1. tekguru

    Connectivity to the NAS as smb://nasname from iPad / iPhone?

    Okay....... from my Mac I can access 'my folders' on the NAS by accessing shares via smb://nasname or smb://nas.ipaddress via either my NAS username or NAS admin.username. If I go on the iPad (on the home network connected via WiFi) and look to connect to a server and use smb://nasname I...
  2. KC2020

    VLC / iPad only see TimeMachine folders on DS419+

    My iPad running iOS 15.2 connects to my DS419+ via Files or VLC but only displays the Time Machine folders and not the other shared folders. All shared folders all have the same settings. Any help would be appreciated ! First post here. Glad I found this forum. - KC
  3. P

    See photo thumbnails on iPad files app

    Hello, I have recently accessed my synology Nas through my iPad by adding it as a server in the standard iPad files app. I have also got the DS photo app but that isn’t what I’m interested in for this query. I can navigate to my photos with no problem but unlike on my MacBook which shows...
  4. D

    Taking notes on iPad with Apple Pencil and storing on Synology

    I have decided to get rid of all the paper notes in my life! What I want to do is use the Apple Pencil on my iPad, but store the notes and notebooks on my company server, a DS216+. I have fooled around a bit with Apple Notes and I quite like the way it works with the Apple Pencil. Is there any...
  5. Using an iPad with a Synology NAS - The Ubiquiti WiFiman app

    Using an iPad with a Synology NAS - The Ubiquiti WiFiman app

    When configuring the Firewall on your Synology NAS, its important that you have a way of testing which port are open. So in this video we are going to take a look at Ubiquiti's WiFiman app. While this app was not specifically designed for Synology hardware. It will work with any home WiFi...
  6. C

    Solved Auto sync files edited on iPad

    I am trying to migrate to using an iPad to replace a laptop for personal and debugging problems. One area I have not been able to fix is auto-sync files updated on iPad back to NAS using Drive. Obviously this works fine on laptop (MacOS or Windows) and I know iPadOS does not manage files in the...
  7. WST16

    Pixelmator Photo (RAW photo editing–iPad)

    Wanted to mention a photo editing app for the iPad that I’ve been using lately, Pixelmator Photo. I really like it. Powerful, easy to use and processes RAW photos. The latest update opened up a lot of possibilities. I use it on an iPad Pro 11 and with the new iPadOS, I just copy the files from...