1. sktn77a

    Which app for streaming server?

    Hello all: I want to stream music from my DS218play to a NAIM NDX streamer. I've been told I need to install a server app on the NAS to do this, but which one - audio station or media server? I currently stream both audio and video to Kodi to my TV on my Amazon Firestick but was told in no...
  2. T

    Cannot Install NZBGET - Port 6789 configured for this package is either used by another service or reserved for system use

    Hello, I am trying to install NzbGet, but I'm getting the error: When I reboot my server and run "netstat -al" the port is not there and not used. When I start the installation, port appears as: tcp6 0 0 [::]:6789 [::]:* LISTEN But the package...
  3. G

    Forgotten login details for my Android SynPhotos app.

    Can sanyone please help. I have Synology photos on DSM7 working fine on my Mac. I also have the Synology Photos app on my android phone which was also working great. I have since logged out of my phone app and now I am unable to log back in as I cannot remember my login details. Is there...
  4. H

    How to View Synology Photos folder in mobile Drive app to open photo files in applications?

    I like the organization of the Synology photos app and being able to view on mobile, the hang up i have is when i actually want to edit photos on my iPad with photoshop or other programs I cannot access that folder through the Drive app to download to edit. I would have to download the file to...
  5. badmannen

    Drive Drive APP update! no more need for Synchting!

    no more need for Synchting on Android ! Latest update support now 2-way synching of any folder and and files . About time . Synchting worked fine .. but yea this seems better. enjoy
  6. K

    DSM 7.0 Text-Editor after migration ext4->btrfs

    Hi, after migration from ext4 to btrfs I managed to restore all apps and data, but I'm stuck with text-editor app. Repair didn't work, so I tried reinstall. Now there is a pop-up appearing saying "Failed to load preference settings". Any idea what i can do?
  7. BobW

    Baserow: Create and manage databases with this no-code free app

    Came across this nice looking and easy to use opensourcesoftware. If someone is interested! Baserow
  8. D

    How to download all photos in iOS app

    For instances where my NAS is inaccessible, or I don't have mobile data, how can I (easily) download all my photos to the iOS app so I can view them offline? In Timeline view, you can select Months and then download, but obviously that is cumbersome with a large library going back many years...
  9. T

    Connecting Synology "DS Cam" Android app to Synology "Surveillance Station" through OPNsense HAProxy plugin

    The title sounds more complicated than it is in reality: I just have replaced the Synology Reverse Proxy with OPNsense's HAProxy plugin to prevent NAT for more security on all of my Synology services and other different webservices too. Everything is working fine, all my websites on all my...
  10. P

    DSDownload app and VPN status

    Hello all, I have purchased the DSDownload app to control Download Station from my iPhone. (This is the app written by Thomas Le Gravier and sold on the App Store.) When I log into my main administrator group account (say the user name is 'main'), the VPN status indicator in the app works...
  11. Q

    DS note Has this app been abandoned?

    It was last updated on iOS a year ago and the reviews are negative. Thanks.
  12. X

    Synology Photos app ONLY not accepting imported SSL Cert?

    Hi there, So I had an earlier issue that my connection to Synology Photos was super slow locally. This was because I was using an external address to access the server instead of an internal IP, but in terms of keeping the connection the same for the mobile app, it was required for me to keep...
  13. David M

    Snapshots not showing up in Snapshots app

    My S.S. and 2 Reolink cameras seem to be working just fine. All software is up to date. But, in the S.S. Snapshots app, there are no pics. I can see them in Windows Explorer however. The file names are just stings of 10 numbers with no extension which I assume is normal. File sizes are all 4 and...
  14. N

    Edit Web App Styles CSS

    Hello, I hope everyone's going well! I've just discovered this great website and am still exploring everything so my apologies if this is placed in the incorrect space. Quick question; does anyone know how to permanently edit the styles for the Synology web apps? What I'm hoping to achieve is...
  15. P

    See photo thumbnails on iPad files app

    Hello, I have recently accessed my synology Nas through my iPad by adding it as a server in the standard iPad files app. I have also got the DS photo app but that isn’t what I’m interested in for this query. I can navigate to my photos with no problem but unlike on my MacBook which shows...
  16. Huggy

    DSM7 UI closes open app?

    So I don't know if this is normal/designed behavior or if there's something I've configured wrong. When I have the DSM7 ui open in my browser and lets say I have Control Panel open. If I then switch to another browser tab, just for a minute, then when I switch back to DSM the display goes...
  17. P

    phpBB on DSM 7.0 - app.php installer doesn't start

    Yesterday I got my new DS220+ and now I am trying to install phpbb on it. I have installed Web Station, PHP 7.4, Apache 2.4, MariaDB and copied the phpbb data into the web folder. Unfortunately I cannot start app.php installer. I get a message that the page has an error 500. The index.html is...
  18. Nefe

    Synology Photo app sign-in on a TV

    Is anybody experiencing a problem with a Synology Photos app sign-in on TV? Tried on three TVs in a house unfortunately won't work, the older version (Synology Photo Station) used to work without any problem.
  19. N

    Invalid certificate inside the android app

    Hey guys hope maybe did encounter this issue and can help me with it. I'm having an issue where the the android app dosen't recive the certificate from the nas the certificate is from Let's Encrypt, it only happens through the my domain for example app dosen't recive the...
  20. Robocub

    DS Get mobile app can't connect since upgrading to DMS 7.0.1

    After upgrading my NAS to DSM 7.0.1, the mobile app DS Get only tells me "Download station is not installed or enabled on your diskstation" when I try to connect. DOwnload Station is installed and running. I've tried multiple addresses (QuickConnect, DDNS). None will connect. But DS Get does see...