1. Robocub

    DS Get mobile app can't connect since upgrading to DMS 7.0.1

    After upgrading my NAS to DSM 7.0.1, the mobile app DS Get only tells me "Download station is not installed or enabled on your diskstation" when I try to connect. DOwnload Station is installed and running. I've tried multiple addresses (QuickConnect, DDNS). None will connect. But DS Get does see...
  2. tekguru

    Access Files on NAS via iOS Files App

    I feel like I'm missing something or if not I've found another glitch with DSM7... I use VPN Server on the NAS with OpenVPN configured. I can connect to the NAS with the iOS OpenVPN client with no problem. However once connected I can't access any files on the NAS using the iOS Files app. I've...
  3. M

    LG TV media app. ignores all access restrictions

    My new LG TV automatically found my Diskstation on my local network. This now allows anyone to see any photos or videos, regardless of any access permissions that have been set. At no time have I ever been asked for any user ID or password for the Diskstation. I can't find any way of fixing...
  4. P

    Android App and Fire-Stick (no video)

    Hello, I would like to play videos (my own ones) on the mobile phone and on the TV using the video station, preferably using a Fire Stick. (My Samsung TV would also have a DS video app, but it's very rudimentary (and doesn't work either.)) So, now my problems in detail: Mobile phone: I can...
  5. Sjeph

    DSM 7.0 Firewall rule disabled after active connection to app and hyperbackup

    Hey all, I am posting this thread here because it is a complication from several apps that makes this occur: I recently upgrade to DSM 7 on my DS916+ and find myself now with a problem with existing hyperback jobs, while I didn't have this behavior prior to DSM 7. When I use the AudioStation...
  6. D

    iOS app and backup

    Hi hivemind 1) my partner's iphone running the iOS Photos app appears unable to backup to Synology Photos on a non-local network (my Android can) 2) my partner's iphone running the iOS Photos app appears unable to backup to Synology Photos while running in the background, so the app has to be...
  7. M

    No photos showing in android app

    HI all, I did the DSM7 upgrade yesterday and installed Synology Photos. It works in windows but the android app is also connected but is empty. How do I get the photos from the NAS also showing in the app? What am I doing wrong?
  8. Cobra

    Is there an app to check ABFB progress?

    Is there an android app to monitor the progress of a backup in active backup for business?
  9. C

    DSM 6.2 Android App to organize Tasks from Synology Calendar

    Hello, I am using DAVx5 for synchronization. I basically know two applications for changing tasks: OpenTasks aCalendar+ But they don`t perfect. I use Business Calendar for Events but does not handle tasks via CalDav. What are you using?
  10. Pixette

    App Pixette - iOS Slideshow App for your NAS

    Hello! I always wanted to bring to life my thousands of pictures and videos stored on my Synology NAS using an old iPad as a picture frame. I've searched the App Store for a basic app to do so but couldn't find any which supported my old device and which connected directly to my NAS without...
  11. Jan Janowski

    APP Access to remote NAS to update programs

    (Search elsewhere turned up info on what I tried, that did prove it was accessible)…. I have loaned a NAS to relatives in another state. They are not computer savvy to help, and I’m self taught. I did set up email on NAS so it would inform me of issues. It just sent me an email saying 2...
  12. equinox

    App launch URL in App launcher

    Hi, My MailPlus and the server are all set up. I created a domain( in MailPlus server. Both Contact and Drive are installed. I can see both of them in the App Launcher. Instead of seeing the url of each app pointing to, I saw the url like...
  13. D

    QuickConnect, Access 3rd Party app

    Greetings all! The problem: Without port forwarding, I couldn't connect to anything remotely, so I reluctantly enabled QuickConnect.. It works... to a point. I'm able to administer the Diskstation and use the built in Synology apps without a problem. However, 3rd party packages, like Sonaar...
  14. G

    Guest Network with access to Photos App

    I have a "weird" scenario that I'm wondering if it will work. We have an iPad that only has access to the guest network so that it stays isolated from the rest of the network. BUT...with the new Photos App in DSM7, I would like to allow it to upload photos to the Synology which is on the main...
  15. SynoMan

    Push notifications via Pushover app partially working

    Hi guys, I have a problem with push notifications on my two NAS devices and one VMM. I set push notification to work over Pushover like this: When I click on the button to get the test message I get it normally. But when there are any other notifications from NAS, I don't get them to...
  16. NSquirrel

    iOS Files App and DSM

    Has anyone spotted this occasional problem, or perhaps have a solution? I have my iPhone and iPad accessing my NAS via the iOS Files app, using a SMB connection. Both iPad and iPhone are on i(Pad)os14.4 and the NAS is on DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. I have 9 shared folders on the NAS and on both...
  17. pajczur

    How to set up Synolog iTunes Server with new OSX Apple Music app?

    Hello, sorry I ask for it in Audio Station forum, but I couldn't find forum hat is dedicated for iTunesServer. In the google I only found tutorials from a few years ago. And they show how to setup iTunes Server with old Apple iTunes application. But from some time I don't even see in OSX...
  18. S

    DSM 7.0 Synology Photo app is on Appstore

    I've got it on my phone but don't have a DSM 7 nas yet. So: Anybody tried it? In what way are they combining DS Photo and the Moments-app (functionality) ?
  19. t4ir1

    App permissions and indexing

    Hello all, I am facing problems having my Moments app working properly for a non-admin account. I searched and various places and none of the solutions offered helped me so I hope some expert that might come upon my post, might help me. Finger crossed. My DS1621+ integrates a domain and we use...
  20. O

    SMB setup on Android via foldersync app

    Hi. Does anyone know how to access my Synology nas via SMB protocol through foldersync app or similar ? I don't know what I need to enter in "Connection field" Thanks for help ☺️