaly is simple to set up. I don't make it to connect in the internet however I can connect in local network perfectly, I tried to set up router but the check network connection say it "no UPnP router...
  11. F

    QuickConnect in DSM 7

    Hello, I just upgraded to DSM 7. My apps on my phone have disconnected and for some reason it doesnt accept my QuickConnect ID anymore. I went into Control Panel and made sure I signed into my Synology account but the QuickConnect settings seem to have moved or disappeared? Thanks in...
  12. S

    Cannot Configure QuickConnect

    I am trying to enable Quick Connect on my 1815+ NAS. I go through the steps I found online, but it never lets me input a QuickConnect ID or click the Apply button. Any suggestions?
  13. RoCaRay

    Has Anyone Installed DSM 7.0 Remotely, via QuickConnect?

    I manage a DS420+ remotely via QuickConnect - it runs just Web Station and Media Server. The NAS is in a fairly isolated location thousands of miles across the U.S. from me. So I'd prefer to update the DS420+ remotely via QuickConnect, rather than ship it back and forth. Can anyone verify...
  14. D

    QuickConnect, Access 3rd Party app

    Greetings all! The problem: Without port forwarding, I couldn't connect to anything remotely, so I reluctantly enabled QuickConnect.. It works... to a point. I'm able to administer the Diskstation and use the built in Synology apps without a problem. However, 3rd party packages, like Sonaar...
  15. A

    DS220+ quickconnect copy/paste

    Hi, I am new to the NAS world, but have what I believe to be a simple question... i have purchased a 220+ and havesetup quickconnect so it can be accessed remotely by my daughter. She is able to connect remotely and acces her files, but she wants to save existing local files from her macbook...
  16. K

    Drive / Quickconnect

    Just wondering if drive works without quickconnect? So I on my phone I would just use DS File instead of the Drive app, but could I still have a drive folder that will allow file syncing? Or can I sync with any folder type or location? The other side of it, I wondering does Quickconnect work...
  17. K


    Hi, For users to access thier content remotely, do they all have to have an individual synology account? And then do they all have a unique Quickconnect ID? Or does everybody including admin, use the same Quickconnect ID? And is this the best way for evryone to access thier files remotely? I...
  18. J

    Question Quickconnect

    Is quick connect safe and secure? I have it setup on a NAS however it says not secure in the browser although Synology has given it a default certificate.
  19. C

    Quickconnect authorisation required

    I have just factory reset my DS218J to correct a finger error. On completion I'm repeating the QuickConnect setup but can't complete it because I get 'Authorisation required' as I'm using my default email address. Please advise how to perform authorisation in this situation. I really don't need...
  20. Lieven

    Info Add a scheduling to QuickConnect

    Hey, This need testing but is working for me. - Config your quickconnect. - Go to Task scheduler. - Created a user defined script. - Config your time,..... - To stop quickconnect, use synoservice --stop synorelayd - To start quickconnect, use synoservice --start synorelayd - Hit OK